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4D/3N Brussels X Antwerp for RM912.40

Hey all! I shall now continue my saga of my Europe Trip. Next stop, Brussels & Antwerp! (Imma skip Ireland as i’ve posted way too much on it in the past)
If you haven’t read my previous post on Istanbul on a budget, you can check it out here
Heading to Brussels, My family and I took a 2 hour flight from Dublin, using Ryan Air. Upon arriving at the airport, we got on the train towards the city. The Itinerary was to stay 2 days at Brussels & 2 days at Antwerp. Honestly I preferred Antwerp better

The Parents

Accommodation Since we’re travelling as a fam, we booked an apartment instead this time for both Brussels & Antwerp. For Brussels,we stayed at Smartflats City Brusselian for a night, near the Grand Casino. The location is smacked right in the middle of Brussels, and it’s pretty much accessible. It was a 3 storey, 2 bedroom apartment and It costed about 180 Euros for the night, but it can easily fit a family of 6.
Link to apartment: Smartflat Apartments

As for Antwerp, we …

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