Monday, May 23, 2016

Penis Soup and Reconnecting Forgotten Friends with VW

 photo G0043421_zps3hng1ere.jpg

Some people say I travel too much, some keep asking me why I always travel and how do I cope with my schedule. For myself I always believe that there should be a balance between work & play and we should reward ourselves once in a while to keep our motivation going

I planned a drive up to Penang for the weekend, and this is actually my 4th consecutive week travelling (Cambodia/Indonesia/Genting the previous weeks) and it’s been pretty awesome! I actually planned out 6 destinations in 2 months (Singapore & Korea ahead) and yeah I know it maybe a bit too much for some people, but this is just what I like to do!

Why Penang? It is a great place with food, beach and friends which I haven’t connected with in a long time. If you have your chance of getting around, I would definitely recommend to reconnect with those friends, it’s only a drive away anyway!

As for this trip, I am blessed as Volkswagen Malaysia sponsored me a Passat 118kW (160PS) TSI for a week, which I could use to drive up to Penang (Petrol Kao Tim Leao WOOHOO!) So yeah I’m gonna talk a bit of the car in the first segment of this post. 

 photo IMG_20160507_132223_zpsb9c0jqa3.jpg

I would say, the Passat is definitely eye candy on the street and it is great for the younger generation or as a family car. It is a 4 door sedan packed with a 1.8L, 4-cylinder petrol engine with a DSG 7-speed direct shift gearbox.

 photo IMG_20160504_145621_zpsrsbbeppw.jpg
Classy! With multi-function buttons on the steering and cruise control

 photo IMG_20160507_132344_zpsbml4plv7.jpg  photo IMG_20160507_132302_zps176reffp.jpg
Pretty Simple Dashboard in the car with a Start/stop button

 photo IMG_20160507_132135_zpsgiwajpyw.jpg
Pretty big trunk space

 photo thetaplus_20160509125009709_zps48zlajt9.jpg
A 360 interior of the car

 photo IMG_20160511_120618_zpsl338kfpy.jpg
Okay la this one a bit lebih

So I drove up to Penang, testing out the car’s performance and it’s pretty great and responsive. You’ll have a smooth ride of up to 180km/h and starts to shake slightly after that. As from 0-100km/h, it takes about 8 seconds+

The first thing which I did when I reached Penang, was to meet up with my fat bro, Chung. It has been months since our last meeting and the first thing we always do together, Drink! Ain’t nothing better than to have a nice cold Guinness

 photo IMG_20160507_144252_zpsyial1b00.jpg
Ice Cold Guinness

 photo IMG_20160507_152805_zpsndhj3x9r.jpg

And of course in Penang you have to try out their best delicacies! We stopped by the famous Bomba Beef Noodle Soup. They’ve relocated to 156 Lebuh Carnarvon, but the noodles are still as good as ever! Another specialty they have is their Fried Oyster, which is super light and crispy at the edges. Slightly different compared to the normal Fried Oysters you get at other shops

 photo IMG_20160507_142155_zpshgmfecag.jpg
Bomba Fried Oyster

 photo IMG_20160507_141637_zpswrhf3xbb.jpg
Bomba Beef Noodles

Aside from Chung, I also met up with Alvin, and what did we do? Drink! Man this trip is getting so alcoholic but it’s so good! We started off at the famous Antarabangsa Shop where you can get really cheap booze, and headed off to Flamingo beach to chill off the evening with more beers!

 photo IMG_20160507_182909_zpsq9amtv1j.jpg

Alvin argued on the best Fried Oyster, so he brought me to Air Itam’s Reservoir Garden’s Fried Oyster which is arguably the best juicy fried oyster in Penang. And damn it was super juicy! 

 photo IMG_20160507_204111_zpst2itl0zi.jpg
Juicy shizz!

Of course, a trip to Penang is not complete without heading to the party scene at night. Chung and I decided to meet up with Janice which we haven’t seen in ages, and we headed over to V.A.C. at beach road. Such an alcoholic day, has continued into an alcoholic night.

 photo IMG_20160508_014740_zps0myyz2cm.jpg
With the lovely Janice

 photo IMG_20160509_151313_zps2banyfrn.jpg
Made some new friends Veryn & Venezzia

To end the night, This is a thing that you definitely must try at Penang! Ox Penis Soup (Torpedo soup) at Sup Hameed. They’re known for their wide range of soups and it definitely is a must after a crazy night out!

What I can say is the Penis soup is delicious (no kidding), slightly chewy and if you can eat intestines and other inner parts of an ox, I think you wouldn’t have problems eating this!

 photo IMG-20160508-WA0003_zpsuzfcusdl.jpg

 photo IMG_20160508_030143_zpseo9y9csj.jpg

Another great part of this trip is to reconnect with my long lost blogger friend, Jolyn. It’s been already 3 years since I met her during her wedding, and now she’s busy making babies!

Jolyn invited me to her place where I could finally meet her adorable daughter (and one more son on the way). Super cute and once she warms up to you, she will not let you out of her sight!

And to top it off, some lovely Bukit Mertajam Chicken Rice with Asam Soup. Crazy combo but really delish!

 photo thetaplus_20160508160822550_zpsjutx33aw.jpg
With the fam

 photo IMG_20160508_144852_zpsh1gq1orw.jpg
Less than RM30, Mana boleh dapat in KL macam nih?

All in all, it was a great trip to Penang reconnecting with all these lovely friends, and I would like to thank Volkswagen Malaysia for allowing me to take the car up!

If you have friends who have broken off from you, maybe its time for you to reconnect? :)

Happy 26th Birthday To Me

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I have no idea how I'm gonna craft this post honestly.
22nd May, the day I was born. A year after my 1/4 Century birthday bla bla bla bla

Oh I'm just gonna cut the crap. I wanna thank everyone for the awesome wishes, the free drinks from Joshua, Mervyn and the Vintry Crew, The delicious Banana Leaf Rice from Evon & Eiran, and the awesome birthday party from my SMK SS 17 group! 

Thanks so much for making this 26th birthday memorable and also for those who have been helping me through these past tough few months.

I love you all! :)

Friday, April 29, 2016

Escape to Bandung

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This would be the 2nd time I'm heading to Bandung, as honestly it is a really great place to getaway from Kuala Lumpur. Located near Jakarta, its surrounded by hills, volcano's and hot springs. The best part is, there is no HAZE over there! only fresh air and a cool breeze ranging from 22-30 degrees.

You can check out my old post here:

The main purpose of this trip is to go for one of my close friend, Cantya's wedding, This would be the first Indonesian Javenese wedding that I'm attending and it is definitely an eye opener. I headed over there with Celestine using Airasia, as it was the cheapest for that period (RM400 return)

 photo IMG_2075_zpsqpyyjlev.jpg
Chillin at the airport.

As we arrived at Bandung, Cantya booked us a room at Meize Hotel, which was located around the city centre. and since this is Celestine's first time at Bandung, we decided to visit the landmarks around town as we didn't have a car this time (since Cantya is busy with wedding preparations)

So first up, Food! We're foodies and Indonesia has plenty to offer! Bakso, Lele Bakar, Babi Guling and more! A meal on the roadside will cost about RM3-5

 photo IMG_2108_zpsimjhcb8p.jpg
The scenery around our hotel

 photo IMG_2079_zpscbgfqoui.jpg
Flags at Jalan Braga

 photo IMG_2084_zps5rjwvxly.jpg
Jalan Braga

 photo IMG_2095_zpsa64do1am.jpg
Pop up Cafe's

 photo IMG_2122_zpsybk9h2e4.jpg
Tauhu Bakar (Tofu)

 photo IMG_2123_zpsahutoowx.jpg
Cumi Goreng (Fried Squid)

 photo IMG_2125_zpskjolxdkf.jpg
Babi Pedas Mampus (Spicy till die Pork)

 photo IMG_20160423_140817_zpsa1wjw1nd.jpg
Ken Ken's Babi Guling

 photo IMG_2099_zpsja3t7kbf.jpg
Babi Guling

 photo IMG_2103_zpsbrgqje6r.jpg
How Happy she is =D

And of course in Bandung, its very famous for its Factory outlets. There are plenty them to go to for clothes, which I literally became a shopaholic woman

 photo IMG_2109_zpsjmiz1wwe.jpg
Our hotel is about a 1km walk away from the factory outlets

 photo IMG_2082_zpsim2ac1yj.jpg
Art for Sale

 photo IMG_20160424_195609_zpsaxrc3wya.jpg
Random Chocolate

Damage done:
1 Tailor Made Full Suit - RM500
Guess Jeans - RM90
Ralph Lauren Polo Tshirts - RM90
Assorted Tshirts - RM100

Of course coming to the main reason of our trip, the wedding itself! Cantya is Javanese as I said earlier, and I would say it is like a mixture of a Malay wedding (Buffet Jamu Selera) with some Indian Elements (They'll be on the stage where we will then line up to greet them). There were plenty of people in the Selaras Wedding House, and it was something totally new to us

Definitely it was such a beautiful wedding!

 photo IMG_2115_zps4y2b5xif.jpg

 photo IMG_2118_zpsexh7nghj.jpg
Celest and I

 photo thetaplus_20160423204323106_zpsscgqdoyd.jpg
With Cantya & Docko

That outfit they're wearing is freaking heavy!

The following day, Cantya and Docko took some time to bring us out, and i'm really grateful we're able to spend more time with them especially when they're so busy

 photo thetaplus_20160424180138569_zpsp4gbk9xp.jpg
At Docko's shop Dreadocks

 photo IMG_20160424_234614_zpsfgaeewdi.jpg
Enjoying a beer at Halfway Bar

It was a great time spent at Bandung. I would definitely come back again for more beer, food and the mountain tops especially since we weren't able to see it this time

Once again, Congratulations Cantya and Docko! 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Getting Super Wet at Cambodia

 photo water_festival_by_samlim_zpsjqmlzjq8.jpg
*pic credit to


Okay lah, all you horny pervs can get lost cos this post isn't what you will want to read. I know the title is a bit wtf but yeah I did get super wet at Siem Reap, Cambodia for the Sangkranta Festival! (Songkran Festival)

This year, 13th April marked the Cambodian New Year and Cambodians party pretty hard as it is the biggest festival of the year. Why was I there exactly? I'm actually part of the Angkor Beer Street Party's Event Team over there handling the main event! 

It was a 4 day street party where there were plenty of water fights and something I didn't expect, POWDER fights!But of course, even though its kind of a workation, i still had plenty of free time myself to roam around to explore Cambodia

You can check out my video here:

As for the first day we arrived, we pretty much had the whole day to ourselves so we started our exploring around Siem Reap

 photo 12718033_10153278749431324_5310606330221995808_n_zps59fy0nnb.jpg
Arriving at Siem Reap with Andy

 photo IMG_1551_zpsvmwirfom.jpg
Pub Street where our main event is happening

 photo IMG_20160412_160331_zpsldjoahli.jpg
Enjoying a cool $1 Mango Shake under the crazy 41 degree heat

 photo IMG_20160414_135910_zpsqxzx56li.jpg
Some random laundry shop

 photo IMG_20160412_215223_zpsjitc6z8n.jpg
Beer Pong time!

As the event day came, we had to work for 4 nights in a row, as I said, Cambodians party really hard and the festival goes on and on and on! I was in charge of the 360 roving team which allows the fans to come around, snap a 360 selfie and post it up on Facebook with Angkor Beer's Branding. pretty cool huh?

 photo songkran_zpsayptfw39.jpg
The event stage

 photo 13000189_10156796862585054_8072985254079804539_n_zpsrz3nkf00.jpg
With my Brand Ambassadors

 photo B0098_zpsguj9ky03.jpg
This is how my 360 selfie's look like. Awesome huh? 
come ask me and i can quote you accordingly for your events =D

 photo IMG_20160414_172517_zpskmhrmuwf.jpg
Weapons of Choice: Mild Pig Powder HAHA!

 photo IMG_20160415_002104_zpsjpdsi05i.jpg
We got the big guns!

 photo IMG_20160415_184045_zpsazembjwp.jpg
One of my favourite BA's

This is how crazy it is

 photo IMG_20160417_014904_zpsf1byafew.jpg
Fueling up with Didi, SK and Leo

After the crazy parties, I decided to do some cultural visits to get to know more about Cambodian culture and history. First stop, The Angkor National Museum, where you can learn a lot of its history and legends before going to Angkor Wat itself. Sadly no photography was allowed in the museum

Cost: $12 USD

I would recommend coming here first so that you'll understand Angkor Wat better when you head there. 

 photo IMG_1574_zpsvsxhoey6.jpg
One of the rivers near Angkor National Museum

 photo IMG_1585_zpsoejsma4k.jpg
Angkor National Museum

 photo IMG_1605_zpsoc8nsspc.jpg
Selfie Time

 photo IMG_20160414_145647_zpstwl0e32t.jpg
Hanging out with Asura

So of course after learning so much on its history, you definitely have to visit Angkor Wat for the full Package. Me and SK got a tuktuk to fetch us up ($20 for the whole day) to bring us to Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is actually just one temple, but there are plenty of other temples surrounding Angkor Wat which will be included in the package

$20 Tuktuk (Full Day)
$20 Angkor Visitor Pass (1 day)

 photo IMG_1616_zpsaaowdd4k.jpg
Tuktuk ride to Angkor Wat

We started up at Bayon Temple, pretty amazing with the four faces of buddha

 photo IMG_1641_zpsuxvj7fn3.jpg

 photo IMG_1669_zpssihcocts.jpg

 photo IMG_20160416_084622_zpsxqvsdw3s.jpg

Baphuon Temple

 photo IMG_1710_zpsacriormw.jpg

 photo IMG_1730_zpspah9sjxr.jpg

 photo IMG_1733_zpson6jglug.jpg

 photo IMG_1754_zps5n57v5jm.jpg

Ta Prohm Temple (Where roots grow all over the temple)

 photo IMG_1834_zps5jgppirf.jpg

 photo IMG_1854_zpsxk5jfr1o.jpg

 photo IMG_1902_zpsqi9audy4.jpg

 photo IMG_1953_zpslxva7spt.jpg

And of course, Angkor Wat!

 photo IMG_1985_zps12cwktly.jpg

 photo IMG_2060_zpsy3m1ioml.jpg

 photo IMG_1994_zpsuxxcwwbw.jpg
The Churning of the Milk Sea

 photo IMG_2073_zps2nma3doe.jpg

 photo IMG_2065_zpshfcbux8a.jpg
This is the face: Ok Lah Kao  Tim adi

I didn't post up all the temples on this post cos I guess it'll bore you too much! better to just head there and see it for yourself!

This Cambodia trip was really fulfilling. You can get up here with a shoe string budget and you'll still be treated like a king! Definitely a place I would visit again as its so memorable!

next stop: Bandung, Indonesia!