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5D/4N Istanbul for RM900

Another hiatus after so long. I have a feeling I’m only writing 1 blog post per month nowadays. Or even worse haha!
So getting back to my recent travels, I took a 3-week holiday to Europe, escaping hectic life and embracing wanderlust. I honestly love to travel solo, as it is a great experience to discover yourself, and you wouldn’t need to depend on anyone else and cater to their needs during the trip.
The main goal of my trip was to visit my family at Ireland for Christmas, as well, mumsie hasn’t met me for so long and i’ve been summoned! LOL
Here is my Itinerary and how I got around
Flight Path & Itinerary Dec 18: Depart KL Turkish Air, RM4,400 for all Turkish Air Flights Dec 19 - 23 Istanbul Turkish Air Dec 23 - 27: Dublin, Ireland Ryan Air RM150 Dec 28: Brussels 45 min Train RM40 Day 29 - 31: Antwerp 2 Hour Train, RM120 Dec 31 - Jan 5: Amsterdam Ryan Air RM150 Jan 5 - 7: Dublin, Ireland Turkish Air Jan 8: Arrive KL
Total Transport for flights & train: RM4,860 It could have been cheaper but s…

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