Friday, May 22, 2015

Giveaway: Invites to The Valley Of The Deer 2015!

Hey all! Starting up, everyone definitely loves a good drink to kick back and relax after a busy day of work, or even just for a great catch up with friends. But as time passes by, people like me prefer to have a good drink at home with friends compared to having a tiring night out at clubs (Yes I'm feeling old haha, and guess what? It's my 25TH BIRTHDAY TODAY WOOHOO!)

 photo 4_zpssiryhlf6.png

Continuing on, when my bro's or friends are over, I would normally prepare a few bottles ready for the night, but of course, it also costs quite a bit as I prefer the better kinds of liquor. To solve the problem, there is a site called Boozeat which comes into the picture

Boozeat is an booze-commerce online website ( which offers varieties of alcohol, from wines to champagne and even high-end liquor! Now why would you want to shop at Boozeat?

- Simplicity, I love to browse through things online, and it is so simple with just a click of the button! I won't be wasting my time at the hypermarkets or cashiers just waiting to get my liquor checked out
- The prices offered are relatively cheaper compared to general hypermarkets
- The Boozeat blog shows interesting alcohol related topics twice a week, so I can get my info there before thinking of what to purchase (

The process is pretty simple as you would just need to go to the site, choose your liquor, pay for it and it'll be shipped right to you!

1) Visit Boozeat Website

2) Register
 photo 3_zpslg7d04sf.png

3) Browse through the alcohol they have
 photo 5_zpsiix4slfl.png

4) Choose a package you would like to buy (The more you buy, the better the discount rate is)

 photo 7_zpsztf0ea6s.png

5) Checkout and the bottles will be sent to you!

 photo 8_zpsb9caj7em.png

Pretty simple heh? Best part? If you sign up now, You'll get RM80 free credits when you purchase your bottles from Boozeat!

Continuing on with my post, Boozeat also offers a series of party packages and dining experience that people are looking forward nowadays!

And as for the upcoming event, its The Valley of The Deer 2015! 

 photo boozeat 2_zps5wpf6wi1.png

What is The Valley of The Deer 2015 all about? Its about one of the worlds most awarded single malt whisky, Glenfiddich! This event focuses on fine cuisine pairing with the ever delicious Glenfiddich 12 years, 15 years and 18 years! 

More info on The Valley Of The Deer 2015 here: 

 photo Glenfiddich-line-up_zps5e8rnabx.jpg

 photo The Valley of deer_zpscfgorwya.png
 photo valley of deer 2_zpsmz2z3vdd.png

The event is going to be taking place on 29th - 30th May 2015, at Carcosa Seri Negara.

And whats better? I have 5 pairs of invites to giveaway! The Valley of the Deer Experience worth RM376 per pair so you better try your luck and see if you're able to win these freakin' awesome passes!

How do you win these invites? Just follow these simple steps and comment in the comments section:

1) Answer the question: What whisky brand would be featured at The Valley Of The Deer? 
2) Write your name and email
3) 5 Winners will be selected based on the right answers and a lucky draw!

Answer example:
Samuel Chew

Closing date for the giveaway is 23rd May 2015, 6pm. Winners will be announced here and also be notified via email. 

FYI, Invites to The Valley Of The Deer is sponsored by Boozeat!

T&C - 
1) Winners must be 18 yrs and above
2) Winners will be selected from the pool of correct answers
3) Winners would need to provide me their details by 24th May 23:59pm
4) Winners would need to notify me if they would want to make it on the 29th / 30th May for the event

Good luck!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dope Alley & The Patternist

God its taking forever for me to post one update these days, really wanna apologize for it as I was so busy planning & organizing the Enfagrow Brain Expo which just happened last week. Crazy hours but finally its over! Now I can breath the fresh air again and wait for my next project.

 photo 20150411_225026_zps6y36kmw4.jpg

As for now, just a short update on a restaurant I visited not long back. The restaurant is called Dope Alley and it is located at SS15, Subang Jaya. I decided to check it out because of the bling bling lights they had on top the billboard haha! Jk.

It is a pretty cozy place, which serves Malaysian & Thai Food, with The Patternist which are dessert creators that serve a variety of desserts to end your meal. 

There is also the back alley where you can enjoy jamming with your friends (provided you bring your own guitar) and a shisha joint for you to smoke up! Pretty much I think it is an all in one place (just no alcohol served there). Lives up to the name Dope Alley!

 photo 20150411_224849_zpsuvbmp5t6.jpg
The interior of DOPE Alley

 photo 20150411_224928_zpsdztkzwm5.jpg
The back alley

 photo 20150411_224246_zpsctgekjxa.jpg
Ordering sheets

 photo 20150411_221900_zpsjqz8vlmj.jpg
 photo 20150411_221846_zpsenggijz6.jpg
Quite a simple menu

 photo 20150411_221835_zps1lu0e0xm.jpg
Eileen gobling down on some boat noodles. (RM1.90 per bowl)

 photo 20150411_221951_zpscnj1hkth.jpg
Somtam with Salted Egg. (RM8.90) - There are 2 types of spiciness levels, and I chose the milder one since Eileen can't take much spicy food. but still, it was a lil spicy! =D

 photo 20150411_222312_zps1cenoaxy.jpg
Ka Prao Beef Rice (RM9.90) - Beef was tender, and was quite filling

 photo 20150411_222327_zpscrqstwge.jpg
Nasi Goreng Sotong Goreng (RM9.90) - It was quite nice, as the calamari was pretty crispy

And of course to end the night, we had to try out some desserts by the Patternist. I ordered salted caramel ice cream, and whats cool about it is that they prepare it for you on the spot, coming out with a soft texture ice cream that fills the tummy!

 photo 20150411_225003_zpsnifrdklj.jpg
The Patternist

 photo 20150419_225537_zpsb5c3xi2o.jpg
Salted Caramel ice cream with Almond. (RM7.90) - Definitely love this and will be back for more!

All in all I would say its quite a unique place to be. The food is affordable and tastes nice, with the unique ambiance of a Dope Alley. Those who are around the area should definitely give it a try! the desserts by the Patternist is a must!

Till the next post! 

Dope Alley
47500 Subang Jaya

4square :


Friday, April 24, 2015

EnerZ Extreme Park (Asia's Largest Trampoline Park) is now here!

 photo WP_20150418_003_zpszxvdlijh.jpg

Extreme people and jumpers unite as there is a treat for you! There is a new place in town called EnerZ and it has taken extreme to a whole new level! 

EnerZ is Asia's very first indoor extreme park and sports arena, and is also Asia's Largest Trampoline Extreme Park! How cool is that?

I've recently went for the media launch of EnerZ, where we were able to check out what's in store for patrons of EnerZ. Key personalities such as Amber Chia & Ashton, Alan S (Selangor Basketball Player) and Jeniffer Foh (celebrity blogger) also came as ambassadors for EnerZ

Check out my video here:

 photo WP_20150418_013_zpss96q2xqy.jpg
Eileen & I

 photo WP_20150418_015_zpswfmzg8pr.jpg
Tiong as the Emcee

 photo WP_20150418_011_zpskxkg0gh4.jpg
Amber Chia 

 photo food_zpscp9xonap.jpg
Yummylicious food!

 photo WP_20150418_026_zpsoxfg6qba.jpg
Photo Op of the ambassadors

 photo WP_20150418_019_zpsxdgsxnuk.jpg
Managing Director of EnerZ, Mr Alvin Tey with his speech 

The Managing Director, Mr Alvin Tey launched the EnerZ G.S.T. Challenge, which of course is not Global Service Tax LOL. 

EnerZ G.S.T. stands for Gut Builder, Sky Ropes, and Trampolines which are the key essentials at EnerZ Extreme Park

So what is the G.S.T. challenge all about? The challenge requires participants to perform one of the activities, and nominate (Tag) their friends/family to do the same by uploading their fun and energetic photos/videos on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags:


The main goal of the challenge is to move an entire community to get fit, healthy and energised. But what's more? For every photo/video that is uploaded, EnerZ has pledged to sponsor one orphanage to attend their EnerZ Edutainment Programme! 

Now come on, there's no better reason to do the G.S.T. Challenge than for the kids right? It would definitely brighten up their day!

Probably what you can do is take a simple selfie/you in action at EnerZ and just post it up on your social media channels! Its as simple as that!

So once again, head over to EnerZ, have fun, be energised, and take part in the G.S.T. Challenge! 

You can get more info of EnerZ at:

Monday, April 13, 2015

Macallum Connoisseurs Coffee Company

 photo GOPR1742_1427004669973_low_zpslqbmt4ik.jpg

Here's one of the cafes I truly loved at Penang, Macallum Connoisseurs! It is quite a new cafe located at Lebuh Macallum, and it is pretty big as it was originally an old warehouse. What I love about it is the concept and layout of the cafe. Tables and chairs were far apart from each other with loads of space, lots of scribbling done on the walls, and of course a great menu to choose from

One of the key things that is unique about the cafe is that its entire roof is made out of solar panels. I guess its the way the company is going green? It gets pretty warm in the afternoon, but its bearable.

 photo GOPR1739_1427004669973_low_zpscsu6kdia.jpg
Upon Entry

 photo GOPR1732_1427004669973_low_zpswlsycihl.jpg
The interior of the cafe

 photo GOPR1730_1427004669973_low_zpskqfa5jl9.jpg
Some of the wall arts

 photo GOPR1723_1427004669973_low_zpspeyg8go0.jpg
The stairs to the 2nd floor (but it was empty up there)

 photo GOPR1734_1427004669973_low_zpsdt8f4n55.jpg
The solar panel roof

As for food, It was honestly priced reasonably to me (compared to KL prices haha!), and the food tasted pretty good! 

 photo 20150322_142703_zpshch103n1.jpg
Great Ideas start on napkins!

 photo 20150322_135127_zps2s50rmbe.jpg
Cool Centre piece with my latte

 photo GOPR1744_1427006340686_low_zpseh1tcajm.jpg
Smoked Duck Breast with condiments (RM25) The meat was so tender and mouth watering. Definitely a must have!

 photo GOPR1755_1427006340686_low_zpskpxps6tv.jpg
Smoked Salmon Bagel (RM18) & Hot Chocolate. The bagel was pretty fresh, but I would say this is quite a small portion for me. The Hot Chocolate was smooth and nice.

 photo 20150322_135221_zpswv8bvdux.jpg
Red Velvet Cake and a Latte, I loved the latte, but the red velvet cake was slightly dry. 

If you head to Penang, Do check em out!

Address: No 1, Gat Lebuh Macallum, Georgetown, 10300 Pulau Pinang