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Sydney on a budget

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Hey all, sorry for the late update on my Australia trip. In one of my previous posts, Melbourne on a budget, I've already wrote on tips to save costs on your travel, The total damage was RM2,323 (inclusive of my upcoming return flight back from Sydney - Kuala Lumpur) now I shall continue about Sydney!

To start things off, I was in Sydney for 6 days with Eileen. So I will break it down to a few sections on how to spend for your trip.

Arriving at Sydney:
We took connecting flights from Melbourne with Jetstar which costed us RM300 per person including luggage. Always have a look at Jetstar/Tiger Airways promos around and you can get cheap flights of average RM80 without check in luggage. 

But of course I do not recommend Tiger Airways as their reviews are tremendously terrible with all the problems faced by Australians themselves

Arriving at the airport, You would need to take a transfer to the city. We already pre-booked ours with the hostel we were staying at and it costed us $10 per person per way. But there are certain hostels/hotels which actually provide free airport shuttle service if you stay with them and book through their website (This doesn't include booking websites like agoda etc)

At the city itself, It is pretty easy to navigate around the city and you can walk from 1 end to the other. For example from our hostel (Pitt street) to the opera house, its only a 20 min walk

 photo opal-card_zps26hvlpmu.jpg

As for public transport, instead of using a Myki card like in Melbourne, You have to get an Opal card. It costs about $12 with $10 pre-loaded inside. For a 6 day trip in Sydney, I used a total of $15 of credit for the trip (So total up what i paid was $17 OMG THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE WTF)

There's a hack/loophole to do so. My friends Ezreena & Jin told me about in and grateful for it!

- Opal's system runs from Monday - Sunday
- Its a max cap of $15 per day (if you reach the maximum cap, then your trips for the rest of the day are free)

This is the main one to achieve only $15 for the week:
- If you take 8 trips (with 1 hour in between each trip) the rest of your trips till Sunday are free!

Here's how you exploit it: while walking around Sydney on the first day exploring the city, take a short bus trip for 1 stop every 1 hour

So for example:

1st trip
8.00am - Take a Pitt Street bus > 1 stop to the upper street
8.02am - reach the upper street

8.02am - 9.02am - Walk around the area or explore other areas and for example, end up at liverpool street

2nd trip
9.03am - Take a Liverpool Street bus > 1 stop to the next street
9.06am - reach the next street

9.06am - 10.07am - walk around and explore

each trip would be about $1 depending on the distance between each stop, So you repeat this process 8 times in the first day while exploring the city, The rest of the trips are free for the week!

The free trips also include my ferry ride to the zoo ($15 Return), blue mountains ($15), bondi beach, DFO and many more! That's a lot you can save with this system instead of using a max cap of $15 per day for 6 days ($90 total)

Another important note, if you were to for example:
- Take a bus from 9.00 - 9.03, and jump to a train on 9.05 - 9.10, this is only considered as only 1 trip as it is connected

You can also check your timing on Opal's website itself as they would note down the time you enter a bus and exit another.

Total Transportation cost per person:

Airport Transfer (2 ways) - $20
Opal Card - $17

As i said in my previous post for Melbourne, try to get the best hostel/room deals from and travel sites, or if you're adventures you can try out Your target would to be getting a bed/room for $30 or less

 photo 29800883_zpsixquaqom.jpeg

As for Sydney, we stayed at Maze Backpackers at Pitt Street. We got ourselves a private room with bunk bed & shared bathroom which costed us $70 per night. as we thought we would like the privacy and it only costed us another extra $10 per night

The hostel we stayed at was pretty alright. 
- The bathrooms were clean
- The people who stayed there are pleasant and talkative
- Lights out at 11pm (which means no loud noises)
- There are themed nights that were pretty awesome.

For example, the theme nights we experienced are:
1) BBQ Night - Free burgers for all!
2) Chicken Rice night - Free chicken rice for all!
3) Billiard Night - No entry fee, knockout system, winner gets a $30 Bar Tab

So we covered the costs of 2 meals, and also you can negotiate deals with the hostels, for example, they'll give you a free nights stay if you help out at the kitchen during one of those nights!

Total accommodation cost:
$70 x 5 nights = $350 (Which is $175 per person)

Food at Sydney

Similar to Melbourne, You would need to budget out on the food here. Bring drinking water wherever you go to cut costs on drinks at public places. They'll charge you a good $3 just for drinking water. Tap water is drinkable there

- get a hot roll or pastries at the supermarket at about $3-$5


- You would either choose to have a nice lunch/dinner with a cap of $15-$20
- For the other meal (dinner) you would have to do about $5-$10 (Which can be food courts or sushi takeout counters)
- One of the nice places to go is the Sydney Fish Market. Plenty of fresh seafood and be spoiled choice rotten

 photo DSC_0040_zps1cwjkkbv.jpg
Fish market (This was a $40 Meal for 2 pax)


- Opt for fast food if you don't mind the callories (about $7 for McD or Hungry Jacks and get a free burger with a survey)
- We had 2 free dinners at the hostel
- My cousin Ruth treated us to a meal

- Cheap eats, either supermarket food / sushi rolls, capped at $4-5
- Sushi rolls  are about $5 for 3 during closing time, which can be shared out
- Got one free cheeseburger from Hungry Jacks
- My friends Ezreena & Jin treated us supper

If you have friends or relatives who treat you to a meal, that is a +1!

Total cost:

Breakfast: $3.50 x 6 days = $21
Lunch: $13 x 5 days = $65
Dinner: $17.5 x 2 nights = $35
Supper: $4 x 3 nights - $12

Optional: Cheap $4 Wine from the market x 2 nights

Total cost per person: $143

Attractions in Sydney

1) Free Walking Tours
There are 2 types of Free Walking Tours in Sydney, which are:
- Sydney Sights
- Sydney The Rocks

I would say this is the best way to get to know the city through the eyes of a local. These walking tours are Free and you're not obliged to pay anything. If you think the tour is good, you can tip the local guide on how much you think he/she is worth.

Sydney Sights Free Walking Tours are held twice a day at 10.30am & 2.30am and is about 2 1/2 hours long. The starting point is at Town Hall Square and will end at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. From this we got to know a little more on the history of Sydney and how it became to the city it is today

 photo DSC_0586_zpsyna4uajf.jpg
Town Hall Square

 photo DSC_0630_zpsn0dryb5j.jpg
Hello sydney!

 photo DSC_0642_zpsx2aujxzo.jpg
The old post office (behind)

 photo DSC_0608_zpsakefibd9.jpg
One of the cathedrals

 photo DSC_0597_zpsiibcigzy.jpg
Queen Victoria Status in front of the Queen Victoria Building (QVB)

 photo DSC_0659_zps9fb82bhi.jpg
if you visit this street, you'll hear recorded sounds of birds chirping

 photo DSC_0627_zpsey4bycf5.jpg
A hog, legend says if you touch its snout or penis, you get good luck

 photo DSC_0707_zpsan2w5hzp.jpg
Harbour bridge. Walk to the other end if you can

 photo DSC_0567_zpsa0udlajh.jpg
The Harbour Bridge walk

 photo DSC_0560_zps9fuyn7w5.jpg
Pylon Lookout

 photo DSC_0554_zpsbk5b4sbw.jpg
The view from harbour bridge

As for The Rocks Tour, it is held at 6pm daily and the meetup point is at Cadmans Cottage (river side). The rocks is actually the slum area of Sydney during the early days. You'll be able to hear lots of ghost, murder and interesting stories that happened in the past

 photo DSC_0574_zpsx1yrjitb.jpg
Cadman's cottage

 photo DSC_0577_zpslgulmhxv.jpg
Early settlement remains

 photo DSC_0579_zpsihtn8ctr.jpg
The bar with a hidden trapdoor to kidnap people in the past

 photo DSC_0585_zpsuwhjoqbf.jpg
Our guide for the rocks tour

Cost: I tipped $10 per tour

Total cost: $20

2) Sydney Taronga Zoo
When you're visiting Sydney, there are 2 places you can go to see wildlife which is either the Sydney Taronga Zoo, Sydney Wildlife or the Aquarium. If you have  limited time, you can always go to Sydney Wildlife or the Aquarium, but if you have a full day to spare, head over to the Taronga Zoo!

The Taronga Zoo is a boat ride away, and you can catch a ferry at Sydney Harbour. If you followed the Opal steps i wrote about earlier, your ferry ride would be free!

The Taronga Zoo features quite a lot of animals, and your favourite Australian favourites such as the Kangaroo, Koala and Wombat. There are a lot of animal shows that you can check out as well and the sea lion show was one of my favourites.

Cost: $38 per adult.
[in our case Ezreena lent us her zoo visitor day pass, so we shared the cost of the remaining $38 :), so our cost per person is only $19]

 photo DSC_0789_zpsg6rofefh.jpg
Ferry ride to the zoo

 photo DSC_0876_zpsuw12sjxh.jpg
The zoo with a view

 photo DSC_0887_zpshmxjkxm1.jpg
Penguin's like wtf

 photo DSC_0926_zpsyslnzfoj.jpg
Hello there

 photo DSC_0820_zpsaxou6tjw.jpg
Mervyn, Suhui and their child *inside joke*

 photo DSC_0832_zpsa69ieav2.jpg
Sealion show

 photo DSC_0852_zpspf5kv5rc.jpg
Kangaroos roaming

 photo DSC_0011_zpsqyxeukat.jpg
Mr Koala

 photo DSC_0836_zpsqb4ui7ga.jpg
okay the real one is here

 photo DSC_0841_zpseowtnzku.jpg

 photo DSC_0862_zps2yl12lma.jpg

 photo DSC_0873_zpsmr4ihy9t.jpg
Oh the naughty devil

 photo DSC_0812_zpsbk4kdcgd.jpg
They're gonna hear me roar!

3) Blue Mountains

 photo DSC_0042_zpsmopah9zi.jpg

This requires a full day but the views are amazing. Remember to pack light and bring sufficient water for this trip. Take a trip up by train to the Blue Mountains area (Katoomba Station) in the morning (This would also be free if you have already gotten your 8 opal trips, if not it'll cost $15 for a return ticket), the ride itself would take about 2 hours. Upon arriving, you can get a small bite at the coles supermarket there or even the restaurants if your budget permits

We walked about 25 minutes, and we reached the 3 sisters lookout point. The view is amazing and when you read about the folklaw on how the 3 sisters were formed, it is pretty interesting. If you're adventures like us, we took a 2 hour trek through the mountains and reached Leura Cascades which brings a calm and serene feeling.

 photo DSC_0058_zps6lwarhmv.jpg
Spring in the air

 photo DSC_0044_zpsnemzrawr.jpg
Some graffiti on the way

 photo DSC_0061_zps6wzcxydo.jpg
The three sisters

 photo DSC_0079_zpska5x8t2u.jpg

 photo G0103038_zpsnpuotpyv.jpg
Leura Cascades

Of course if you don't like a trek, you can opt for a tour bus over there which will cost about $22 which goes to the other attractions at blue mountains as well.

At the end of our trek, we arrived at Leura station which we took a train back to Sydney CBD.

cost: FREE. just food

4) Bondi Beach
A trip to Sydney is not complete without a trip to Bondi Beach. Its about a 20 minute bus ride from Sydney CBD (Opal card 8 trips applied, if not its $6+).

What I like about Bondi is that you can see HOT GIRLS IN BIKINIS, Street art, enjoy the beach, play with dogs over there, workout at the public gym and of course their famous Hurricane ribs.

cost: FREE, just food

 photo DSC_0727_zps9fiiv1rh.jpg
Bondi Beach

 photo DSC_0740_zpsmv5zxmr7.jpg
Pretty grafitti

 photo DSC_0733_zps22usz0a4.jpg
More grafitti

 photo DSC_0745_zpsm4offbfy.jpg
She just wanted to pole there

5) DFO

There are 2 Factory Outlets in Sydney and its a great place to buy your branded stuff at cheaper prices. So if you're into shopping, these are the places to get your cheap steals of Nike, Zara etc. Do check their websites as both stores carry different brands. I bought some clothing which amounted up to $30

cost: $30

Total cost of sightseeing, attractions and shopping: $88

So here is the total sum of my trip:

$37 - Transportation
$175 - Accommodation
$143 - Food
$88 - Attractions

$443 Grand Total (2.93 exchange rate - RM1298)

So totaling up with my Melbourne Trip (RM2,323) + Jetstar flights (RM300)

I only spent a total of RM3,921 for the entire 2 weeks! Who said it would be impossible within RM4k?

Anyway I hope this helped if you're planning a budget trip to Australia! Do beat me at it and let me know how much you spent!

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Silkroad Experience: Journey of the orient

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Fresh from the event last Saturday. I was lucky enough to be invited to Silkroad 2016, which showcases how eastern culture influences the modern world today. It was held at Metal Bee's, Damansara, and as this is my first time there, it was pretty awesome!

A few other bloggers were invited too and definitely it was a great way to start the year with a classy event. One of the highlights? meeting up with Xiang after the longest time ever! We started blogging together back in 2009 (Yes we're such old people) but gotten busy since we both started work and its pretty hard to meet up lately

So what was in store for us? Check out the video I made:

Starting the experience, We took a walk past the beautiful paintings of Chinese Descent and took our first few photos at the Photowall. Silkroad was also giving away 3 Hennessy Limited XO bottles to the most creative photos and captions at the photowall! That got me really excited =D

 photo IMG-20160116-WA0021_zpsosohkgd9.jpg
Xiang and I

 photo IMG-20160116-WA0019_zpsckkkxboq.jpg
No its not a proposal. Just shooting the ever famous & beautiful Sandy Ryan Gan :) #contestkaki

We chilled at the lounge area while waiting for the other guest to arrive, and at the lounge itself, the oriental journey continued with a few activities planned out for us

For starters, we had a master calligrapher showcasing  the art of Rainbow Calligraphy. We wrote our names down and he beautifully crafted these masterpieces for us

 photo WP_20160116_19_42_11_Pro_zps6uet5lg9.jpg

 photo WP_20160116_19_42_24_Pro_zpsb4azx4ui.jpg

 photo WP_20160116_21_13_05_Pro_zpsppacxmmt.jpg
That's my name, Jianjian (Strong & Healthy)

The second part of the experiential journey is the art of tea making. I'm a guy who would just use teabags and soak it with hot water to get my tea fix and it amazes me when there are actually steps and requirements to follow to make the perfect tea.

 photo WP_20160116_19_41_55_Pro_zpst4gulexv.jpg

After the rest of the guest arrived, we were allowed into the dining area where we were serenaded by traditional Chinese music and really pretty kinetic ornaments which floated up and down from the ceiling. There was the Chinese classical band and Diana Liu singing classical Chinese songs which enlightened the mood

 photo IMG_5553_zpsysu87odr.jpg
*pic credit to Samantha

 photo WP_20160116_20_49_06_Pro_zpsj9aci5r4.jpg

Diana Liu

The cuisine of choice was fine dining, and it was prepared by Celebrity Chef Won & his culinary team from Enfin
With every dish presented, the atmosphere changed as the projectors showcased the theme for each dish. 

Check out the awesome food we had:

 photo WP_20160116_20_47_05_Pro_zps6ykusxjd.jpg
For the first Entre, we had Scallop, Calamari, Citrus, Mints and Petals

Chef Won actually took the liberty of flying in fresh XL Hokkaido Scallops which was so juicy in the mouth. It was a total sensorial experience that  refreshes from smell to taste

 photo WP_20160116_21_23_17_Pro_zpsmrhhggso.jpg
For our 2nd entre, we had Green Tea Salmon 40", smoked cucumber, textures of potato and green bleurre blanc

This was my personal favourite among all the dishes served. The wild salmon (not those farmed ones) was really succulent, and with the caramelized top, it made the dish just so mouth watering. Craved for so much more!

 photo WP_20160116_21_58_58_Pro_zpsgtlkqmr5.jpg
The Main course served was Cordyceps Chicken on Chlorophyll carpet, porcini mushrooms and pates de riz. 

As Chef Won said, this is a high class chicken rice but it is definitely worth paying much more for. The cordyceps soup was so well balanced that allowed a clean aftertaste to linger on my palate. 

 photo WP_20160116_22_26_17_Pro_zpsjsqevq1e.jpg
We always have 2 stomachs. one for food and one for dessert! We had Plum, cheese, chocolate and basil

What i loved about it? The 70% dark chocolate was piped in ice water to create the perfect chocolate ball. The plums and cheese also was a great addition as they complimented each other's taste

To end the night, it is definitely time to take a wefie!

 photo 12557830_10154030483054893_1643129209_o_zpszljam4at.jpg
*Photo credit to Jason/Michelle

It was a great experience which has broaden my mind on what eastern culture's influence was to the modern world today. Definitely can't wait for the next one!