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XXX at Dominican Republic

Such a deceiving title, but its somewhat true :) I was blessed as I was sponsored a trip to Dominican Republic by MBO Cinemas, for the XXX Xander Cage Movie. It was really unexpected and I would really like to thank MBO Cinemas for the trip, also I would like to thank Hi Octopi (the travel agent) who planned out my whole trip for me

It was a trip for two, but sadly my bro Alvin didn't manage to get his USA Visa in time, hence it was a solo trip for me (Key note to anyone transiting through USA, you NEEDa transit visa as well, so troublesome right?, unless you're in the exclusion list, where you just need an ESTA)

Visa Application link: 

Dominican is not a place someone would go to especially if you're from South East Asia. It is a super long route there, and to be honest, I don't know much on Dominican except for the great cigars they make over there

It started with crazy flights there and is one of the longest journeys I have ever made, as …

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