Thursday, October 13, 2016

Forget Oktoberfest..

 photo 06 All ready - The brand ambassadors strike a pose for Passport International Beerfests launch._zpsrqasawsi.jpg

Forget Oktoberfest, because the Passport International Beerfest is here! Heineken Malaysia Berhad decided to take the celebration to a whole new level with an international beer and cider experience this year!

Passport International Beerfest made its mark at TREC KL, with an all out celebration of Heineken Malaysia's range of beers and ciders from the Netherlands, England, Germany, Ireland and Asia. Also from that, you're able to get the new set of six limited edition Passport International Beerfest Mugs! They're pretty cool honestly! 

A few of us were invited over for the event, and it was a great night of partying with activities such as percussionist bands, dance performances, carnival acts and magicians who made the night better. And of course for me, a lovely pint of Guinness will always brighten up my day!

 photo IMG-20160923-WA0000_zpsmpsic6is.jpg
Yeeing & I :) Love this gal to bits!

 photo 01 Heineken Malaysia Berhads Passport International Beerfest began with a bang on Sept 22 2016 at Trec KL. Let the festiviti_zpsiyskpyi7.jpg
The percussionist band performing

 photo 04 Fans raise their glasses to Passport International Beerfest._zpsoysbzixy.jpg
Enjoying our drinks

 photo 02 Passport International Beerfest brought along a stilt walker and mime for the launch at Trec KL._zpsaeenlgga.jpg
Some of the carnival performers

 photo thetaplus_20160922221750239_zpsph6oilnw.jpg
the mandatory 360 shot with Darren

 photo 14 Consumers participating in a Passport International Beerfest game during the launch event at Trec KL on Sept 22 2016._zpslqafq0yp.jpg
Beer games to win those awesome mugs!

So what are you waiting for? Celebrate the Passport International Beerfest at selected bars near you! 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Wicked The Musical at Singapore

 photo IMG-20160930-WA0022_zpsfzxwahzp.jpg

YAZZZZZZZ I feel so blessed over the weekend as I finally managed to watch Wicked The Musical for the first time at Singapore! For those who don't know, I'm a musical enthusiast, but sadly they normally don't come down to Malaysia, and the closest one you can go for is at Singapore

For those who don't know about Wicked, it is basically the story of The Wizard of Oz, but from the Wicked witch's perspective. I think you'll be even more intrigued if I told you that the original cast of the Elphaba (The Wicked Witch) was Idina Menzel (Elsa from Frozen) and you can expect how awesome it would actually be! 

I was really blessed this time as, I got em tickets free! Courtesy of the lovely Ying Zi :) And  not just ordinary tickets, they were B Reserved tickets which cost like $150 per ticket and it was for the GALA PREMIERE!

The Musical is held at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, and they'll be running shows till the 20th November 2016

So I got my flight ticket and next thing you know, I'm at Singapore ready to get my mind blown

 photo IMG_20160930_195908_zps74wwq4qm.jpg
Our Tickets

 photo IMG-20160930-WA0017_zpspgyylemm.jpg
With some of the Wicked Cast

 photo IMG_20160930_200507_zpsowhcym6c.jpg
The stage from our seats

 photo thetaplus_20161001124432175_zpsloz2lbyh.jpg
Our Seats

The musical was awesome and if you're really a fan of Wicked, you should definitely get your tickets for it! as the acoustics and the performers definitely put on a great show!

I would like to thank Ying Zi and Mastercard Theatres for having us there!

Check out Sistic if you would like to purchase your tickets:

Monday, October 3, 2016

Romantic Rooftop Movie Theater under the starlight!

 photo Strat 002_zpsckazkol4.jpg

Movie, Starlight, How can you make a romantic evening better? It has to be on a rooftop with a 360 view of the city! 

Where can you experience this? Stratosphere @ The Roof! 

Stratosphere just recently presented the World's first rooftop cinema with the theme “Reel Classic October”. From 4th - 14th October 2016, you're able to experience classic movies under the starlight lazing on bean bags and being romantic with that special someone. 

Here is the list of movies that will be showing:
 photo 02. Reel Classic October Main Poster_zpst6l7eyvy.jpg

I was recently invited for the first movie screening, Austin Powers - Man of Mystery. I invited Kiki along to join me. It was a 60's classic theme and thank God the weather was good that night. As for the launch, there was food, drinks and old classic 60's songs performances before the movie started

 photo IMG_20160929_191726_zps6on2wvso.jpg
The rooftop cinema

 photo IMG_0785_zps5tyueyve.jpg
Kiki and I

 photo IMG_0784_zpsarctwnkc.jpg
Lazing on beanbags while watching the movie

Overall it is a good experience, the only thing is that the cinema screen is pretty small, (approx 2.5m x 3m) and its more like a private viewing. So i guess its good if you go early to get em bean bags and have a good view of the screen. Of course if you're with that special someone, its definitely something awesome to experience =D

Tickets are priced at RM45 per person with complimentary popcorn and cocktail, and you can purchase additional snacks/drinks over there

For more info, please visit:

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Facing your fears & Finishing your fight

 photo 9e50435e-56ea-473f-842e-c56416fc460d_zpsqbgs6qa4.jpg

It has been quite a while since my last update, and it was because I was training for a competition. Just a heads up, this post will be different than the food & travel which i normally blog about.

So why the title facing your fears and finishing your fight? These are the topics which Pastor Kevin preached about in his previous services. Oh yeah, I'm back to church! Haha!

City Harvest Church organized an event called Euphoria, where different colleges and universities are teamed into tribes, and there'll be a series of sporting events and competitions which will determine the winning tribe. It is a 3 month long event, and it ends with the highlight, which is the Parade of Schools (POS) . The Parade of Schools is actually a combination of cheerleading, dance and creativity where each tribe can show off their awesome routine

I was invited by Tiffany and Adele to join Olympus Tribe, which mainly consisted of the local universities. I actually hesitated to join it, because I actually retired from cheer for few reasons. I know training would be intense, and it'll take out a lot of my time, and the main reason is because of the previous injuries I got from cheer in the past. I injured my coccyx area pretty badly, which forced me to quit in the past.

Getting back to cheer wasn't easy as pretty much the fear was there, but after some persuasion from the people I love, I decided to face my fears and compete one more time!

 photo 13626960_10157146974770054_2305468433604017417_n_zpsfljxk35t.jpg
Training once again

 photo IMG-20160808-WA0030_zpsshboetny.jpg
Random makans session

 photo IMG_7326_zpswyih8bs1.jpg
With Tiffy

We were the underdogs as our team consisted of 90% with no cheer experience and the other teams had at least half the team made of cheerleaders from professional teams. So our strategy was to create a simple routine but keeping it clean and tight! 

We had 2 months of vigorous training, and just a week before the competition, disaster struck. One of our members had to pull out due to a wrist injury, Luckily enough we were able to get an old POS member to join in and he managed to catch up with the routine

Another part is that I got myself injured while I was flipping. It was so bad because I fell on my neck, and my whole back and arm went numb for a whole 5 minutes. Even after that and the days that followed, My arm felt weak as I couldn't lift the flyers like i used to, and it hasn't recovered until now actually. (I'm going for chiro these days to fix it)

Came the day of the competition, Everything was tense, I personally was scared as the pressure was high, and i was right in the middle of the opening stunt, just imagine if that failed because of my weak right arm and jeopardizing the rest of the routine. I just had a bad feeling about it, but I just gave one last prayer, God, give me the strength of 10 men to recover if it fails. All I wanted was to finish my fight

 photo group 1_zpsussdqpdy.jpg
The Olympus Team

 photo IMG_7539_zpse04nwio2.jpg
With Leonard & Arden

We went up the stage and our performance started, and true enough, my stunt had a shakiness to it with Tiffy nearly falling off my single base, but by his grace I was able to recover and all my stunts went up

We had a nearly perfect routine, with only 2 other stunt groups falling, but all in all, we gave our best and I was so proud of what our team has achieved

Check out the video here:

 photo IMG_7431_zpsklyvmurq.jpg
Basket Tosses

 photo 14095715_663226563824355_1149537515485833016_n_zpsbfbgej8u.jpg
Our ending Pyramid

Coming to the results, We didn't manage to be the champions for this year, but we were so close! We got 1st runner up with just a difference of 5 points! I couldn't be happier as we achieved so much when we were facing giants. 

 photo IMG_8907_zpsaveluktl.jpg

 photo IMG_7537_zps2v7c0vbu.jpg
Random photos

 photo IMG_7607_zpshljaql0d.jpg
with ex captain, Juyinn

 photo IMG_9072_zps6je3i5yj.jpg
With Pastor Kevin

Even though we weren't the champions, the team I had were already champions to me and all the new friendships I have with these awesome people is worth more than gold medals

 photo 14141850_10157425155200054_3107088584479533473_n_zpscuvmgujs.jpg

And I know, that I have faced my fears and finished my fight.

How about you? 
Challenge yourself as it is definitely the most rewarding thing you'll get!