5D4N Amsterdam Trip for RM1,558

Hey all! Sorry for the late update as its been pretty hectic these past few months for me. I'll save that for the next post

This is the final post of my Europe trip! And of course, I would save the best for last!


Priorities LOL

I wouldn’t consider this much of a budget post, as I went on a super peak period (31 Dec - 4 January) which made everything pricier. You can imagine the hostel prices, everywhere being a warzone of fireworks, and it was crowded to the brim. No doubt I still had a great time there

Here was my itinerary:

31 Dec
- Arrive Amsterdam via train from Antwerp
- check in
- explore & hit the bars

1 Jan
- Free Walking Tour
- Heineken Museum Experience
- I Amsterdam landmark

2 Jan
- Visit the Amsterdam Museum
- Red Light District
- Free & Easy

3 Jan
- Explore Volendam, Edam & Marken

4 Jan

- Depart for Dublin

So anyway imma get down to the details of where and what to do!


I stayed at Clinknoord Amsterdam, this would be one of the cleanest & biggest hostels I've ever been to. I stayed in a 6 bed sharing room, with a private bathroom and toilet. A nice part about this hostel is that they have a lot of amenities such as game rooms, ping pong, a bar, laundry, a restaurant and much more.

This hostel is easily accessible from Grand Central station, but its across the river from the main city area. Boats across the river are free and it departs every 5 minutes, so you don't need to worry about it

Cost: RM835.50

 photo ClinkAmsterdam_0593_3207-1-920x550_zpsyvd2xckw.jpg
Clink Noord

 photo clinknoord_zpszsfqdb46.jpg
The Facilities

 photo clinknoord directions_zpsicauyjrn.png

That's pretty much how easy it is to get there

 photo IMG_20180104_102355_zps4nzb4zbe.jpg
Myself with Kim Jeong Im


Amsterdam is pretty walk-able and that is pretty much what I did the whole time over there. It is about 5km from one end to the other end of the city, so it ain't that far. You can also rent bikes (make sure you're a good cyclist as traffic is crazy) or you can jump on the trains/buses if needed

The only transport I paid for was:
Bus pass to Edam, Volendam, Marken: 9 Euros
Ferry from Volendam - Marken: 8 Euros
Train to Airport: 5 Euros

Cost: 14 Euros


In terms of food, there wasn't much specialty cuisine at Amsterdam actually, even the tour guides were like: Just go to an Indonesian restaurant here (as they used to colonize Indo in the past, and they brought their spices and cuisine over). The highlight for me is that I could binge on the varieties of cheese and drank loads of Heineken

My daily diet was sandwiches/buns in the morning (2 Euros), Subways/McD for lunch (about 6 Euros),
and a restaurant meal at night (about 8-15 Euros)

Cost: 80 Euros

 photo IMG_5547_zps7fxiu51g.jpg
Best shizz ever

What to do at Amsterdam?

1) Smoke Up
This is pretty much what everyone does when they get to Amsterdam. Honestly Amsterdam has much more to offer in terms of culture and all, but since their most iconic thing is weed, Priorities LOL. Its pretty much accessible everywhere! There are Coffee Shops which allow you to buy joints, edibles or just freshly cut herb (1g or 2g packs). 

Price list:

A joint will cost from 3 - 10 Euros depending on the type and grade, a pack would cost you about 20 Euros onward, and a brownie will cost you about 6 Euros.

Cost: 20 Euros

 photo tile 4_zpss2qodlsg.jpg

2) Free Walking Tour

The free walking tour at Amsterdam is pretty extensive as you'll be walking all around the city. It takes about 3 hours, and it covers the old settlements, churches, main landmarks, museums and red light district

You'll also pass by the Anne Frank's house museum with this tour, but do note that you would need to book a spot at least 1 month in advance! That's how popular it is.

Cost: 5 Euros Tip

 photo tile 1_zpsyltdgfe9.jpg

 photo IMG_5319_zpsveqkvfne.jpg

 photo IMG_5306_zpsi5ikyypr.jpg
The old Settlement

 photo IMG_5296_zpsvzkyxs4q.jpg
The old church

3) Heineken Museum
This museum pretty much shows the glory of Amsterdam, Heineken! There are plenty of relics on how Heineken was in the past, and how it has evolved to become one of the most famous beers in the world today!

You'll also be able to taste a fresh draft of Heineken, and you can also take part in the experiential activities they have prepared for you over there

Cost: 16 Euros

 photo IMG_5367_zpsrg9eojn9.jpg

 photo tile 3_zpsu0gpf4ri.jpg

 photo tile 2_zpsgtp5b5ng.jpg

 photo IMG_5459_zpsyiaeowg8.jpg

 photo IMG_5463_zpselbxcdev.jpg

4) I Amsterdam Sign
One of the most iconic landmarks here, but do note that you should go super early to get a photo of yourself without all the people in the background.

You can also visit the museums nearby it, such as the Van Gogh Museum and the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum (contemporary museum) there. I would advise to purchase the tickets and time slots online, as the queue is pretty crazy there for walk ins

 photo IMG_5342_zpskypskjlw.jpg

5) National Museum
This was the museum that I wanted to go to, as I was able to learn about the history and culture of Amsterdam. They would provide a tour guide device, where you'll be able to walk around freely and get the explanations for the museum. 

There is also an art exhibition where you can see the portraits of the 17th century, which is the Golden age of Amsterdam

You can book your tickets here

cost: 12.50 Euros

 photo IMG_5657_zpsfck0azwj.jpg
The famous pieces including the short french man LOL

 photo IMG_5666_zpssx6e5am6.jpg
The Art Gallery

 photo IMG_5679_zpss7uyb23c.jpg
Old School Coffeeshop

 photo IMG_5314_zpsgpqtwe6u.jpg
Each square represents a country, guess which one is Malaysia

6) Edam - Volendam - Marken Route

No trip to Amsterdam is complete without seeing the surroundings of Amsterdam. You can get an all day bus ticket from the ticket counter at grand central station, or you can purchase it online here (1 Cheaper). You'll also be taking a 1 way boat from Volendam to Marken , so you'll needa take the Volendam Marken Express. do book online as its 0.50 cheaper

There are plenty of places to visit, and I decided to go through the Edam - Volendam - Marken Route. Edam is a pretty small town, which specializes in cheese mostly. During spring, you can go to the cheese market and taste all they have to offer. Other than that, there are just beautiful canals over there

As for Volendam, it is the port that connects to Marken, you can get pretty cheap souvenirs here, and also visit the cheese factory. Do try their smoked cheese as it has a real explosive flavor!

Marken would be the last stop for me during this route, Visit the clogs factory over here, and see how those iconic shoes were made. There is also a cheese shop there which is pretty interesting, as the shop owner makes her cheese with local Marken beer. Another interesting fact is she mentioned to me that her great grandfather was actually a slave from Malaysia which was shipped to Cape Town, and ended up at Amsterdam. cool huh?


 photo IMG_5500_zpswf5uar2o.jpg


 photo IMG_5533_zpspdd9nuwf.jpg

Volendam Town

 photo IMG_5552_zpsv6uxu29g.jpg

 photo IMG_5536_zpsiotanqtd.jpg

The Cheese Factory

 photo IMG_5541_zpsigvmcvtc.jpg

The Cheeses


 photo IMG_5644_zps8i0bfgc8.jpg

 photo IMG_5600_zpstynpnagg.jpg

Clogs Factory

 photo IMG_5615_zpszsh2ub57.jpg

Clogs Factory

 photo IMG_5597_zps5iwu4imq.jpg

One of those random signs

So as for total cost, here it is: (Exchange Rate at that time was 1 = RM4.9)
Accommodation: RM835.50
Transport: RM68.60 (14)
Food: RM392 (80)
Weed: RM98 (20)
Activities: RM164.15 (33.50) 

Total cost: RM1,558.25

This is the end to my Europe Trip series, I hope you enjoyed it as much as me writing it. Stay tuned to my next update!