5D/4N Istanbul for RM900

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Another hiatus after so long. I have a feeling I’m only writing 1 blog post per month nowadays. Or even worse haha!

So getting back to my recent travels, I took a 3-week holiday to Europe, escaping hectic life and embracing wanderlust. I honestly love to travel solo, as it is a great experience to discover yourself, and you wouldn’t need to depend on anyone else and cater to their needs during the trip.

The main goal of my trip was to visit my family at Ireland for Christmas, as well, mumsie hasn’t met me for so long and i’ve been summoned! LOL

Here is my Itinerary and how I got around

Flight Path & Itinerary
Dec 18: Depart KL
Turkish Air, RM4,400 for all Turkish Air Flights
Dec 19 - 23 Istanbul
Turkish Air
Dec 23 - 27: Dublin, Ireland
Ryan Air RM150
Dec 28: Brussels
45 min Train RM40
Day 29 - 31: Antwerp
2 Hour Train, RM120
Dec 31 - Jan 5: Amsterdam
Ryan Air RM150
Jan 5 - 7: Dublin, Ireland
Turkish Air
Jan 8: Arrive KL

Total Transport for flights & train: RM4,860
It could have been cheaper but since I was flying on peak periods, prices skyrocket up

So for my first post I’m going to write about my trip to Istanbul. It is a city I’ve wanted to go to as it has a clash of cultures there. Since it is on the borderline of East & West, you would be able to see how history has unfolded itself to make Istanbul what it is today

As for conversion rate:
Turkish Lira: RM1.2 = 1 Turkish Lira

  1. Don’t ever talk to anyone on the street trying to converse with you, they are con men trying to bring you into their shop/club to charge you ridiculous prices.
  2. If someone is asking you for a lighter, they’re probably doing the same thing as well to try to get a conversation out of you
  3. Police tend to pick on people asking for your passport etc (This is due to terrorism threats in the past). Just tell them you didn’t bring it, and tell them which hotel you’re staying at. If you’re sceptical, just ask them for their Police ID.
  4. If you’re shopping, make sure to haggle like crazy.
  5. Some taxis don’t use their meter. Haggle away!

Firstly, I would recommend you to stay at Sultanahmet (The Old City) as it is close to all the major attractions in the city. If you’re here to party, You can stay at Taksim (The New City).

I stayed at Cheers Hostel which is smacked right in the middle of Sultanahmet. It is one of my fav hostels so far, as it has a really homey feeling, and it even has a bar upstairs. The price was 10 Euros a night (RM48), and it comes with free breakfast. Score!

It also won the latest “Hoscar Awards 2018” as the best hostel in Turkey. As for the rooms, it is pretty spacious, clean, well ventilated and the mattresses are thick. I personally love the bar upstairs as that’s where everyone hangs out after their day, getting a few pints while playing games there. There were so many new friends which I made there.

The only downside is that since it’s a small hostel, there are limited bathrooms available, so you would need to plan your timing out haha.

Lastly, The hostel also provides transport TO the airport for 5 Euros upon checkout.

Hotel Address:
Cheers Hostel, Alemdar Mahallesi,
Zeynep Sultan Camii Sokak No 21,
Istanbul, Turkey

Total Accommodation Costs: RM240 (50 Euros)

 photo 30_zps1a1m0rbq.jpg
Cheers Hostel

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The dorms

 photo 13_zps1gbbijuy.jpg
The Bar

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The view of Hagia Sofia from the bar

Upon arriving at the Ataturk Airport, one of the cheapest ways to the city is by train. You would need to take a train and a tram to reach Sultanahmet (approximately 1 hour journey). It’ll cost you 5 Lira per train/tram ticket, or you can opt to get their prepaid card over there (Similar to our touchngo) which you can reload it if you’re planning of going all over the city.

A taxi would cost you about 70 lira to the city, so I guess if you’re going in a big group, it’ll be worth it as you wouldn’t need to cram in the train especially during rush hour.

Sultanahmet is pretty much walkable  everywhere, but if you’re feeling a bit lazy you can take the tram (This is where the card comes in). And as for going to Taksim Square for your parties, you could either take the tram, or a taxi (approx. 40 lira)

Total transport Costs: RM66 (55 Lira)

Honestly the menu there is pretty standard, which focuses on their doners and kebabs, so get ready to get a full meat load when you’re there. At a normal restaurant around the city, it’ll cost about 15-20 Lira per meal, and if you head slightly to the suburbs, you can get it for about 8 Liras. (On Average i spent 10 Liras for Lunch, and 20 Liras for Dinner.).Snacks such as corn, breads, chestnuts etc will cost you about 2-10 liras

Turkish coffee isn’t to my liking, as it is really grainy, unfiltered coffee. But it does go well with a Turkish delight

If you’re feeling atasy, you can always visit Saltbae’s restaurant, Nusr-Et there, where you can spend from RM200 - RM2,000 for a steak. But well, its Saltbae right?

As for beer, it is about 18 Liras per pint, and cocktails are about 20 Liras - 50 Liras

Total Food Cost for 5D4N: RM192 (160 Liras)
Beer & Drinks: RM180 (160 Liras)

 photo batch_IMG_4616-tile_zpssrf1l6a4.jpg
Kebab Galore

 photo batch_IMG_4586_zpsn6srqnp7.jpg
Turkish Coffee + Delight

What should you do at Turkey?
1) Free Walking Tour
 As I would always recommend, go for the Free Walking Tour which covers most of Sultanahmet. There are a few walking tours to join, so you can always choose the timing to your liking. The tour was pretty personal, as there were only 8 of us, which I thought was pretty grand.

The tour will take approximately 3 hours, and basically the highlights of the tour are The Blue Mosque, The Obelisks, Hagia Sophia, The Old Settlements, The Grand Bazaar and The Spice Market.

Cost: RM12 (I tipped 10 Lira)

You can check them out here:
FreeTour.com - 9.15am, 1.15pm

 photo batch_IMG_4517_zpsvq6bbrdr.jpg
The Blue Mosque

 photo batch_IMG_4537-tile_zpsflgpeqby.jpg
Inside the Blue Mosque

 photo batch_IMG_4572_zpsfvstqpku.jpg

 photo batch_IMG_4833_zpss7ryri2x.jpg
is Dabbing still a thing?

 photo batch_IMG_4819_zpsbyjjho9h.jpg
Topkapi Palace 

 photo batch_IMG_4800_zpsrarclo8p.jpg
Hagia Irene

 photo batch_IMG_4614_zpsg9kix4xf.jpg
My manager is not amused ;)

 photo batch_IMG_4606_zpspsejsqr8.jpg
Turkish Delights

2) Hagia Sophia
This is one of the main highlights at Istanbul, with crazy history. Hagia Sophia was a church, which turned into a mosque, and now is a museum. One of the interesting things is that they didn’t remove the Christian elements when they converted it into a mosque, and just plastered over it. When they changed it to a museum, they removed the plaster and you would see Mother Mary and Seraphim next to Allah S.W.T & Prophet Muhammad signs. Crazy huh?

To visit Hagia Sophia, you would have to pay 40 Lira for the entrance fee. If you’re planning to visit all the museums in the city, you can opt to get a Museum Pass at 85 Lira.

Cost: RM48 (40 Lira)

 photo batch_IMG_4505_zpsflle1f9j.jpg
Hagia by day..

 photo batch_IMG_4591_zpsd03vedzr.jpg
Sophia by Night...ok i know i'm that lame

 photo batch_IMG_4633-tile_zps4d3mizko.jpg

 photo batch_IMG_4687_zpsdzam2z9d.jpg
Being Jesus-like

3) Basilica Sistern
It is one of the most iconic places you could see at Istanbul and was built in the 6th century. Some of you may remember it from the famous 1963 James Bond Film: From Russia With Love.

Used to store water in the past, there are 336 columns over there and the columns are all different. They used scraps in the past building it, and the interesting ones would feature medusa’s heads.

Cost: RM24 (20 Lira)

 photo batch_IMG_4732_zpsuhczbo05.jpg

 photo batch_IMG_4780_zpsph1b7kn1.jpg

 photo batch_IMG_4769_zps1x8ywwib.jpg

 photo batch_IMG_4748_zpspidvrxts.jpg

4) Hamam Bath House
An experience you should also try out is their Hamam. It is a Turkish bath where ERRYONE GET NAKED.


You’ll still have a towel on, so no worries on it. Basically it’s just like a sauna where everyone chills, and you can also opt for a scrub or a massage there. I went to one of the local ones near the spice market, so it costed me only 24 Lira. If you go to the touristic ones, it’ll cost you about 80 Lira

Cost: RM29 (24 Lira)

4) Belphorus Cruise
I chose to do this as I had a free day, this is a short cruise heading down the golden horn, where you can see the east and west side of Istanbul from the river. I would say the best time to go is during spring, as you’ll be able to see the vibrant colours of the city

We also stopped by 2 of the old hunting palaces, and it was beautiful

Cost: RM105 (22 Euros)

 photo batch_IMG_4892-tile_zpscpk3iljx.jpg
views from the cruise

 photo batch_IMG_4877_zps9ab1wilw.jpg
Old castle ruins

 photo batch_IMG_4963_zpss8c1ymyw.jpg
that needed jumpshot

 photo batch_IMG_4917_zps16nh4lvr.jpg
Gates to the palace

 photo batch_IMG_4926_zpsh47x2hlv.jpg
The Sultan's hunting palace

5) Taksim Square
No trip to Istanbul is complete without having a night out at Taksim. It is the main shopping district, where you can get plenty of brands over there. But the main important thing is having a drink there! I managed to go to some interesting bars where I learnt Turkish folk dancing and trying out some epic shots!

Do head to Beer Time for nice live music & dancing, and Pendor Corner bar, and try out their "honono" cocktail :)
 photo batch_IMG_20171222_233143_zpszkn9dgbv.jpg
You can see how lively it is at Beer Time

 photo batch_IMG_20171223_001948_zpsjvwk98ga.jpg
Pendor Corner Bar, they had a metal band that night

So Here is the breakdown of cost at Istanbul
Accommodation: RM240
Transport: RM66
Food: RM372
Attractions: RM218
Total cost: RM896

Not too bad ey? I guess that concludes my Istanbul part of my travel, stay tuned as I’ll be writing about the rest of my trip!