Swimming with turtles for RM40

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So I recently went to Redang Island with Audrey & Lorcan when they visited Malaysia. It has been 5 years since I went there, and it was a great opportunity to go back. We packed our bags and took the weekend off.

We took Malindo Air from Subang Airport (RM137 per person) as it was much nearer compared to KLIA, and cheaper in fact. All you have to be comfortable with is sitting on an ATR Turboprop plane. As we arrived at Kuala Terengganu, we got an uber (RM10) to the Shahbandar Jetty.

We stayed at Redang Reef Resort, which is located next to Laguna Beach Resort (The more atas resort there). Honestly it’s a steal if you book this resort, as we payed RM406 per person, inclusive of boat transfers from Shahbandar Jetty, 4 meals per day & 3 Snorkelling Trips.

The Resort is located at the far end of the beach, and it has a nice deck overlooking the beach. The rooms are clean, comfortable equipped with air conditioning, water heating, etc.

 photo batch_IMG_20170819_142416_zpsbq2n13mp.jpg
The view from the resort

 photo batch_IMG_20170818_132938_zps9tidxljy.jpg
Some huts at the resort

 photo batch_21037784_10159437231755413_550377061_o_zpsk3manumj.jpg
Chilling on the deck

 photo batch_G0025073_zpsd515w2n0.jpg
The Mess Hall

 photo batch_IMG_20170818_175736-side_zpsob2yo6c1.jpg
Hammocks & Beach

What are the main activities here? Definitely snorkelling around the coral reefs, chilling at the beach bars, and turtle feeding.

There are plenty of beach bars with live music around the island, prices start from RM10 a beer, and there is a variety of cocktails too. On Saturday nights, the beach club opens and a live DJ will be spinning there

 photo batch_IMG_20170818_220456_zpsx9ijlrbf.jpg
Night lights

 photo batch_21081801_10159437145650413_1894050804_o_zpsvf2zshg0.jpg
After a night out

For snorkelling,You would need an additional RM30 for the Snorkel & Life Vest Rental, and you’ll be able to go out to 3 locations which is included in the package. For something more exciting, You can also snorkel along the beach to see baby sharks

Now comes to the fun part, Swimming with turtles for RM40? You must be kidding right? This is a separate package, where you’ll be brought by boat to a beach which is loaded with turtles. These turtles are accustomed to hoo-mans so you’ll be able to feed them with squid, touch their shells, and swim alongside them. It is a pretty amazing experience tbh.

Watch my video here:

 photo batch_Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.51.33 PM_zpsaxloanvr.png
Feed Meeee

 photo batch_Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.41.42 PM_zpsh2wdjtdu.png
Some good neck rubbing

So all in all, for a trip to Redang, this is what you should expect to spend:

Flight to Kuala Terengganu (Malindo): RM137
Uber: RM20
3D2N Accommodation (Redang Reef Resort): RM406
Snorkel & Live Vest Rental: RM30
Turtle Feeding Package: RM40
Total Cost: RM633

Beers: RM50-100 (optional)

Seriously though, Swim with turtles! It is TURTLEMAZINGGGGGG