4D3N Lombok/Gili Trip for RM1,307 (all in)

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Lombok seems to be one of the most popular destinations these days, and you'll be wondering, how much do you need to bring there? Indonesia is a fairly affordable place to go to, but with tourism booming for Gili Islands, it'll be slightly more expensive there compared to Lombok

I headed over to Lombok with my high school mates for our yearly vacation. We had quite a big group this year of 9 people including the girlfriends which made things great! (Tim Chan, Wei Wen, Chris Tay, Kallita Khaleesi, Chris Yoong, Yennee, Nimesh & John Toh)

So lets start with my schedule for 4D3N

Day 1: 
- KLIA - Lombok (3 hour flight)
- 2 hour van ride to Jetty
- 30 min speedboat to Gili Trawangan
- Chill at hotel (Gili Little Coco Hotel)
- Dinner at Gili Trawangan beach

Day 2
- Snorkeling 1/2 Day around Gili Islands
- Rent a bicycle & cycle around the Island
- Swing, watch the sunset and Evening drinks at Ombak Sunset
- Dinner & Drinks at Gili Trawangan beach

Day 3
- Morning sunrise at beach
- Visit Turtle Conservation area
- Speedboat to Lombok (Sunset House)
- Head to Pink Beach

Day 4
- Chill at hotel till lunch
- Massage at Orchid Day Spa
- Lunch at Lombok town
- Souvenir Shopping
- 7pm flight back to KL

Starting off with our flights, we took a direct flight to lombok with Airasia, which cost RM352 per person. As for the rest of the transport, since we had a big group we were able to rent our private tours and transport which made things cheaper

Our private van costed 900k IDR a day (we used him for 3 days) and our Speedboat to Gili Islands we got on a steal at 700k IDR both ways (our bargaining skills power LOL). We also had another boat to Pink beach at 600k IDR return

At Gili Trawangan, You're able to rent a bicycle at 20k IDR per day (we only used it for a day)

All in all, our total cost per pax is about RM150 for transportation over there

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Private Speedboat

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Too manly for this bike LOL


We stayed 2 nights stay in Gili Trawangan Little Coco Hotel. It is a pretty small hotel with 6 huts, a small pool and free breakfast. What I liked about this hotel is that it is about a 5-10 minute walk from the beach/party area which means you won't get crazy loud music at night. The down side is that they use a small water tank, there was not enough water one time to shower especially if all 9 of us are doing it at the same time repeatedly.

As for the last day at Lombok, We stayed at Sunset House which is a beach side resort. Rooms are pretty cozy with a private balcony for each room. The beach ain't as fab as Gili's but the resort's ambiance there was chill.

Gili Coco:RM 240 per pax (RM240 per room per nights)
Sunset House: RM 115 per pax (RM230 per room per night)

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Little Coco

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Little Coco Daily breakfast

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Floats not included btw :)

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A godly moment

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Sunset House, Lombok

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Pretty chill

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We mainly went for Indonesian cuisine, Food at Gili Islands is slightly more expensive, but you should be able to get a decent meal for about 35k-50k IDR (Example: Nasi Campur, Duck Rice, BBQ sticks, etc), at Lombok it is slightly cheaper ranging from 20k-30k per dish

Of course we did splurge quite a bit eating seafood and all, so we got a lil cray on the spending here. But well, its a once a year trip, why not splurge? :)


RM 250

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The basics

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The extravagant


If you like handicrafts, necklaces and beach shirts, you'll be able to get them at the local markets, or just the shops at the roadside. Always bargain people! I got myself a few Gili Trawangan shirts, and a buck load of Nabati biscuits (seriously its orgasmic)

RM 100

What to do at Gili/Lombok:

1) Snorkel

One of the famous things to do at Gili is either to snorkel or scuba dive. Since only a few of us have a diving license, we rented a private boat out, and snorkeled around the Gili Islands.

The waters in Gili aren't as clear as Perhentian, but the corals are pretty much in tact. So you're able to dive down and admire the beauty of it

Cost: RM50 per person

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Gili Islands

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Yazz a boat all to ourselves

 photo 20157360_10155514566983767_5184651262604308893_o_zpswf4wyyb4.jpg
Glass bottom boat

2) Turtle Preservation Centre

This is located near the party street as well, where there are 3 small pools filled with baby turtles. You're not able to hold them, but you'll be able to see those little buggers swimming all over clumsily :)

3) Ombak Sunset

Take a bike ride to the other side of the island, where you'll see the infamous swing that everyone would take pictures of. This is actually a big resort, and the best time to go is during sunset (Duhhh, that's why its named Ombak Sunset) You're able to get their happy hour promos such as 400k IDR for 2 beers and 2 cocktails. Or either you can just get a big bottle of beer for about 55k IDR

 photo 20245358_10155572620028839_7096632906232810115_n_zps9agzxldq.jpg
The resort has beanbags and deck chairs to observe the sunset

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The infamous Swing

 photo 20228614_10154717090441198_882543753167714674_n_zps8bylq2eb.jpg

4) Pink Sand Beach

This sadly was a mishap on our itinerary as we didn't research enough on it. We just thought its a 2 hour Van ride away, but actually we would also need to include another 1 hr boat ride with it.

And when we got there, the sand didn't seam that pink, the tide was a lil too low of us to dock, so we went to another beach instead.

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*credits to thefinder.com.sg

 photo 20258454_10155572799053839_1132680365652051413_n_zps5ewrwetx.jpg
the other beach we went to

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Girls being girls

5) Massage
Massages here are pretty affordable, it goes for 70k rupiah per hour, and tipping is not compulsory. I loved it as they really press hard during the massage releasing tensions especially on the calves
We also did ear candling at 70k per pax.

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So all in all I spent:

Flights: RM352
Transport: RM150
Gili Coco:RM 240

Sunset House: RM 115 

Food RM 250
Shopping RM 100
Snorkeling: RM50 
Massage: RM50

Total Cost: RM1,307. Not exactly budget but you can always opt for cheaper food and no souvenirs:)

I hope this will help you plan your upcoming trip to Lombok/Gili :) Maybe....

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you can find love there too =P