Bengaluru Travel Guide & Tips

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Travelling the globe for a living, I would definitely want something like that. But as for now, I’m conquering one country at a time!

I was able to travel to Bengaluru, India as my last trip before my new job started. Why Bengaluru? Honestly it was pretty random as India is not really on the top of my list, but my close friend, invited me over to bunk with her while she was there

So i packed my bags, got my visa, boarded a 4 hr flight and I arrived at India. Surprisingly the airport in Bengaluru is really canggih so it brought my hopes up as a developed city LOL. But of course, once you step outside, traffic is bonkers!

So here are the things you need to know before going to Bengaluru:

Exchange rate: RM1 = 15 RP

I bought my flights pretty late so it was RM1,030 with Malaysia Airlines (You can also get 2% cashback via shopback with Mas). Other than that, you would be able to get it for about RM850 with Airasia during promo times

Visitor Visa
You would need to apply for a visitor visa. It takes about 2-3 days to get the visa done and it costs $50 USD. Just apply online here, transfer the money and you’ll be able to get a visa pretty easily. E-Visa link:

Internet Roaming
If you’re a person that needs Internet all the while, it is pretty impossible to get a sim card at India as they would require a person of contact in India, company details etc. So it is best to just get normal roaming, and leech on the wifi at the shopping malls/airport (as it requires to send a SMS TAC to your phone to activate the wifi)

From the Airport, you can either take a airport bus, uber or limo to the city. The journey takes about an hour to the city as traffic is pretty crazy. Here are the example rates that I got from the Airport  - Whitefield

Limo: 2,200 RP
Uber: 950 RP
Airport Bus: 270 RP

Uber in India is pretty big. I normally use it from my hotel as a benchmark, and take an Auto-Rickshaw back (slightly more exp like 100 RP, but I had to since I don’t have wifi most of the time). Another key tip, if the rickshaw driver asks if you would want to go shopping, just politely decline as they’ll just bring you to silk shops which will charge you a bomb if you purchase anything there.

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The City Streets

I think you should stay in the city centre itself, I stayed at Marriott Whitefield which was basically a suburb about 1 hour away (10km) from the city centre. But it’s free so It’s just awesome staying at a 5 star hotel and chillaxing there:)

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The bedroom

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The pool is fab

I would say no matter how strong your stomach is, You’ll be bound to get diarrhea LOL. I ate mainly at shopping malls and nice looking restaurants but the Biryani just kept coming out like a waterfall LOL. Okay I know, TMI.

My advice? Only drink bottled water and bring loads of Chi-Kit Pills Haha!

Other than that, be prepared to spend about 200Rp - 600Rp per meal

Subway 6 inch + Drink - 280Rp
Biryani @ Food court - 380Rp
Fish & chip @ Windmill Craftworks (more atas) - 600Rp

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The cause of waterfalls

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Craft beers

Here are my top picks of what to do at Bengaluru:

Bengaluru Palace
This is one of the recommended sites at Bengaluru, and it has a slightly expensive entry fee, and if you would want to use a camera, there is a separate fee too. It does show how the royal family lived in the past, with plenty of relics over there. Sadly I think that the palace was not maintained well enough, certain parts look pretty runned down and lighting is pretty dark in there. So it is up to you if you would want to head there :)

Entry Fee: 480RP
Camera Fee: 300RP

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The Palace

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The courtyard

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The living room

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Relics from the hunt

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Feeling like a king

National Military Memorial Park
This is about a 15 min walk from the Palace. It is a pretty nice place to chill and you’re able to see the tanks, jets, missiles and army equipment of the past. And if you go at about 6pm, there is the Indira Ghandhi musical Fountain performance at the park

Entry Fee: 10RP

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The India flag in the middle of the park

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An old train

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Would you believe that airplanes in the night skies are like shooting stars?

 photo batch_IMG_20170725_160911_zpskvqogckj.jpg
Some of the satellites & Rockets

Cubbon Park
This is a 5 min walk from the Military Park. This is one of the biggest parks smacked right in the middle of the city. It is nice for a date or just to walk around it, and there is also a bamboo forest there. My advice is to wear long pants as there are mosquitoes there

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Bamboo Forrest

Karnataka Government Museum
Just next to the Cubbon Park, This is a pretty good museum as there are plenty of relics from the stone age period to the god statues of India. You’re also able to see the weapons of the past there (Canons, guns, swords, etc)

Entry Fee: 20RP

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The Museum

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UB City Mall
A 5 min walk from Cubbon Park, I think it’s not really worth going, as it is just high end designer fashion like LV and stuff, and there’s nothing much to buy there (unless you’re into that sorta shopping)

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace
It is a pretty small place, and slightly further from the city. Not much to see here (just a few paintings, and some history of the brits invading in the past) and most of the chambers are closed off to the public. But pretty much a nice place to chill

Entry Fee: 200 RP

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The Summer Palace

 photo batch_IMG_20170727_145648_zps4mlhfvcm.jpg
The Interior

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The Gardens

Lalbagh Botanical Garden
After Tipu Sultan’s Summer palace, you can take a 2km walk to the Botanical Park (You’ll be able to get the beautiful smells of India during this walk LOL). The Botanical Park is pretty big, with a glasshouse, fountains, rose gardens and more. Great place to just lie on the grass and read a book.

Entry Fee: 20RP

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The Park

 photo batch_IMG_20170727_154335_zpsl9qgjvn7.jpg

 photo batch_IMG_20170727_155705_zpskvetrec8.jpg
The glasshouse

 photo batch_IMG_20170727_163834_zpsvwbi7jmr.jpg
A great place to read

VR & Phoenix Mall
These 2 malls are side by side and is slightly away from the city (10km), it’s one of the most happening malls in Bengaluru with lots of outlets such as H&M, Cotton On, etc. Just think of it like Sunway Pyramid/1 Utama. During sales season, the prices do drop pretty great from 40% - 60%. I got myself a pair of H&M shorts for like RM25

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VR Mall

This sums up my post. I hope it gave you a glimpse of what you can do at Bengaluru. Till the next post!