RM1,074 Budget in Berlin for 5 Days (excluding flights)

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Hi All! This is a long overdue post, but here it is! I went to Germany during winter earlier this year as part of my Euro Trip, and was there for 5 days. I spent my time in Berlin and here is how I did it with a small budget :)

During my trip, the rate was: 1 Euro - RM4.70


Day 1

- Arrive at Berlin Mitte & Check In (About 9pm)
- Chill at Alexanderplatz and enjoy the night markets

Day 2

- Berlin Walking Tours
- Jew Memorial
- Reichtag building
- Checkpoint Charlie
- Typography of Terror Museum

Day 3

- Charottenburg Palace & Gardens
- Berlin Cathedral
- Night Markets

Day 4

- Underground Tunnels
- Berlin Wall Memorial
- East Side Gallery

Day 5

- Chill at Alexanderplatz
- Flight back to Ireland

Accommodation & Flights

I wont be counting in my flights for this trip, as I traveled from Ireland - Germany with RyanAir (RM480 return), so I'm not sure where you're flying from so I'll just put this budget aside

as for accommodation, I stayed at CityStay hostel berlin, which is smacked right in the middle of Alexanderplatz. It is really easy to navigate as you'll have the Berlin Tower as your land mark, and it is walking distance to Museum Island, and to the other attractions. It is slightly more expensive compared to the hostels along the east side gallery, but It is much nearer to the other attractions I thought of visiting. 

I booked a bed in a 8 person mix dorm and had 3 Taiwanese & 2 Singaporeans as my room mates in the hostel, so it was pretty asiany LOL

I paid 19 Euros per night (76 Euros Total) and I got a 6% discount from Shopback.my as I used the App (76 - 4.56 = 71.44 Euros).

Accomodation Cost: RM336 (71.44 Euros)

 photo staticmap_zpspsrsvatc.jpg

 photo 23_zpsqf8oiwlb.jpg
This is how the room looks like. its pretty spacious with our own lockers

 photo IMG_5724_zpsm0uo70aw.jpg
The Radio tower as the landmark


I would say as long you have a strong pair of legs you wouldn't need to worry :) Most of berlin is walkable, but if you're slightly lazy, you can always just get on the S-Bahn or U-Bahn (Trains) or rent a bicycle :)

The train system is pretty crazy over there and you're able to get to many destinations easily. 

 photo berlin_s_u-bahn-map_zpseegpqmpu.jpg

Their tariff system is based on the region, so as you see the map there is Region A, B and C.

For example You're travelling from Schonefield Airport (Region C) to Alexanderplatz (Region A), you'll get an A-B-C Ticket which will cost you €3.40

but if you're travelling along Region A-B only, it'll be  2.80

Of course if you're travelling throughout the day, you can opt for the Day Tickets, which will cost about  €7+ per day

Total Transportation Cost: 15.20


Food is pretty affordable in Berlin, and I would honestly say I went OD on Bratwursts and Beer. I ate pretty Simple allocating about €3 for breakfast, max €5 for lunch and max €10 for dinner. The only expensive meal I had was €15 for a Pork Knuckle. 
Beers are pretty cheap as well, priced at €0,75 per 500ml bottle at the market, and if you wanna get a glass at a bar, it'll cost about €4-5 Euros

Food: €70
Beer: €30 (I drank quite a lot)

 photo IMG_6002_zpso5ozq8ug.jpg
A simple lunch

 photo IMG_5727_zpsyf2lcmex.jpg

 photo IMG_20161229_213517_zpsfgpdpkqd.jpg
Pork Knuckle

 photo IMG_20161226_221739_zpsavhgvy79.jpg

 photo IMG_20161226_224122_zpsdqr9x14s.jpg

Things to do at Berlin

1) Berlin Free Walking Tours

There are a few free walking tour providers around Berlin (The Original Free Berlin Tour, Sandemans New Europe Tours, etc), so you can always just register online for your slot, and walk around Berlin for a few hours. The guide will give you a brief history of the famous places they'll bring you to, and they work for tips, so you can pay them how much you think they deserve :)

 photo IMG_5779_zpsvpepanv8.jpg
Our Guide

I started my walking tour with The Original Free Berlin Tour, and we started off at One80 Hostel, Alexanderplatz (I chose this cos it was the starting point was closest to my hostel), Our guide was pretty awesome explaining the places we'll be visiting, and 

Cost: €5 tip

Some of the places that the walking tours cover:

 photo IMG_5773_zpswadkscgt.jpg
The Neue Wache 

 photo IMG_5743_zpsm1wkuugq.jpg
St Mary's Church

 photo IMG_5797_zps5xlw1o0t.jpg
Trabi World

Checkpoint Charlie

This used to be a place that the East & West Berliner's will go through to get to the other side. Over here you're able to take a picture with the guards (10) or get your passport stamped with their old East/West Berlin Passport Stamps (€5)

Another random fun fact that I realized is, its called Checkpoint Charlie and the Photo of the American guard stationed there is called Harper. If you watched Two and a Half Men you'll think its funny yet a real coincidence?

Cost: €5 (For passport stamps)

 photo IMG_5793_zpswzm1sc9i.jpg

 photo IMG_5787_zpsnmbzaogc.jpg

 photo thetaplus_20161227210446920_zpsi3svt8rd.jpg

 photo IMG_20170508_015808_zpsl8rxoeeu.jpg

Jew Memorial

The Jew memorial is one of the most iconic place as it serves as a remembrance during the troubled times of the Nazi's when they murdered all the Jews. This is a pretty interesting place to go as it is created in such a landscape where you'll be able to get lost in the middle of it. There is also a Jew museum over there if you have the time to go for it.

 photo IMG_5830_zpsqvkzziwt.jpg

 photo IMG_5820_zpszd9bq0os.jpg

 photo thetaplus_20161227210235755_zpsafnptcny.jpg

 photo IMG_5889_zpsjcfzkd46.jpg

Brandenburg Gate

One of the most popular places to visit in Berlin, as been around since the 1800's and has always been rebuilt after heavy damage from the wars. It has been the site of major events in the past and now, Commissioned by the Prussian Monarchy, Napolean's been here, John Kennedy's been here, why not you? LOL

 photo IMG_5852_zpsdl09gjr5.jpg

 photo G0064420_zpsb2ytyoes.jpg

This ends the "Free Walking Tours" part

2) Topography of terrors Museum

This is a place that I truly loved as you're able to know about all the history of the Third Reich, and all the terror that happened in the past. There's also preserved sections of the Berlin Wall where you're able to get a good photo of

Entrance is free :)

 photo IMG_5922_zpscaqpd434.jpg
Typography of terror centre

 photo IMG_5892_zpsntrf4bty.jpg
Part of the wall

 photo IMG_5908_zpsdkfp8khq.jpg
Look Ma, an escape route!!

3) Reichstag Building

You're able to go into the Reichstag building if you have already registered for a spot online. You would just need to collect your tickets at the counter near to the building, and head in at your designated time slot

The glass dome at the top is what you definitely want to check out

 photo IMG_5867_zpsfr6a5dxg.jpg

 photo G0074440_zpsg2qpn13l.jpg
Just had to LOL

4) Museum Island

There are a few key museums over here, such as the Pergamon Museum, Altes Museum, and more. I decided to visit the Berlin Cathedral on the island instead. and I was in luck! The Berlin Philharmonic was rehearsing for a show coming up. I quickly sat down, and just enjoyed the orchestra and choir while they rehearsed

Another great part of the Berlin Cathedral is that you can go to the rooftop to get a great view of the city!

Cost 7 for Berlin Cathedral Entry

 photo IMG_6106_zpsqkajpdxp.jpg
The Altes Museum

 photo IMG_6091_zpsyx71v9fa.jpg
The Pergamon Museum

 photo IMG_5757_zpsgkalimuf.jpg
The Berlin Cathedral

 photo IMG_6113_zpsj2k94ngd.jpg
Inside the Berlin Cathedral

 photo thetaplus_20161228200508001_zps9pdf4gel.jpg
a 360 Shot of the Cathedral

The Berlin Philharmonic:

 photo IMG_6137_zpszlb0ehv2.jpg

 photo IMG_6192_zpspqaq71h0.jpg

The rooftop view:

 photo IMG_6159_zpsgqpmqdzt.jpg

 photo IMG_6150_zpssukyvzkb.jpg

 photo IMG_6145_zpsxakqhqqb.jpg

5) Berliner Underground

This is a great place to know how the German people survived in WW2. There are a few tours organized everyday for your choosing, and you're able to go down their bunkers and shelters where they took cover during the bombings of WW2. I went for the Dark Worlds Tour which costed me 11

There is a strict no photography allowed in there, so I've just took some photos from their website here: http://berliner-unterwelten.de/home.1.1.html

Cost: 11

  photo I2114_Unterwelten_Tour_960x768_c_Berliner-Unterwelten_FriederSalm_zpsjf8s0jpg.jpg

 photo c9a6377d62f32935b01000336093535_zpsw16sxt7w.jpg

6) The Berlin Wall & Memorial

After visiting the Berlin Underground, I took a 15 minute walk to the Berlin Wall Memorial. Over here you're able to see how the Berlin Wall used to look like with the guard towers and barricades, and also you'll see the vast contrast of how East & West Berlin looks like in the past

Entrance to the memorial is also free, so all you need to do is just walk there!

 photo IMG_20161228_130159_zpsmrswhvzm.jpg
During my walk, Beer break!

 photo IMG_6038_zps6mzdqbaw.jpg

 photo IMG_6064_zpsijxjhbg4.jpg

 photo IMG_6005_zpse1w6knbt.jpg

 photo IMG_6067_zpsc9n4cemw.jpg

 photo IMG_6071_zps4vmdwnjh.jpg

7) East Side Gallery

The most vibrant place which is flocking with visitors everyday. The remains of the Berlin wall, covered in graffiti is definitely a must during your trip to Berlin.

Do note there are a lot of gypsies there doing their games so just be careful of their scams

 photo IMG_6390_zpsxxpsk8oa.jpg

 photo IMG_6393_zpsp3awbco4.jpg

 photo IMG_6408_zps1jb0ps9l.jpg

8) Charlottenburg Palace & Gardens

Away from the main city, Charlottenburg is a place where you're able to see how the royals enjoyed their life in the past. I took a train there as I was slightly lazy. Entrance to the Palace is 10 Euros and you would need to pay another 3 if you would want to take photographs in the Palace

I honestly would say that I was not really impressed with the interior of the palace, but if you have the time to spare, why not? The gardens on the other hand was really big, but since it was winter, nothing was blooming. probably if you're around during spring, it is definitely a place to go to

You can check em out here: https://www.spsg.de/en/palaces-gardens/object/schloss-charlottenburg/

Cost: 13

 photo IMG_6199_zpssspzc45e.jpg
Walking towards the palace

 photo IMG_6233_zps9hdeto6i.jpg
The Charllotenburg Palace

 photo thetaplus_20161229195424338_zpsizwdpyvh.jpg
A 360 shot

 photo G0134516_zps2e40raav.jpg
The banquet hall of the palace

 photo IMG_6274_zpsa0bvqycj.jpg
Displays of antiques

 photo IMG_6287_zpsgsruhegt.jpg
Portraits in the palace

 photo IMG_6290_zpsjmdhaqwi.jpg
The small library

 photo IMG_6320_zps0zlqbbk1.jpg
The view behind the palace

 photo IMG_6314_zpsdxwjybdb.jpg
The Charlottenburg Gardens

 photo IMG_6333_zpsho3a5d9r.jpg
Must Dabbbb

9) Night Markets

Berlin has night markets once in a while, and it is a great place to taste their local cuisine and see their live performances. Entrance to the market was 1 Euro, and I ate my heart away in there

Cost: 1

 photo IMG_5939_zps0d8kqjom.jpg
Some of their live performances

 photo IMG_20161227_183121_zpsiszmotzo.jpg
All em sausages grilling

 photo IMG_20161227_200133_zpshmkhx4sb.jpg


 photo IMG_5954_zpsgajvukp5.jpg
Cheese Raclette with Bacon

 photo IMG_5945_zpspekeqmtn.jpg
A nice cup of Gluh Wein

So all in all that summed up my Berlin Trip. Definitely I could have done more, but I wasn't feeling too well during that time, so I had to pace out my activities

So here's the total cost for my 5 day trip:
71.44 Accommodation
15.20 Transport (excluding flights)
100 Food & Vwwe
42 Attractions
€228.64 (RM1,074) Total Cost

So actually its quite affordable to just chill at Berlin for a few days if you want to :) The main thing i spent for over here is food, so if you wanna budget a bit more, definitely you can! :)

Thanks for reading!


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