Feelin Chicago at Singapore

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It is almost 2 months since my last post, GAWWDDDDDDDDD. HOW CAN THIS BE? The moment I landed back from Europe it got so hectic at work and before i knew it, it is already 2 months! And I haven't even wrote about my Europe Trip


Anyway I'm gonna write about more recent events first, I was invited over by Ying Zi to Singapore once again, to watch another musical, Chicago! Ying Zi has always been awesome getting us premiere tickets being all glam and stuff. Woot woot a big shout out to her! 

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I packed my bags, headed off to Singapore! Honestly Singapore is like my second home country already as I go down multiple times in a year.

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So the Musical, Chicago is a story on Love, Sex and Murder. Sounds pretty intriguing for the average Male LOL! It is definitely a fun musical to watch as its pretty comedic and there'll be a lot of eye candy. I defo loved the screenplay was great and they were using the same exact setup like the one which I watched at New York a few years back 

And of course for the occasion, we dressed up once again! 

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I know I've gone a bit overboard there LOL. At the end of the night we decided to take on the MBS Casino trying to get lucky, and guess what? We made a killing! 

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And of course there ain't no magical feeling of spending that money on good food after that!

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Enjoyin Casino food

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Truffle Oil Ramen! Gahhhhhh

We had more good food at other MBS outlets but yeah it was a lil too dark to take any nice photos of food there 

All in all it was an awesome trip and I can't help but wait for the next musical/concert down at  Singapore! Thanks again YZ for inviting me over!