Zombie Apocalypse in Manila

 photo walking dead_zpsewvgxfsx.jpg

Zombies Zombies everywhere! Ever wondered if a zombie apocalypse really did happen and you're stuck in a car awaiting your death? Well it did happen in Malaysia, Philippines & Indonesia!

If you've no idea what I'm talking about, Season 7 of the walking dead came out in October, and I was able to be part of it! 

It all started with an idea of experiencing a zombie apocalypse in a traffic jam, and the company that I worked for was appointed to create the VR simulation for that experience, and it was called THE RIDING DEAD

It was a crazy big project with Fox Asia, Zeno Malaysia, Cake Experiential Communications, Kix, Grab & Uber across a few different countries where the experience would be hailing a Zombie Ride through Grab (Malaysia & Philippines) or Uber (Indonesia), and getting to try on the VR simulation during your transit to your destination

After finishing the launch at KL, Tilla and I packed our bags and headed over to Philippines to prep the Philippines Fox & Grab Team for the campaign. It is pretty awesome feeling when you get to travel for work.

 photo IMG_20161020_083401_zpsq6h3n0nz.jpg
Tilla & I flying to Manila

We arrived at Manila and the team there was so nice and friendly, from picking us up to recommending us places to eat and showing us around, definitely it is a place with the best hospitality! 

I used to frequent Philippines a lot in the past, as I was one of the Ambassadors for Cebu Pacific Airlines. How nostalgic it is to finally return to this paradise

After checking in, work started! We had a real blast briefing and teaching the drivers, as they were so keen to learn. And also had a tour around the Fox office, where we met all the awesome people in there!

 photo IMG_20161021_114103_zpsdxvfaehp.jpg
The Fox office

 photo IMG_20161021_122814_zpsltcnk0d7.jpg
Pretty cool with all the props

 photo IMG_20161021_115546_zpsyrzgjdov.jpg
One of our Grab Cars

 photo IMG_20161021_150800_zpssoaukiwu.jpg
The drivers even brought their own props!

 photo IMG_20161021_150658_zps5tiytjwv.jpg
Part of the shooting in Manila

If you're wondering what the VR experience is like, Check out the video here:

And of course, after a few days of work, its definitely time to relax! The hotel we stayed at (F1 Hotel) was top notch, and the food around us was fantastic!

 photo 1_zpsul9r9312.jpg
The hotel I stayed at

 photo thetaplus_20161023152610598_zps0lendjct.jpg
Lunches with Tilla

 photo IMG_20161021_133714_zpsenddcnzm.jpg
One of the famous organic restaurants

 photo IMG_20161022_134723 - Copy_zpsxvupsdhz.jpg
Brunches are always good

Another great part about this trip is that I was finally able to meet up with my 2 favourite Filipino friends from Cebu Pacific Airlines, Joy & Michelle! They were the ones who organized all my trips in the past when I was an ambassador.

This time, they brought me to one of the street markets, to finally taste the authentic Filipino food which I long craved for!

 photo IMG_20161021_221316_zpslkjwbwoa.jpg
Street food!

 photo thetaplus_20161022005032574_zpsboo1v5z0.jpg
Joy, Michelle, Kit & Jj

 photo IMG_20161020_233739_zpsn7d9j08v.jpg
A fine beer!

All in all, it was definitely a great time over there as I got to meet so many faces, discover new experiences and of course, reconnect with my beloved friends.

I would definitely love to once again thank the team for making it all happen!

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