Djakarta Warehouse Project 2016 (DWP)

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Another year is passing by and it is always a great time to party! Since there are no more mega events in KL, I decided to go to Djakarta Warehouse Project in Jakarta for the 2nd year in a row

DWP is South East Asia's largest music festival, which brings in many performers from all around the world. If you're asking why I didn't go Zoukout in Singapore instead, the cost to head to DWP is much cheaper compared to Zoukout. The only thing you would have to worry is about flights and your hotel, as the rest are pretty cheap at Jakarta

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Malaysia Represent!

This was actually quite a Yolo trip, as I didn't plan on who I was gonna meet up there until the last minute. Lucky me, that Ying Zi decided to follow me there, and we joined John Paul's party squad over there for the next few days

For starters, Check out my video here:

If you compared it to last year's DWP, it was better back then as the lineup was better, it was somehow more exciting, and it wasn't as crowded and stuffy this year. But of course, to me, the most important thing to have at a music festival are great friends who will party with you that will create a great experience there :)

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Pre Drinks with the squad

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Walking into DWP

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Ying Zi and I at one of the booths

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The Party Squad

All in all it was a good experience over there, We had great fun, and I hope that next year would be better :) Or I'll prolly aim for another festival! ;)