11D Budget Travel: New Zealand for RM5,370

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Yayyerrs! Finally another Travel update! For those who don't know me, I'm a guy who takes trips all year round and this posts destination: New Zealand!

I would  say that I honestly didn't plan this trip thoroughly, as I only decided about 1 month before my trip. But I managed to cut costs here n there to make it somewhat a budget trip.

Why did I choose NZ anyway? I'm a huge LOTR fan and I wanted to see all the beautiful scenery of New Zealand!

My Plan was simple, take a chillax trip, no rushing, and that I wouldn't go down to the south Island as I know I don't have enough time to enjoy everything if i do go down there. I'll keep that for next year!

My travel route was:

Auckland  > Mata-mata  > Rotorua > Wellington > Auckland

Day 1 (Auckland) - Stay 4 nights at Nomads Backpackers

Auckland - Explore Around

Day 2
Rangitoto Volcano
Chilling around Auckland

Day 3

Bungy Jump & One Tree Hill Volcano (Trail)

Day 4

Takapuna & Devonport

Day 5 (Mata mata & Rotorua) - Stay 1 night at Crash Palace Backpackers (Rotorua)

Spa at Rotorua

Day 6 (Rotorua) 

Explore Nature Trails, Volcanic Pools
Maori Village
Overnight bus to Wellington [7 hours]

Day 7 (Wellington) - Stay 1 night at Nomads Wellington

Explore Wellington
War Museum

Day 8 (Wellington)

Botanical Parks
Wellington Museum
Overnight bus to Auckland [11 hours]

Day 9 (Auckland) - Stay 2 nights at Nomads Camel Backpackers

Free & Easy - I headed to Takapuna to meet a friend
Fish Market
Street Markets

Day 10 

Waiheke Island - Wine Trip

Day 11

Back to Kuala Lumpur


I was initially planning to take Airasia, as their flights were only RM2,100 for a return ticket. Then I got really blessed, as a company called Parlo Tours gave me a RM2,000 travel voucher. YAZZZZ! Thanks Parlo Tours for sponsoring me that amount for my flights!

So I decided to take Malaysia Airlines instead, as their tickets were RM2,600 return, so I only needed to top up RM600 for it!

But anyway I'll just cost it in as RM2,100 for flights as that was what I'm supposed to pay if I wasn't sponsored.

Total: RM2,100 ($700 NZD)

 photo thetaplus_20160908143612838_zpsuckimzkk.jpg
My awesome flight-mate, Elia from Toulouse! (Toulouse is the southern region of France, and that is where i studied! =D)

Transportation in New Zealand

From the Airport to the city, There is a bus shuttle for $32 return ticket. This is the cheapest way if you're a solo traveler. If you're with a group of friends, you can opt for a mini van, which the rates maybe slightly cheaper.
 photo 201428165629_zpsyfmlpurw.jpg

Most places within Auckland City is pretty walkable, and you can always take the buses/ferries to different places. There is a card called AT HOP, which you can use for the Buses, Trains and some Ferries. It costs $10 and you would have to top it up to use it. (Do note that AT HOP can only be used at Auckland, it doesn't work at other cities like Wellington etc)

Should you buy an AT HOP Card? it really depends actually, on how much you're using the transportation system over there. AT HOP Cards get a discounted rate (like a concessions fare) compared to normal individual tickets.

Here is the fare rate, and normally the maximum you'll go is 2 zones

 photo 2_zps486lw99k.png

For myself, even though I was going to many places, I didn't use AT HOP because the difference was really minimal. AT Hop requires you to top up in multiples of $5, hence look at my calculation below:

 photo 3_zpsk7j3ynnh.png

As for travelling to the other locations in New Zealand, I used Intercity Buses which are pretty reliable and on time. For overnight buses, if you're lucky you're able to get 2 seats and if you're Asian enough, you can somehow curl into a ball and sleep nicely LOL

$15 Auckland > Mata mata (Hobbiton) [3 hours]
$15 Mata mata > Rotorua [1 hour]
$29 Rotorua > Wellington [7 hours overnight bus]
$30 Wellington > Auckland [11 hours overnight bus]

For the trips to the islands, you will be using Fuller Ferries (which you can't use the AT HOP Card). How do you save on it? There are Free guide books from the Airport, and inside em are 10% coupons which you can use for the ferries! Keep an eye out for em

 photo IMG_3872_zps431idpcv.jpg
Return Ferry to Rangitoto - $27 ($30 if without coupon)
Return Ferry to Waiheke - $32 ($36 if without coupon)
In Waiheke you would also need to get an all day bus pass for $10

Another way you can get a great discount from Fuller's ferries is through their discount page. There are certain time slots where you can even get a one way ticket at $10! But of course, these tickets are not refundable/exchangeable, and also you have to stick to that time slot which is allocated.

Do check here for more info: https://www.fullers.co.nz/events-plus-deals/hot-seat-deals/

so in summary for the transportation cost:
$32 Airport Bus Transfer
$34.20 Bus & Devonport Ferry
$89 Intercity
$69 Fullers Ferries

Transportation Grand Total: $224.20 NZD


I chose to stay in hostels this time, as I wanted to be in the city itself which is more accessible to everywhere else. A tip to save money on accommodation is to pay straight up to the website which you book it from, as if you pay the 10% deposit only, there'll be an extra 2.8% charge if you pay by international credit cards at the hostel itself (normal NZ rules for hostels there)

The budget should be about RM60-80 per night, and I used mostly Agoda and Hostelworld.com to book my accommodation.

Another tip which will allows you to save is by using a website called Shopback.my. Shopback is a website that links up to Agoda/Hostelworld etc and it gives you cashback for each transaction you made. A normal cashback rate for accommodation is 5% - 8% cashback per booking, and also there are special promos sometimes for certain merchants (eg. Agoda) which gives a RM35 cashback for transactions RM200 and above!

I also got lucky as i got free upgrades for all the rooms that I booked for

As for my places of stay I chose:

1) Nomads Backpackers Auckland (4 Nights)

 photo IMG_3702_zpszvfgxcxx.jpg

The price price was RM294 for 4 nights, and since i used shopback, I got the RM35 cashback for this transaction. Final Price: RM259 for 4 nights

I booked a 12 mixed dorm in this hostel, but was upgraded to a 4 mixed room. It was really good as we have our own personal bathroom and toilet for this.

The location of this hostel is really strategic, just next to Queen Street and a 5 minute walk from the Ferries, Trains and Buses. The only down side is that the front desk operates pretty slow.

2) Crash Palace Backpackers Rotorua (1 night)

 photo IMG_20160912_172540_zps4hi6lbwy.jpg

It was RM78 for the night, and after the 6% cashback for this transaction, it was RM73 for the night. I was also pretty lucky that I was the only one in the room that night!

This hostel is pretty much the most happening hostel in Rotorua, as it has daily themed nights where you can win free beer! It is also just next to the Polynesian Spa, so its super strategic. Other than that, they do provide free pasta, rice, herbs and spices for you to cook. You can save a bit of moolah if you would wanna cook

the only drawback is that there is a $10 fee to leave your luggage after 6pm (This is because I needed to take the Intercity bus at 11pm after the checkout) But there was an incident where my Maori Tours which i booked through the front desk didn't go through and i couldn't see the Maori village. So they didn't charge me the $10 fee and also gave me a free beer that day

3) Nomads Capital Backpackers Wellington (1 night)

Nomads Capital Backpackers was the most expensive hostel I stayed in New Zealand at RM80 per night, after minusing the 8% cashback from Shopback. The hostel is located smacked at the city centre, and is only a 15 minute walk from the Bus Station (Where you Alight off the overnight bus)

But the main reason why i chose this hostel is: FREE PANCAKES FOR BREAKFAST (You're able to save cash on 2 breakfasts already[the morning you arrive after the overnight bus and the following morning when you're departing) and also, THEY GIVE FREE DINNER TOO!

So pretty much you would save 3 meals already if you stay at this hostel!

4) Nomads Camel Backpackers Auckland (2 nights)

Honestly I booked the wrong hostel LOL, I wanted to book Nomads Auckland again, but instead i accidentally booked this which was a few doors down.

This hostel was the cheapest at RM114 (RM57 per night) after the 8% cashback. This hostel is slightly older, so it isn't as clean or upkept compared to Nomads Auckland. So i wouldn't suggest this hostel for the faint hearted. The only good part is that it is still in a very strategic location and there is a bar downstairs that serves beer at $5 per mug.

Total cost for accommodation: RM526 ($175 NZD)


I would honestly tell you that I spent quite little on food with a few exceptional meals. I would normally buy bread and muesli bars from the the grocer for breakfast. My favourite would be the pumpkin bread ($3 per loaf) and Countdown muesli bars ($2 for 8 bars). Just wrap em up together and its a pretty good brekkie or a snack during the day. I would honestly say i went OD on muesli bars as i love em so much

For lunches and dinners, you should try to budget about $10 per meal or less (I went over the budget la LOL)

For lunch I normally I had subways ($4,50 for 6" Sub of the day/$8 for a foot long), I prefer this as it is much more filling compared to McD at about $10-15 per meal

 photo IMG_20160908_180604_zpshz0s67ti.jpg
Dab beer! and the DABBING STARTS! 

 photo IMG_4101_zpsc78byqsr.jpg
The Friday Food truck area

 photo IMG_20160911_155048_zpsasylylh9.jpg

 photo IMG_4227_zpsbvabxid9.jpg
Cheap asian eats

and for dinner, I had japanese ramen ($8-10 per bowl), Donburis ($7.50), Fish & Chips ($6-$10)

 photo IMG_20160911_143654_zpsa9i4jk6i.jpg
Cheap Fish & Chips

 photo IMG_20160912_184732_zpsxabpdmje.jpg
japanese ramen

 photo IMG_20160914_134727_zpsr3qvmvla.jpg

and the occasional treats, I had Sal's Pizza ($20 per pax), Carls Jr's ($15), Fresh Seafood ($35)
 photo IMG_20160909_193007_zps0bjmx1sk.jpg
Sal's with Ashley & Doug

 photo IMG_20160916_093934_zpsy6tilape.jpg
Some nice lamb with Jennifer

 photo IMG_20160916_105736_zpsaj50axi1.jpg
Hello Jenn! hot mama of 3!

For alcohol, most bars will serve a pint from $5 - $15 depending on the brand and how exclusive the bar is. You should also try some of their craft beers in wellington

 photo IMG_20160916_201153_zpsbxtklgpq.jpg
Of course its best to just get a bottle and take away

 photo IMG_20160909_163120_zpsfu6v7occ.jpg
A nice beer at the viaduct

 photo IMG_20160911_000540_zps8bwn7gh1.jpg
Late nights with this one

Cost for the 11 days
Breakfast: $30 
(I had 2 free breakfasts from the Nomads Wellington) - Average of $2.90 per meal

Lunch: $111.40 
(I had 1 free lunch from Jennifer) - Average of $11 per meal (Slightly high as I had fresh seafood for one of my lunches)

Dinner: $99.50 

(1 had 1 free dinner from Nomad's Wellington) - Average of $9 per meal

Supper/Snacks: $20 

Drinks: $53

(5 nights out) - Average of $10 per night out
(I'm not including my Waiheke Wines under this category)

Total Cost of Food: $313.90 NZD

As for the attractions that I visited at New Zealand, here is the list of things I did based on locations:

Things to do at Auckland

1) Explore the City Centre & Parks around Auckland 

Of course the first thing you would want to do when you arrive is to check out your surroundings and familiarize yourself with the area. One of the best ways is to go for the Free Walking Tours (http://aucklandfreewalkingtours.co.nz/) but sadly they weren't operating when I went there.

There are also plenty of parks around Auckland, and its a pretty chill area for a snack, watching the trees bloom or just for you to laze the day away and read a book.

Cost: Free 

 photo IMG_3713_zpsn2h0ylug.jpg
Queens Wharf

 photo IMG_3736_zpsfmhrmqaa.jpg
The Civic Theatre

 photo IMG_3751_zpswwlfmf53.jpg
The Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra

 photo IMG_3780_zpslw2ankqx.jpg
Albert Park

 photo IMG_3794_zpsyrkqlvbn.jpg
Albert Park

 photo thetaplus_20160916172748190_zpsynpbgf5k.jpg
Auckland Domain with Song Leong & Doug

2) One Tree hill 

It is about a 20min bus ride away from the city, You're able to see the old volcanic crater over there, and walk around this massive park. It has a beautiful view of Auckland city when you reach the peak, and if you have the $$ you can also go to the observatory telescope and check out the stars.

There are plenty of sheep running around there too!

Cost: Free

 photo IMG_4107_zpseamvnd8m.jpg
Pretty good place to chill eyh?

 photo IMG_4127_zpszwr1vvtw.jpg
Sheep roaming around

 photo IMG_4120_zpsjmrcsirj.jpg

 photo IMG_4141_zpsqarsfyoq.jpg
Peak of One Tree Hill

 photo IMG_4161_zpstdyg2l8t.jpg
Some people got real' creative

 photo G0063754_zps3thzhege.jpg
The peak of One Tree Hill

 photo IMG_4175_zpsdqc2bmk0.jpg
The monument

 photo IMG_4168_zpspde47t0k.jpg
The view from the top

3) Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump

 photo G0043721_zpsj6nnb3dm.jpg

I chose this from the Auckland Tower Jump as well, if anything happens, I'll fall into the water LOL. Of course your first bungy jump should be at New Zealand, and you should save your bungy-virginity for it

Cost: $160 for jump, $40 for photos

 photo G0053733_zpsb84cgcru.jpg

The Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump allows you to walk on the Harbour Bridge Maintenance line, to get to the jump pod. The Bungy Jump itself is 40m, and you have a choice if you wanna get splashed into the ocean or not! (I opted for it but sadly, they didn't calibrate the bungy properly and I was just inches away from the water)
 photo AJH-AB-20160910-820-001-0001-Archive_zpsxdqt6oht.jpg

 photo AJH-AB-20160910-820-001-0004-Archive_zpsxypn2ags.jpg

 photo AJH-AB-20160910-820-001-0002-Archive_zpskxebld7r.jpg
 photo AJH-AB-20160910-820-001-0006-Archive_zpsnhifiejc.jpg

Honestly it was a pretty scary experience to me, as I was just chillin waiting for my turn to jump as we had to wait for the boats to pass. Believe me, just waiting and looking down, thats the part that makes you shit bricks LOL

4) Takapuna
Take a 20 min bus (From Civic Center) to Takapuna on a Sunday Morning as there is the Sunday market! You can see a lot of local produce and also a lot of funky eats over there. There is also a beach over there so if you fancy a dip in the cold cold water, yeah you can go ahead! There is also a lot of people paddle boarding over there and there are plenty of dogs playing at the beach.

If you're bringing your kids, there's a massive playground over there as well!

Cost: Free 

 photo IMG_4212_zpsteltal14.jpg

 photo thetaplus_20160911102034342_zpsnn41caez.jpg

 photo G0133833_zps6ov8uxkb.jpg
Takapuna Town Centre

 photo G0143846_zpsxlc7mvyk.jpg
Takapuna Beach

 photo IMG_4229_zpsgohchrao.jpg

 photo IMG_4239_zps1f3dnkdq.jpg

5) Devonport

After your trip to Takapuna, take a connecting bus to Devonport which will take about 10-15 minutes. This is maritime heritage town, where you can see all the old buildings and also is where the naval base is at.

You can also trail Mt Victoria (about 20 minutes trail up) where you can see a nice 360 view of the city and surrounding islands, and also the old navy defenses from ages ago.

Cost: Free
 photo IMG_4048_zps1uylfogp.jpg

 photo IMG_4311_zps23bsgnzm.jpg
 photo IMG_4307_zps1lpnzhkk.jpg

The Heritage Town

 photo IMG_4073_zpsq3hdj91s.jpg
The Jetty

 photo G0173892_zpsfcwnthja.jpg
Peak of Mt Victoria

 photo IMG_4242_zpsqg5x4cnt.jpg

 photo IMG_4275_zpslpypd1zu.jpg

 photo IMG_4248_zpswn0klhgt.jpg
Pretty much a good day to soak up the sun

 photo IMG_4260_zpsriluumcl.jpg
Dab Auckland!

6) Fish Market

The fish market in Auckland will satisfy your seafood cravings. you would just need to walk about 20 minutes from the jetty, and there's lots of fresh seafood daily. Do note they only open about 10 am onwards (I have no idea why LOL)

 photo IMG_20160916_122458_zpsdxqmjjcr.jpg

7) Rangitoto Island

Get onto a Fuller's ferry at the jetty heading to Rangitoto Island (remember to use the coupon to save 10% on your ferry ride or get the hot seat prices). Rangitoto island is a 20 minute ferry ride from Auckland City, and it is a nature reserve.

What do you do there? You trek of course! It is a 1 hour trail to the peak, and you'll be standing at the top of the Rangitoto Volcano with a splendid 360 view. You're also able to walk through the lava caves which is pretty cool

Do note to bring your own food and water there, as there are no eateries or vending machines there.

Cost: Free 

 photo IMG_3866_zps5mjrfxe0.jpg
Departing Auckland CBD

 photo IMG_3880_zpsncauhyi2.jpg
Arriving at Rangitoto

 photo IMG_3906_zpsxjpy2w5f.jpg
Rangitoto Crater

 photo IMG_3948_zpsb6ushemi.jpg
The view of Auckland City

 photo IMG_3961_zpsfavv8rzg.jpg
The Lava Caves

 photo IMG_3983_zpstcjbwsqm.jpg
Mckenzie Bay

 photo thetaplus_20160909152426142_zpsviqmrf0e.jpg
Mckenzie Bay with Boon Seng from Klang!

8) Waiheke Island
Wine Wine and Wine! Waiheke Island is one of the best Islands to get wine at as there are plenty of wineries there! I would suggest you to take an early Fullers ferry there (40 mins) and start the day by drinking away! We took the 9am ferry there and the 7pm ferry back for this.

At the vineyards, you're able to get tasters or full glasses to your preference. and if you like the wines, you can even buy the bottles there and then.

 photo IMG_5357_zpsiqufeze8.jpg
I chose not to take a tour, as it seemed pretty limited on where they bring you, so I just decided to go free and easy on this one. Just get the day bus pass over there, and walk to the vineyards that you would want to go to. Do plan to use a full day here, as you would have to walk certain distances to some vineyards. and as from my experience, I was done drinking at 6pm LOL

Food here is pretty pricey as well, so if you would take away some food

Cost: $57 on wine (I tried about 15 wines over there)

 photo IMG_5296_zpsxfrs1y8v.jpg
Stony ridge Cellars

 photo IMG_20160917_113746_zpsgaexruhm.jpg
Our first glass of wine

 photo IMG_5302_zps8odju3wx.jpg
Te motu Cellar

 photo IMG_5312_zpscblq7chx.jpg
Te motu Vinyard

 photo IMG_5323_zpseuj23v9a.jpg
Walking to obsidian cellar, behind her cute lil tushie!

 photo IMG_5348_zpsb6isv0qd.jpg
Obsidian Cellar

 photo IMG_5379_zpsdahu5ztd.jpg
Cable Bay Restaurant

 photo IMG_5279_zpsnicebdwb.jpg
Cable Bay Vinyard - one of the best views

 photo IMG_5384_zpsyw9g5hs5.jpg
Chilling the day away :)

9) Sky Tower
If you have the budget to go for a sky walk or a second bungy jump here, its definitely recommended as well! Or just a simple time at the casino trying your luck :)

 photo IMG_3820_zps97uijsb3.jpg
Sky Tower

 photo thetaplus_20160908223425316_zpsn21ghsrn.jpg

With Ashley, Doug & Song Leong

Things to do at Mata-Mata

 photo IMG_4323_zpsrp0x8xz2.jpg

Hobbiton Tour

There is nothing much to do in Mata-mata except Hobbiton. Every LOTR fan will definitely have to put this on the list and get a fresh ale at the Green Dragon. For non LOTR fans, just head there to make your friends jealous!

For this I took the 8am Intercity bus from Auckland (3 hours) and headed for the Hobbiton Tour at 11.45am. The tour bus will pick you up from I-site Mata-mata, and will take a 15 min drive to the Hobbiton set

Over here you're able to see all the hobbit holes, Bag-End, The Party Tree, The Green Dragon and more! It is located on a farm, so you'll see plenty of sheep and cattle roaming around here and there as well.

Cost: $80

Once the tour is over, you can take the next Intercity bus at 4pm to Rotorua (So you wont be in Mata-mata that night)

 photo IMG_4335_zpsoth9tvpw.jpg

 photo G0223938_zpsl4elptny.jpg

 photo IMG_4432_zpscxatybo8.jpg

 photo IMG_4374_zps2wqpmogp.jpg
Our awesome guide

 photo IMG_4385_zpseosmwq10.jpg
Bag End 

 photo IMG_4449_zpslltn4owi.jpg
Partay Time!

 photo IMG_4510_zpsj45jpwtn.jpg
Sam wise's house

 photo IMG_4422_zpshyujfjgj.jpg
Aunty Jean from Philippines

 photo IMG_4522_zps7p1ewhmj.jpg
The Green Dragon

 photo IMG_4539_zpsylkamist.jpg
Southfarthing fine ale

 photo IMG_4567_zpsf0zswdpm.jpg
Getting a pint!

 photo IMG_4594_zpskepg5fcf.jpg
Defo a must go!

Things to do at Rotorua (You will know you're in Rotorua once you smelt it)

 photo IMG_4836_zps6lbmadq3.jpg

1) Polynesian Spa 
This spa features a lot of hot pools of different temperatures. These are Geothermal pools and it has pretty good minerals in it for your skin. It really is a place to unwind after a good few days of busy schedules

Do bring your own Towel and Bathing Shorts, as they will charge $5 per piece if you would want to rent it from them.


Cost: $25
 photo IMG_20160912_215004_zpsw9toaemp.jpg

2) Walking Trail along Rotorua Lake 

This is a 2-3 hour trail alongside the lake. You're able to see plenty of wild birds nesting around, and also the volcanic pools over there.

If you're not able to go to the polynesian spa, there is a free geothermal foot pool at the end of the trail

Cost: Free

 photo IMG_4602_zpsh9yckmx5.jpg
The starting of the trail

 photo IMG_4639_zpshjpqyvyn.jpg
sulphuric pools

 photo G0273981_zpskoxcb1xn.jpg
Lake Rotorua

 photo IMG_4660_zpsopv4syui.jpg
How can you not fall in love with this scenery?

 photo IMG_4731_zpsdowvqxye.jpg
A maui boat

 photo G0314042_zpszc3ubqtx.jpg
Chilling with the swans

 photo IMG_4778_zpsshmflc1d.jpg
The scenery towards Kuirau Park

 photo IMG_4805_zpsx5sxxdum.jpg
Sulphuric rocks @ Kuirau Park

 photo IMG_4829_zpsjfde1mhk.jpg
Kuirau Park

 photo IMG_4820_zpso99yacim.jpg
Free foot soaking sulphuric pools

 photo thetaplus_20160913195631269_zpsvwi6tols.jpg
Chilling with my new pinoy friends :) Lance, Eric and Jerick

3) Maori Village - supposedly $80

I would so kill to go for this but sadly my booking was misplaced, and I didn't get to go for it

This includes a trip to the village, to experience Maori Culture and Food. They will also bring you to the glow worm caves

Things to do at Wellington

1) Explore the city and just get lost :)

 photo IMG_4970_zpswshuthms.jpg

The old cinema

 photo IMG_5101_zps0aupfrjw.jpg
St Pauls Church

 photo IMG_5158_zpsxzwap3a2.jpg

 photo IMG_20160914_173511_zps8cepm8jo.jpg
Just had to :)

 photo IMG_5165_zpsstopnxxi.jpg
Flyn street

 photo IMG_5173_zpsexunyeod.jpg
The docks

 photo IMG_5178_zpsv08kq0b9.jpg

 photo IMG_5190_zpsqouikb89.jpg

2) The Great War Exhibition
The Great War Exhibition is about a 15 minute walk from the CBD, and is pretty interesting as you get to know more about the battles of the First World War. Also, it was created by Peter Jackson! (I'm LOTR-ing all the things here LOL)

Cost: $15

 photo IMG_4976_zpsqzotth3b.jpg
The War Memorial

 photo G0354087_zpszeycpaqu.jpg
The Monument

 photo IMG_4990_zpsvhc47uz0.jpg
Inside the war memorial

 photo IMG_5001_zpsusguawwa.jpg
The unknown soldier

 photo IMG_5010_zpsir1y8ydz.jpg
The great war museum

Some of the exhibits:
 photo IMG_5030_zpsenn2en41.jpg
 photo IMG_5047_zpsznraedsy.jpg
 photo IMG_5058_zpsxjos4h6w.jpg

3) Wellington Museum - Free
This museum tells the story of Wellington, and how it all started. If you love culture, this would be a great place to go and I spent about 2 1/2 hours there. It is a pretty small museum, but its power packed with quite a good exhibition

 photo IMG_5219_zps278pwv2s.jpg
 photo IMG_5221_zps4yltvuqs.jpg
being the judge LOL

 photo IMG_5225_zpsmh01ptxc.jpg
This tapestry tells the tale of Maui the demigod and how NZ was formed

4) Oriental Bay Beach 

The beach is pretty small compared to Takapuna's, but is a good place to chill. Grab a sandwich over there and watch the waves while you see dogs roaming around catching balls.

Cost: Free
 photo IMG_4869_zpskiscl9ok.jpg
 photo IMG_4873_zpstauuwcit.jpg

5) Botanical Parks
The Wellington Botanical Parks is about a 20 minute walk from the CBD. It is pretty big in size and there are plenty of trails to go about. I did enjoy it as most of the flowers were starting to bloom during spring, and there was even some commemorative services going on there as they were pitching up another memorial there.

Cost: Free

 photo IMG_5230_zpsuayg2ngk.jpg

6) Mt Victoria
Another trail away from the city, its about a 20 minute trail to the peak, where you can see a great view of Wellington City and the harbour. It is a pretty easy trail up but was a little rainy that day, but still worth it to get to the top. met a bunch of Malaysians there and also Choulyin's relatives!

Cost: Free

 photo IMG_4906_zpso9nhbrwg.jpg
Road towards Mt Victoria

 photo IMG_4965_zpsbwooc23t.jpg
The Trail up

 photo IMG_4919_zpshruc8zz8.jpg You can drive up as well!

 photo IMG_20160914_105248_zpskaerpstx.jpg
Choulyin's Relatives, Uncle George & Aunty Meda

 photo G0344073_zps09ilrdtt.jpg
The Peak of Mt Victoria

 photo IMG_4950_zpshctnb3nz.jpg
Some monument near the peak

 photo IMG_4935_zpskexajujs.jpg
The View of Wellington City

7) Try out their coffee's and craft beer 
Wellington is like the Melbourne of Australia, and they serve pretty good coffees and craft beers. there are a few coffee bars and bar outlets which serve these drinks all day, the craft beers are slightly more expensive but definitely worth a try

Cost: already included with food budget
 photo IMG_20160914_132325_zpskq5goeiz.jpg

 photo IMG_20160915_145851_zpsvkf6kl3e.jpg

8) Wellington Waterfront 

Another good place to chill and soak up the sun. there are a few knick knack shops over there, and has a great view overseeing the harbour.

Cost: Free
 photo IMG_4848_zpscbhyoca5.jpg

 photo IMG_5200_zpsqcunkt6m.jpg

 photo IMG_5209_zpsptvjpm5u.jpg

8) Old St Pauls 
One of the places you should definitely visit at Wellington. It is an old gothic church that was built in 1865, The wood architecture of the church is really one of a kind and they still keep the old relics from the past over there.

Cost: Free

 photo IMG_5097_zpsfdxzexds.jpg

 photo IMG_5090_zpsiuypiqpn.jpg

 photo IMG_5086_zpsjrwclifd.jpg

 photo IMG_5073_zps4pyftphr.jpg

9) Parliament Buildings
The famous bee hive building in Wellington is good for a photo opt after visiting Old St Pauls (as it is just 5 minutes away) I didn't go inside, but well this can just be a stop by while heading back to the CBD

Cost: Free

 photo IMG_5128_zpsanea1sve.jpg
The Parliament Buildings

 photo IMG_5137_zpsdw09yppt.jpg
That bee hive

 photo IMG_5144_zpsuj5wz6rf.jpg

10) Cuba Street
Cuba Street is a hipster street with plenty of coffee bars and restaurants. There are a lot of street performers doing their thing over here, and you're able to pick up some souvenirs here as well.

Cost: Free
 photo IMG_5254_zps4tm580am.jpg

 photo IMG_5249_zpsft4ps4aq.jpg

So yeah that is a glimpse of how I spent my 11 days at New Zealand. If you want to go to the South Island, its pretty much possible too within 11 days as my friend Song Leong did that during the same time period. I just didn't want to rush this trip that's why I opted not to.

So here is the total budget spent during my trip:

RM2,100.00 Flights ($700 NZD)
RM   672.60 Transportation: ($224.20 NZD)
RM   526.00 Accommodation (175 NZD)
RM   941,70 Food ($313.90 NZD)
RM1,131.00 Attractions ($377 NZD)
RM5,371.30 Total Cost ($1790 NZD)

It can definitely cheaper if i cut down on the food haha! But considerably it is still an affordable budget trip

Thanks for spending your time to read through this! Do let me know if you did better! Other people can defo benefit from it! :)


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