Escape to Bandung

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This would be the 2nd time I'm heading to Bandung, as honestly it is a really great place to getaway from Kuala Lumpur. Located near Jakarta, its surrounded by hills, volcano's and hot springs. The best part is, there is no HAZE over there! only fresh air and a cool breeze ranging from 22-30 degrees.

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The main purpose of this trip is to go for one of my close friend, Cantya's wedding, This would be the first Indonesian Javenese wedding that I'm attending and it is definitely an eye opener. I headed over there with Celestine using Airasia, as it was the cheapest for that period (RM400 return)

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Chillin at the airport.

As we arrived at Bandung, Cantya booked us a room at Meize Hotel, which was located around the city centre. and since this is Celestine's first time at Bandung, we decided to visit the landmarks around town as we didn't have a car this time (since Cantya is busy with wedding preparations)

So first up, Food! We're foodies and Indonesia has plenty to offer! Bakso, Lele Bakar, Babi Guling and more! A meal on the roadside will cost about RM3-5

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The scenery around our hotel

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Flags at Jalan Braga

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Jalan Braga

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Pop up Cafe's

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Tauhu Bakar (Tofu)

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Cumi Goreng (Fried Squid)

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Babi Pedas Mampus (Spicy till die Pork)

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Ken Ken's Babi Guling

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Babi Guling

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How Happy she is =D

And of course in Bandung, its very famous for its Factory outlets. There are plenty them to go to for clothes, which I literally became a shopaholic woman

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Our hotel is about a 1km walk away from the factory outlets

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Art for Sale

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Random Chocolate

Damage done:
1 Tailor Made Full Suit - RM500
Guess Jeans - RM90
Ralph Lauren Polo Tshirts - RM90
Assorted Tshirts - RM100

Of course coming to the main reason of our trip, the wedding itself! Cantya is Javanese as I said earlier, and I would say it is like a mixture of a Malay wedding (Buffet Jamu Selera) with some Indian Elements (They'll be on the stage where we will then line up to greet them). There were plenty of people in the Selaras Wedding House, and it was something totally new to us

Definitely it was such a beautiful wedding!

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Celest and I

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With Cantya & Docko

That outfit they're wearing is freaking heavy!

The following day, Cantya and Docko took some time to bring us out, and i'm really grateful we're able to spend more time with them especially when they're so busy

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At Docko's shop Dreadocks

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Enjoying a beer at Halfway Bar

It was a great time spent at Bandung. I would definitely come back again for more beer, food and the mountain tops especially since we weren't able to see it this time

Once again, Congratulations Cantya and Docko!