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Starting up, if you know me well or follow my blog, I’m a frequent traveller either for work or leisure. Some of you may think, how do I always afford all these?

Well the answer is simple, I get cashback from Shopback & the best rates of accommodation from

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So first up, I’m gonna talk about Shopback. Shopback provides online promotions and cashback which allows you to save more money on your purchases/hotel stays. There are plenty of vendors that are on shopback such as, Lazada, Zalora, Groupon and more!

How do you use it? Head on to, register an account and browse the vendors you would like to purchase from. You can get daily discount code and for example, now provides 6% cashback when you book any room. So if your Room is Rm100, you’ll get a RM6 rebate from it per night!

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Other than that, besides, you can also enjoy the best travel deals from the other vendors of Shopback

And if you check out how much I’ve gotten back so far, it’s RM415.91! Which I can use it for at least 2 more extra free night’s stay during my next travel

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More than that, there is also a referral program, where you can get up to RM400 by inviting friends over to use Shopback. So the more you refer, the more rewards you get! (That’s another 2 extra free nights there if you’re travelling)

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So as you can see, it is a pretty good deal if you use Shopback, as there aren’t even any fees involve to join or cash out your earnings. So start off by registering your account HERE

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On the other hand, is a website where you can book your hotel accommodations with more than 100,000 hotels too choose from. Another great part about is that you get a free night’s stay after booking 10 nights through it.

So for example, you can purchase 3 nights at Penang, 4 nights at Johor, and another 3 nights at Singapore. These will be a total of 10 nights, and you can get a free 1 night.  This would be better compared to some other sites which uses a point systems that would only give you a certain amount of rebates for your next stay

Check it out, I’ve already redeemed 2 nights below and still have an extra night to be redeemed

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To learn more about how you can use Shopback &, check out the video below:

So what are you waiting for? Start now at Shopback and!