The Silkroad Journey

Random Thought of the day: Wonder how Eastern culture influences cuisine and how it changes the way we and the world perceive it

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Since centuries ago, The Silk Road was the main gateway for the east to trade  with the rest of the world. Travelers of the silk road also brought its culture and heritage along with it which has also merged with local communities, and in terms of cuisine, it broadens out the variety and blends of cuisine in the world

So as for today, One of the great examples of how eastern culture influences cuisine would start from the very roots of my own heritage: Peranakan/Baba Nyonya.

Peranakan is the term where descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia intermarry with local Malays and combines Chinese, Malay & other influences in their daily lifestyle

So as for cuisine wise, it can be said that Peranakan cuisine uses the blending of spices and cooking techniques from both worlds which made a whole new cuisine  by itself.

For example, using Malay spices with Chinese wok frying style, that is something uncommon back then which now is a norm in the current time.

And to the current year, how did it evolve after hundreds of years? A good example would be fat spoon café at Damansara Utama

I fancy this shop as it has good comfort nyonya food with a modern twist.

For example,

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One of my favourites would be their Peranakan themed pastas. Whether it is Ulams or Tamarind Prawns which is a traditional nyonya dish, when paired up with Italian Angel Hair Pasta, it becomes quite a delight. who would have thought of it until now?

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*pic credit to chasingfooddreams

As for dessert, Gula Melaka is a traditional ingredient in Peranakan cuisine, for the first step, they made a very delicious Salted Gula Melaka Ice Cream. And to make it even better? They added sago pudding with the Salted gula Melaka Ice Cream which made it a dessert to die for!

Why am I talking about all this? It comes to my next introduction: Silk Road is a theme that accentuates the Eastern culture's influence in today's era in Malaysia which is a platform to showcase the opulent and contemporary culture of the orient

With its key brand values,
-        Oriental Inspired
-        Exploratory Spirit
-        Contemporary Perspective
-        Culture Appreciation

It is going to be one of the most exciting event which will be hitting our shores! I just received my invite and I can say it is pretty classy!

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Lets see what eastern/oriental influences the event showcases! Do stay tuned to know more!