The Silkroad Experience: Journey of the orient

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Fresh from the event last Saturday. I was lucky enough to be invited to Silkroad 2016, which showcases how eastern culture influences the modern world today. It was held at Metal Bee's, Damansara, and as this is my first time there, it was pretty awesome!

A few other bloggers were invited too and definitely it was a great way to start the year with a classy event. One of the highlights? meeting up with Xiang after the longest time ever! We started blogging together back in 2009 (Yes we're such old people) but gotten busy since we both started work and its pretty hard to meet up lately

So what was in store for us? Check out the video I made:

Starting the experience, We took a walk past the beautiful paintings of Chinese Descent and took our first few photos at the Photowall. Silkroad was also giving away 3 Hennessy Limited XO bottles to the most creative photos and captions at the photowall! That got me really excited =D

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Xiang and I

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No its not a proposal. Just shooting the ever famous & beautiful Sandy Ryan Gan :) #contestkaki

We chilled at the lounge area while waiting for the other guest to arrive, and at the lounge itself, the oriental journey continued with a few activities planned out for us

For starters, we had a master calligrapher showcasing  the art of Rainbow Calligraphy. We wrote our names down and he beautifully crafted these masterpieces for us

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That's my name, Jianjian (Strong & Healthy)

The second part of the experiential journey is the art of tea making. I'm a guy who would just use teabags and soak it with hot water to get my tea fix and it amazes me when there are actually steps and requirements to follow to make the perfect tea.

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After the rest of the guest arrived, we were allowed into the dining area where we were serenaded by traditional Chinese music and really pretty kinetic ornaments which floated up and down from the ceiling. There was the Chinese classical band and Diana Liu singing classical Chinese songs which enlightened the mood

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*pic credit to Samantha

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Diana Liu

The cuisine of choice was fine dining, and it was prepared by Celebrity Chef Won & his culinary team from Enfin
With every dish presented, the atmosphere changed as the projectors showcased the theme for each dish. 

Check out the awesome food we had:

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For the first Entre, we had Scallop, Calamari, Citrus, Mints and Petals

Chef Won actually took the liberty of flying in fresh XL Hokkaido Scallops which was so juicy in the mouth. It was a total sensorial experience that  refreshes from smell to taste

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For our 2nd entre, we had Green Tea Salmon 40", smoked cucumber, textures of potato and green bleurre blanc

This was my personal favourite among all the dishes served. The wild salmon (not those farmed ones) was really succulent, and with the caramelized top, it made the dish just so mouth watering. Craved for so much more!

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The Main course served was Cordyceps Chicken on Chlorophyll carpet, porcini mushrooms and pates de riz. 

As Chef Won said, this is a high class chicken rice but it is definitely worth paying much more for. The cordyceps soup was so well balanced that allowed a clean aftertaste to linger on my palate. 

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We always have 2 stomachs. one for food and one for dessert! We had Plum, cheese, chocolate and basil

What i loved about it? The 70% dark chocolate was piped in ice water to create the perfect chocolate ball. The plums and cheese also was a great addition as they complimented each other's taste

To end the night, it is definitely time to take a wefie!

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*Photo credit to Jason/Michelle

It was a great experience which has broaden my mind on what eastern culture's influence was to the modern world today. Definitely can't wait for the next one!


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