Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Top 5 items from Poh Kong she would love to have

Teasing into the new year, there are plenty of ways to pamper a woman but of course, ultimately the saying goes "Diamonds are a woman's best friend" and "Jewellery is the one small thing that can make you feel unique"

That being said, Poh Kong has launched its Year End Festive Collection which is to die for! If you have the cash, this is the time to spoil her with choices and endless designs with Tranz by Poh Kong & the divine Angel Diamond collections

here is my pick for the top 5 items she would love to have from Poh Kong

1) Poh Kong's Angel Diamond Collection

 photo angel collage_zps1g1gv78f.jpg

There's nothing more elegant than diamond jewellery. Just imagine her walking through a gala with these fine diamonds reflecting perfect light off it while showcasing her flawless beauty, any other gentlemen over there would just be amazed at how beautiful she looks, and envy the fact that he is not you.

2) Poh Kong's Simply Elegant Series

 photo simply elegant collage_zpsxsoimhjq.jpg
A rose gold pendant with matching earrings that resembles the exquisite harp, you would know it's intricate design will definitely capture the attention of others and she'll definitely be one of a kind there. I would suggest this with an evening dress/cocktail dress.

3) Poh Kong's Multiple Joy Rings

 photo joy rings collage_zpsgms2ibvk.jpg

A selection of rings to suit any occasion as it projects out young and lively vibes. This would be a great choice as she'll be able to choose what suits her most with the variety of types available ranging from white gold, white gold and rose gold with diamonds

4) Poh Kong's Diamond Allure earrings series

 photo Diamond Allure Earrings_zps1bz2ikor.jpg

I definitely love this Diamond Allure butterfly earrings as it showcases her as young and elegant. It definitely speaks: I am fun and I'm classy. This would be a great alternative compared to a teardrop or big dangling gold earrings for a young woman during an event.

5) Tranz Classic 22K gold pendant & Tranz Nature’s signature 22k gold carat ring  

 photo tranz_zpspifvgwxg.jpg

These would be a great accessory for a formal or casual event. It shows that you can be in the best of both worlds with a quick change of outfit while wearing the same jewellery. The pendant and ring shows that you wouldn't abandon style over anything. 

Pair them with a black tube top romper/jumpsuit or even a nice evening dress, I'll definitely bet that she'll stand out among the rest!

That is my top 5 picks from Poh Kong's latest line, and FYI, Poh Kong is also one of the Clothes Buffet Malaysia Season 3 2016 Main Sponsors!

It is happening on 
26-27th of March @ Lot 10 Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. 

Definitely a place that she would love to go and you can definitely score boyfriend points by bringing her there!

Check out Clothes Buffet Malaysia here:

For more info on Poh Kong’s new year’s festive collection, please visit:

Poh Kong Official Website:   
Facebook: pohkongjewellers

Instagram: pohkongmy

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Tatsumi SS15 Japanese Restaurant

 photo WP_20151118_17_20_15_Pro_zpssiipss6d.jpg

Time for some food once again! Its normal that I would go to the big Japanese restaurant chains every time, so this time I decided to try out something different. Restaurant of choice today would be Tatsumi Japanese Restaurant SS15!

A small shop just a few doors down Darrusalam & Gold Chili, it isn't that hard to find. The interior of the restaurant is pretty small, which can fit about about 30 people at a time. There's 2 types of sitting area which is the normal table setting & the sunken table setting

 photo WP_20151108_14_26_12_Pro_zpsqoxtfrdb.jpg
Interior of the restaurant

Our server was really attentive and well mannered, and the service was pretty fast too, One thing that I really appreciate in a restaurant. its like after every dish we had, she'll come over and clear it up as soon we are done. now that's great service for me

As for the food, I can't say its perfect, but its overall good and worth the money spent over there

 photo WP_20151108_13_48_17_Pro_zpsdgarzn0v.jpg
for starters, we got crabmeat salad which was FOC! woohoo. a really great opener to the meal

 photo WP_20151108_13_58_09_Pro_zpsv8q7fxia.jpg
Tamago - It was really moist and juicy. not like the dry ones you get at AHEM AHEM King. 

 photo WP_20151108_14_00_07_Pro_zpszbzwwa4e.jpg
A close up of the Tamago

 photo WP_20151108_14_02_04_Pro_zpsyxa6vboy.jpg
Chawanmushi - It was really smooth, and no bubbles around the top. 

 photo WP_20151108_14_02_26_Pro_zpsc4r40hj1.jpg
It was packed with Ginko nut, mince meat and mushrooms

 photo WP_20151108_14_12_20_Pro_zps9b7e1qso.jpg
California Temaki - crisp of the seaweed was good, and had quite a good portion of roe inside

 photo WP_20151108_13_54_42_Pro_zpsfyzdyk5r.jpg
Sashimi - The Sashimi was really fresh and juicy

 photo WP_20151108_14_04_32_Pro_zps8zjndztc.jpg
Udon Set - Quite a big portion of udon, and the sweetness of the tofu really kicked it off.

 photo WP_20151108_14_04_51_Pro_zps3gogoeul.jpg
Close up of the udon

 photo WP_20151108_14_09_05_Pro_zps8jyopphf.jpg
Japanese Curry Rice - Another big portion of rice and curry, and definitely taste better than the instant ones you get at the major chains

Total Damage: RM90 (sorry I lost the receipt to price it individually)

I would say it was pretty alright with the pricing, and the quality and service of the food was good. Probably you can check it out if you're ever at SS15

Tatsumi Japanese Restaurant
No.10 Jalan SS15/8B
47500 Subang Jaya

Working Hours:
12:00 - 15:00
16:00 - 22:30
Monday Closed