Hong Kong Trip

Yeaps this is a very long overdue post. I traveled to Hong Kong a few months back but I just didn't have any motivation in writing a post for it. 

Alright just imagine when you watch Hong Kong dramas, and your expectation is so high for Hong Kong, and when you reach and see it for yourself, its totally different! Yeah that's what I feel about Hong Kong

Alright so starting up, I headed over there for a work trip. This is the first time that the company has done an overseas event solely by itself, and its a big milestone for us. We were handling an event for Penang Tourism, which is pretty big as the roadshow would be travelling across 5 cities.

Me, Yinn, and Andrew packed our bags, and took an early Airasia Flight to Hong Kong. We were there a few days earlier as we were meeting up with our suppliers and checking out the progression of the shipping etc.

 photo GOPR2375_zpsnrzxpbae.jpg
Yeah We're tired even before the flight

When we arrived, we got a van driver (Mr. Singh) to bring us into the city, His Purple van was really funky, and it was cheaper than hiring a Limo as we had a lot of equipment to bring along. The scenery was really beautiful before entering the city as there were plenty of mountains and greens that surround the area

But the moment we entered the city, My whole perception of Hong Kong changed. Everything was so crammed and it felt like there's no breathing space at all! It definitely is a very advance yet unique city, but it ain't a place I would like to live in

 photo GOPR2388_zpseopw6xtn.jpg
This is what I mean by its super crowded and crammed. literally every street you go to is something like this

We checked into our hotel, Crowne Plaza Kowloon East, and as expected of any good Hotel, the rooms were big and spacious, with loads of amenities for us to use.

Check out my room:

 photo GOPR2383_zps0jvlmvjs.jpg

 photo GOPR2377_zpsftjhysqr.jpg

 photo 10999881_10155699623655054_3385992189104779239_n_zpsapturykq.jpg
A well awaited shower LOL

 photo 11220132_10155695459980054_448558005742988035_n_zpsfsjp4nda.jpg
Yeaps this is "Working on Vacation"

As we spent our first few days meeting our suppliers and preparing our stuff for the event, We managed to get some time off for ourselves as well. One thing I like about HK? The Food! everything is PORK PORK AND MORE PORK! It definitely fills our tummies to the brim and the most unforgettable is their Dim Sum!

 photo 11429822_10155695841660054_6213486097738486991_n_zpskg6yzczh.jpg
Dim Sum

 photo 11535804_10155711958315054_660787143042656225_n_zpsyfy3qwbl.jpg
Har Gao

 photo GOPR2411_zpsi4btyrds.jpg
Some super spicy noodles! I love!

 photo 1507901_10155717962045054_2766707273439184958_n_zps1nt93gz9.jpg
Ramen Night out

Next exciting thing about Hong Kong? We went to Disneyland! This is actually my first trip to Disneyland, and to see Mickey, Woohoo!

 photo IMG_0051_zpstclyaqc1.jpg
On board the Disney Train

 photo IMG_0095_zpszy9ih3z0.jpg

 photo IMG_0113_zpsygfp3oig.jpg
The 3 of us

 photo IMG_0135_zpssurxu6cn.jpg
The Disney fountain

And of course the main reason why anyone would go to Hong Kong? The Shopping! There's even a street which basically is called the "sport shoe street" as there are countless Nike, Adidas, Reebok etc shoe shops over there! And of course for myself, I just had to get some!

 photo G0042420_zpsl00f6s0f.jpg
Mong Kok

 photo 11109666_10155704498420054_6219052240316441230_n_zpsoxhg4v0y.jpg
Trying on em shoes

 photo 10421547_10155717131580054_7753177191531821949_n_zpsnqpkfjkz.jpg
My haul

And of course to the main event itself, We built a mini Penang in Hong Kong. Participants could come over and ride on one of our 5 Trishaws brought all the way from Penang. There are also plenty of activities such as Tau Sar Pneah food tasting, Nyonya beading demonstration, and also whoever who Instagrams a pic with the Trishaw could stand a chance to win  a trip to Penang!

Check out the site at: www.mypenangtrishaw.com

What made it Amazing? Our Penang Chief Minister, Mr Lim Guan Eng was there to officiate the whole ceremony! 

 photo stb_zpsje8jwazx.png
The setup (pic credit to Aliff)

 photo 11535921_10152745615316324_3532593013282250144_n_zpsdhkphdtj.jpg
The Event site (pic credit to Andy)

 photo IMG_0139_zpsivsnqyrp.jpg
Andrew in our Mini Penang

 photo 10440736_10155704111710054_1767395484795821309_n_zpsy3afoflm.jpg
Our Chief Minister

 photo 11412381_10152751382876324_3686594535429883053_n_zpsyrq00skl.jpg
The team

Overall it was an eye opener in Hong Kong. It was great to have the team along to make the trip more enjoyable!

 photo 10298994_10155697194960054_8466013155320759232_n_zpskttzcstr.jpg
Definitely ending this post with a glass of wine

Sayonara Hong Kong!