Friday, October 30, 2015

How MajorDrop fooled everyone

 photo 10402999_400660860132670_5583557220160496043_n_zpst8bgxrfd.png
Disclaimer: This post is entirely on my view on the recent events at Major Drop

Its seldom I post up a post such as this, but I guess I'm unsatisfied and I just want to cari pasal with a shop called MajorDrop which says its Southeast Asia's Leading Streetwear Store.

A short intro on MajorDrop. It has a physical store at Sunway Pyramid, and also is an online shop which sells pretty awesome brands such as Bellroy, Billionaire Boys Club, Civil, Pestle & Mortar and much more. No doubt I do like its product lineup as it is pretty unique and stylish.

 photo majordrop_zpssthcixfm.png

So why am I writing this post?

Well it all started when MajorDrop posted up something super eye catching
 photo 1_zpsxzecapvi.png

A chance to win a Superior ocean view cabin of Its The Ship! Whoa sure pretty exciting weih!

Not to worry if their contest website is taken down, I've already screenshot everything needed (below)

 photo its the ship_zpsp2yeexvc.png

So to think of it, It is a pretty sweet deal where you purchase RM200 worth of products, and stand a chance to win a cabin at Its The Ship worth $1,288 USD. So i thought to myself, yeah why not i just buy some awesome products and hope that I'm lucky enough to win.

Here are the contest details (Screenshot from their page)

 photo ITS Contest 1_zpswl0bq3eo.png

 photo ITS Contest 2_zpskk4pgi2g.png

 photo ITS Contest 3_zpswtrzjggg.png

 photo ITS Contest 4_zpsl19m8ndn.png

So basically the contest mechanics are:
- Buy RM200 worth of products
- Instagram your products with the rubber duck
- Tag: @MajorDropOfficial @ItsTheShip 
- Hashtag: #MDAllAboard #MajorDrop #ITS2015
- Contest Period: 14 Oct - 25 Oct

Pretty simple mechanics yeah? The ones highlighted in Red are the important parts of this post

Then I thought to myself, what are the chances of this contest being rigged? Since there's plenty of times it happened with other smaller brands. I convinced myself that Major Drop would play by the rules and do what is right when organizing a contest


Turns out, they probably did rig the contest. As of yesterday they made the announcement of winners which the winner of it is the user Benphat2003. At first sight, it was already dubious as firstly, I never saw an Instagram user named Benphat2003 with the hashtag #MDAllAboard. So i decided to do some digging

Here is the winning post:
 photo ben phat 5_zpsfh8uskhp.png

And as you see below through Iconosquare/Instagram, if you hashtag #MDAllAboard, you will not find his post. That means he is either a private account or he didn't put the hashtag. 

Notice that the 2 similar pictures here are posted by Major Drop Official (so it is not uploaded by him)

 photo iconosquare_zpsqhghmwse.png

So lets dig a bit on who is Benphat2003

 photo ben phat 4_zpseglwnf3h.png

Seems pretty normal to me

 photo ben phat 1_zpsq7sxdgbh.png

Wait what?? his last post was 20 Weeks ago? then suddenly reappears to join the contest?

 photo ben phat 2_zpsgwwublve.png

So I checked out his contest post, looks pretty normal, but when you click the hashtag..

 photo ben phat 3_zpsnkjoozm2.png
Its the wrong hashtag. So by right it is already not following the criteria of the contest and shouldn't be allowed to win

If you don't believe it or if he does change his hashtag after this post, Here is a video I recorded:

So i decided to go through more thoroughly on his win. This is only a theory as I do not have any shipping records from Major Drop. If you noticed, his duck has a hashtag #01 on it which means its the first duck to go out. Mine is #02 as you can see in this picture:

 photo my insta_zpsxlhkjgyp.png

So why do i think that it has been rigged? Time Stamps!

The contest went live at 12:02pm, 14/10/15

 photo Timestamp_zpstcoppck2.png

And when you look at his post:

 photo timestamp 2_zpswxsplb46.png

It is exactly the next day. The Time frame is REALLY short as Poslaju takes a good 1-2 days to send anything out. and by 3PM, that is the last shipment out for Poslaju. 

So its as if, within 2 hours 58 minutes, He made the purchase and Major Drop went all out and sent the parcel off before 3pm, which is really tight.

If they do ship out the following day, the earliest he would get his parcel is by 16th Oct (which is already not in the time frame)

A fine example of why I think they take their time sending their parcels out, My duck is #02 which is the 2nd order

I ordered a hat and a shirt at 3:19am, 15 Oct 2015
 photo order_zpsubiafjzo.png

My items were only shipped out on the 19th and I only received it on the 20th.

Poslaju records:
 photo poslaju_zpsvi4aebmj.png

 photo track and trace_zpsjfxgvskx.png

Just by this, Its hard to think that Major Drop ships out effective immediately after an order is place. And the process takes at least a day to reach the destination

 photo phone-clip-art-KijeArR4T_zpskojm12vt.png

Last but not least. I did call up Majordrop HQ over the phone and talked over the phone with a girl named Jin which is part of the contest team (Redirected from Majordrop Sunway)

As I asked her was there any foul play with the contest, she said there wasn't any foul play involved 

But what made it a big giveaway is that she replied me: IN ALL FAIRNESS, HE  IS ONE OF OUR REGULARS. 

and straight after that she took that back and said "winners were chosen at random"


I was then directed to their head, Julian, which in the end he just apologized that they made the mistake but will not do anything about it as they've already announced the winners.

So all in all, I do believe that it hasn't been fair to me and the other contestants. It has been false advertising since you've probably already determined the winner from the start. 

This will be the last time I will do anything with you guys, and I hope the rest of you will think twice if participating in anything they organize.

- Major Drop Head Of Marketing, Feix called me after this post has gone live
- He apologizes for his mistake as he was the one who chose the winner without checking the contest criteria (Hashtags etc)
- He confirms that Ben is a regular customer
- He says its not rigged, as Ben asked for a COD at Bangsar, so the items were packed at the shop and the COD was done the next day at Bangsar (This is up to you to believe)
- He offered to refund the amount of money spent on the items that were purchased for this contest 
(I honestly feel this is still not good enough for a contest like this. A good example of what could be done is: Bojio App's screwup on their Heineken Thirst contest which they did a re-election of winners for the contest they rigged)


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Monday, October 12, 2015

Food Poisoning in Jakarta Wooohoo

 photo 1_zpspmhvb6jx.jpg

Another month, another destination! This time I took a trip to Jakarta, Indonesia for the installment of the Penang Trishaw Entourage

 photo 3_zpsjjm9jbmp.jpg

The team packed our bags and took Garuda Airlines over to Jakarta. I'm pretty surprised by Garuda Airlines as it is really worth it to travel with them

We paid about RM400 per pax, and it comes with a welcome drink, a meal and in flight entertainment! And funnier still? some budget airlines were even more expensive than Garuda Airlines

*I feel blessed*

 photo 2_zpsiyvdjtrz.jpg
Yinn and I

Our 3 hour flight arrived at Jakarta, and we too a cab straight to our hotel, Hotel Neo Melawai. Traffic is so bad hat it took us an hour plus just to reach the hotel

 photo 4_zpsjuvuflih.jpg
The crazy Traffic

 photo 5_zpsbzrwqlhw.jpg
So that building is to Untar...So where are we Tar-ing? LOL (Ok I know I'm that lame)

*It is actually a university

The hotel is pretty decent, rooms were clean and the hotel cafe/bar has a nice concept. It is near the B2 Shopping mall but the only part that I didn't like is that there were quite a lot of Japanese Bars/Karaokes nearby (sleazy joints)

The hotel cafe:

 photo 8 1_zpswpmsowrz.jpg

 photo 8 2_zps8kkcfhtk.jpg

 photo 8 3_zps8fi0wtue.jpg

 photo 8 4_zpsv3maeobz.jpg

So what did I like about Jakarta? Definitely the food even though I got major food poisoning after that LOL. The food poisoning was pretty bad as i had fever, diarrhea and constant vomiting for the next 2 days wtf

Question of the day: Guess which food I ate which made me die over there

*sorry no prizes* or I can give you 100 rupiah? LOL

 photo 6_zpsjmlvv9ml.jpg
Bebek Goreng (Fried Duck) which was pretty weird as they didn't clean the duck properly and hair was still sticking out of it

 photo 9_zpsfxql4glk.jpg
Baso Malang, The name Malang (bad luck) already says everything

 photo 10_zpssfekahi4.jpg
Beef Satay Rice Set

 photo 11_zpscoj2ssax.jpg
Jco Cronuts

 photo 7_zpsybs2h6id.jpg
Coconut Oreos! Something hard to find in Malaysia

*The Answer will be at the end of the post*

The event was held at Gandaria City Mall, which is a pretty big mall at Jakarta. The setup and event went pretty well, and definitely the one thing that is most memorable is the Jakarta Crew

They're super friendly and professional which made working with them really pleasant! 

 photo IMG-20150813-WA0016_zpszle8vacm.jpg
Natsaw doing her thing

 photo 12_zpsq02emtcr.jpg
The event venue

 photo 13_zpsucuf2sgi.jpg
Zakwan from Screw The Box TV helping us with the shoot

 photo IMG-20150814-WA0015_zpshca3bqcb.jpg
Doing my rounds

 photo 14_zpsiqxmv9ab.jpg
Caricaturist, Mr Lefty from Penang

 photo 11880432_10155930063925054_7535583883104458194_n_zps3mobubww.jpg
The Jakarta Crew

One thing that's great at Jakarta? The Shopping! There's so much to be bought and its so cheap! For example a Polo Ralph Lauren custom shirt will be about RM100 only (25 usd) So I happily bought a lot!

 photo 15_zps14e1uptk.jpg
2 Storey Ace Hardware! My heaven!

 photo 16_zpspbqr7avr.jpg
Somehow I can only think of Ross Geller here LOL

Another surprise we had at Jakarta was the visit of our Ex Intern, Sherley. We managed to grab some awesome cotton candy ice cream desserts! check em out:

 photo 17 1_zps3dhso68l.jpg
Sherley's Popcorn Ice Cream

 photo 17 2_zps3uilfs8i.jpg
Yinn with her cotton candy which needs to be smothered with chocolate

 photo 17 3_zpshjo9pshp.jpg
My Cone

 photo 17 4_zpsxboj0ubp.jpg
Group photo of us

As the event came to an end, it definitely is time to party! Freddy brought us out on a clubbing experience at one of the local clubs. We got VIP treatment and evacuated a booth near the DJ console!
Drinks all night means we got pretty smashed up

 photo 18 1_zpsavjbvph8.jpg
with Yinn

 photo 18 2_zpsfs7wvdws.jpg
Group Pic with Freddy, Aguong and Aguong's brother

 photo 18 3_zpsfdrzpllg.jpg
Crashing the next table

So anyway, what is the answer for my crazy food poisoning in Jakarta?



That is the only different food i had compared to the rest throughout the stay. so that's definitely the cause of it. Now who wants to claim their 100 rupiah? LOL

But all in all, Jakarta was pretty amazing! Thanks Jakarta Crew for making it a memorable experience for us!

 photo IMG-20150817-WA0008_zps9kt5clvk.jpg

will definitely be coming back in December for Djakarta Warehouse Project!