Doi Chaang SS15 food review

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Wallet - Checked! 
Clothes - Checked! 
Car - Checked! 

Now its time to go coffee hunting! 

I'm a coffeeholic where I have to get my daily dose everyday. I'm quite versatile as I can go from the normal kopitiam kopi-O to the giler expensive kopi luwak. As for today, I decided to pay a visit to Doi Chaang Coffee, SS 15 Subang Jaya. 

It is located just opposite Asia Cafe, in between Iku Japanese Fusion Restaurant and M15T Cafe (Shisha Place), and is easily accessible. parking can be tough tough since its just next to Asia Cafe, but I'm always lucky =P

What I like about Doi Chaang:
- Coffee and food is good, with free water bottles
- Atmosphere is quite cozy, not too crowded and the air cond temperature is just right
- Easy listening music such as The Piano Guys playing on the background / Spotify music when there is more crowd
- Toilet is clean
- Smoking area back and front of the cafe for smokers, 

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The interior of the restaurant

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12 single sofa's at the back area of the cafe

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Did anyone say FREE WATER?

So lets start out with the coffees and food:

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Hot Cafe Latte (RM12) - Just to my liking, its well balanced and you can't go wrong with this

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Hot Caramel Macchiato (RM12.15) - What I love about this is that you can stir the caramel at the bottom to the extent that you like, so that it wouldn't be too sweet

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The caramel macchiato coffee art

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White Mocha (RM12.15) - Great with desserts

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Ice Rose Chocolate (RM13.50) - Not really my type of drink, but the ladies would love it. a hint of rose with ice chocolate and its not too sweet.

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Truffle Mushroom Sandwich (RM12.20) - This is my favourite sandwich so far, as it's really tasty and the truffles doesn't soak up the whole sandwich:) 

 photo WP_20150829_20_16_42_Pro_zpsicreztja.jpg
Yummy Truffles!

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Chili Crab Croissant (RM13.50) - The gravy with the croissant is nice, but i think if they used the actual crab meat instead of crabmeat sticks, it'll be better :)

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As for dessert, I had the Crunchy Nutella cake (RM14.35). Warning, this is sweet and sinful, but it tastes well with the caramel macchiato as both sweetness are about the same level

It definitely is a great place to chill out compared to the usual coffee franchise coffee places in Malaysia. So if you're around the area and looking for good coffee, You should try them out!

Doi Chaang Coffee
61G Jalan SS15/8a
47650 Subang Jaya