Monday, August 24, 2015

Guinness Amplify: Curates Jumero

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Its been quite a while since I've posted about an event, but yeah I'M BACK BABY! 

Guinness Amplify: Curates Jumero's Stepping Stones Album Launch was held last Friday at Laundry Bar, The Curve

So what is Guinness Amplify all about? It actually started last year where Guinness wants to help local talents in achieving their dreams, and as for this time, It's the band Jumero that takes the spotlight with their new album launch, Stepping Stones

A bunch of us dropped over to Laundry Bar, where the event started from 7pm onwards

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The interior decor

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How crowded it was at Laundry Bar

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Redeem a Guinness with one of these tokens

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Enjoying a pint!

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Joanna and I

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One of the band members of Jumero starting up the night

The opening performance was done by Natallie Ng. Her voice is indeed beautiful, and her band as talented as well

 photo IMG_1174_zps7aj60nml.jpg

 photo IMG_1182_zpstuwd3rrh.jpg

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The 2nd band that performed was by Crinkle Cut Music.

 photo Guinness Amplify Curates 6_zpsb7sc1clp.jpg

*photo credit to Sandy Ryan

and of course the main act of the night was Jumero! Congratulations once again on your album launch

 photo Guinness Amplify Curates 4_zpsjfrb0kvg.jpg

*photo credit to Sandy Ryan

and of course, to end the night, a group picture of the awesome bloggers at the event

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I wanna thank Manoah for inviting me over, and its great to be back in the event scene once again! 

*photos with my watermark are taken with a Canon 70D

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dim Sum at Fook Muun Restaurant, SS18

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How long has it been? 1 month since the last update? I realize things has been getting very busy and I really have so little time left for blogging. But i'll update as I can :)

So here's a little food review on a new place called Fook Muun @ SS18 Subang Jaya. What's unique? They serve Dim Sum in the morning (8am - 3pm) and Hong Kong Steamboat at night (6pm onwards). It's located next to Kar Heong, so its pretty easy to find 

I visited the restaurant twice to test out both cuisines, but only took photos on the Dim Sum, so imma just write about that. The place is pretty chillax, and Dim Sum starts at RM4.80 per plate. pretty reasonable for Subang prices (if you know what I mean)

So lets start out with some food:

 photo WP_20150808_10_58_13_Pro_zpsanyc9oy3.jpg
Shrimp Siu Mai (RM5.80) - taste great and it comes in 4 pcs instead of the usual 2 or 3 om nom noms

 photo WP_20150808_10_55_47_Pro_zpso9q3lmgd.jpg
Steamed Chicken Feet (RM4.80) - Chewy to my liking

 photo WP_20150808_10_55_58_Pro_zpsau6wn4jl.jpg
You Char Kuay Rice Rolls (RM4.80) - something different as it is like You Char Kuay in Chee Cheong Fan. Eat it as soon as served cos once it goes soggy, it ain't that nice

 photo WP_20150808_10_55_31_Pro_zpsmo0v4a1e.jpg
Har Gao (RM5.80) - overall it tasted great as it just melts in your mouth :) but I think they could have added more prawns inside

 photo WP_20150808_11_02_56_Pro_zpsuwh4hikc.jpg
Pan-Fried Buns Stuffed with Pork (RM4.80)

 photo WP_20150808_11_07_06_Pro_zpsvqqd9y3u.jpg

Total bill for this is RM30.45 (including of Kuan Yin Tea)

as for the Steamboat at night, it is not a buffet so you can order the specific things that interest you. They have 4 different types of soup and the creamy white broth (Can't remember what its called) is pretty good

So if you're craving for Dim Sum or steamboat, do check them out at:

Fook Mun Restaurant
No.11, JLN ss18/1B,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Contact number: 03-5612 3337