Dope Alley & The Patternist

God its taking forever for me to post one update these days, really wanna apologize for it as I was so busy planning & organizing the Enfagrow Brain Expo which just happened last week. Crazy hours but finally its over! Now I can breath the fresh air again and wait for my next project.

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As for now, just a short update on a restaurant I visited not long back. The restaurant is called Dope Alley and it is located at SS15, Subang Jaya. I decided to check it out because of the bling bling lights they had on top the billboard haha! Jk.

It is a pretty cozy place, which serves Malaysian & Thai Food, with The Patternist which are dessert creators that serve a variety of desserts to end your meal. 

There is also the back alley where you can enjoy jamming with your friends (provided you bring your own guitar) and a shisha joint for you to smoke up! Pretty much I think it is an all in one place (just no alcohol served there). Lives up to the name Dope Alley!

 photo 20150411_224849_zpsuvbmp5t6.jpg
The interior of DOPE Alley

 photo 20150411_224928_zpsdztkzwm5.jpg
The back alley

 photo 20150411_224246_zpsctgekjxa.jpg
Ordering sheets

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 photo 20150411_221846_zpsenggijz6.jpg
Quite a simple menu

 photo 20150411_221835_zps1lu0e0xm.jpg
Eileen gobling down on some boat noodles. (RM1.90 per bowl)

 photo 20150411_221951_zpscnj1hkth.jpg
Somtam with Salted Egg. (RM8.90) - There are 2 types of spiciness levels, and I chose the milder one since Eileen can't take much spicy food. but still, it was a lil spicy! =D

 photo 20150411_222312_zps1cenoaxy.jpg
Ka Prao Beef Rice (RM9.90) - Beef was tender, and was quite filling

 photo 20150411_222327_zpscrqstwge.jpg
Nasi Goreng Sotong Goreng (RM9.90) - It was quite nice, as the calamari was pretty crispy

And of course to end the night, we had to try out some desserts by the Patternist. I ordered salted caramel ice cream, and whats cool about it is that they prepare it for you on the spot, coming out with a soft texture ice cream that fills the tummy!

 photo 20150411_225003_zpsnifrdklj.jpg
The Patternist

 photo 20150419_225537_zpsb5c3xi2o.jpg
Salted Caramel ice cream with Almond. (RM7.90) - Definitely love this and will be back for more!

All in all I would say its quite a unique place to be. The food is affordable and tastes nice, with the unique ambiance of a Dope Alley. Those who are around the area should definitely give it a try! the desserts by the Patternist is a must!

Till the next post! 

Dope Alley
47500 Subang Jaya

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