Macallum Connoisseurs Coffee Company

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Here's one of the cafes I truly loved at Penang, Macallum Connoisseurs! It is quite a new cafe located at Lebuh Macallum, and it is pretty big as it was originally an old warehouse. What I love about it is the concept and layout of the cafe. Tables and chairs were far apart from each other with loads of space, lots of scribbling done on the walls, and of course a great menu to choose from

One of the key things that is unique about the cafe is that its entire roof is made out of solar panels. I guess its the way the company is going green? It gets pretty warm in the afternoon, but its bearable.

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Upon Entry

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The interior of the cafe

 photo GOPR1730_1427004669973_low_zpskqfa5jl9.jpg
Some of the wall arts

 photo GOPR1723_1427004669973_low_zpspeyg8go0.jpg
The stairs to the 2nd floor (but it was empty up there)

 photo GOPR1734_1427004669973_low_zpsdt8f4n55.jpg
The solar panel roof

As for food, It was honestly priced reasonably to me (compared to KL prices haha!), and the food tasted pretty good! 

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Great Ideas start on napkins!

 photo 20150322_135127_zps2s50rmbe.jpg
Cool Centre piece with my latte

 photo GOPR1744_1427006340686_low_zpseh1tcajm.jpg
Smoked Duck Breast with condiments (RM25) The meat was so tender and mouth watering. Definitely a must have!

 photo GOPR1755_1427006340686_low_zpskpxps6tv.jpg
Smoked Salmon Bagel (RM18) & Hot Chocolate. The bagel was pretty fresh, but I would say this is quite a small portion for me. The Hot Chocolate was smooth and nice.

 photo 20150322_135221_zpswv8bvdux.jpg
Red Velvet Cake and a Latte, I loved the latte, but the red velvet cake was slightly dry. 

If you head to Penang, Do check em out!

Address: No 1, Gat Lebuh Macallum, Georgetown, 10300 Pulau Pinang