Friday, April 24, 2015

EnerZ Extreme Park (Asia's Largest Trampoline Park) is now here!

 photo WP_20150418_003_zpszxvdlijh.jpg

Extreme people and jumpers unite as there is a treat for you! There is a new place in town called EnerZ and it has taken extreme to a whole new level! 

EnerZ is Asia's very first indoor extreme park and sports arena, and is also Asia's Largest Trampoline Extreme Park! How cool is that?

I've recently went for the media launch of EnerZ, where we were able to check out what's in store for patrons of EnerZ. Key personalities such as Amber Chia & Ashton, Alan S (Selangor Basketball Player) and Jeniffer Foh (celebrity blogger) also came as ambassadors for EnerZ

Check out my video here:

 photo WP_20150418_013_zpss96q2xqy.jpg
Eileen & I

 photo WP_20150418_015_zpswfmzg8pr.jpg
Tiong as the Emcee

 photo WP_20150418_011_zpskxkg0gh4.jpg
Amber Chia 

 photo food_zpscp9xonap.jpg
Yummylicious food!

 photo WP_20150418_026_zpsoxfg6qba.jpg
Photo Op of the ambassadors

 photo WP_20150418_019_zpsxdgsxnuk.jpg
Managing Director of EnerZ, Mr Alvin Tey with his speech 

The Managing Director, Mr Alvin Tey launched the EnerZ G.S.T. Challenge, which of course is not Global Service Tax LOL. 

EnerZ G.S.T. stands for Gut Builder, Sky Ropes, and Trampolines which are the key essentials at EnerZ Extreme Park

So what is the G.S.T. challenge all about? The challenge requires participants to perform one of the activities, and nominate (Tag) their friends/family to do the same by uploading their fun and energetic photos/videos on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags:


The main goal of the challenge is to move an entire community to get fit, healthy and energised. But what's more? For every photo/video that is uploaded, EnerZ has pledged to sponsor one orphanage to attend their EnerZ Edutainment Programme! 

Now come on, there's no better reason to do the G.S.T. Challenge than for the kids right? It would definitely brighten up their day!

Probably what you can do is take a simple selfie/you in action at EnerZ and just post it up on your social media channels! Its as simple as that!

So once again, head over to EnerZ, have fun, be energised, and take part in the G.S.T. Challenge! 

You can get more info of EnerZ at:

Monday, April 13, 2015

Macallum Connoisseurs Coffee Company

 photo GOPR1742_1427004669973_low_zpslqbmt4ik.jpg

Here's one of the cafes I truly loved at Penang, Macallum Connoisseurs! It is quite a new cafe located at Lebuh Macallum, and it is pretty big as it was originally an old warehouse. What I love about it is the concept and layout of the cafe. Tables and chairs were far apart from each other with loads of space, lots of scribbling done on the walls, and of course a great menu to choose from

One of the key things that is unique about the cafe is that its entire roof is made out of solar panels. I guess its the way the company is going green? It gets pretty warm in the afternoon, but its bearable.

 photo GOPR1739_1427004669973_low_zpscsu6kdia.jpg
Upon Entry

 photo GOPR1732_1427004669973_low_zpswlsycihl.jpg
The interior of the cafe

 photo GOPR1730_1427004669973_low_zpskqfa5jl9.jpg
Some of the wall arts

 photo GOPR1723_1427004669973_low_zpspeyg8go0.jpg
The stairs to the 2nd floor (but it was empty up there)

 photo GOPR1734_1427004669973_low_zpsdt8f4n55.jpg
The solar panel roof

As for food, It was honestly priced reasonably to me (compared to KL prices haha!), and the food tasted pretty good! 

 photo 20150322_142703_zpshch103n1.jpg
Great Ideas start on napkins!

 photo 20150322_135127_zps2s50rmbe.jpg
Cool Centre piece with my latte

 photo GOPR1744_1427006340686_low_zpseh1tcajm.jpg
Smoked Duck Breast with condiments (RM25) The meat was so tender and mouth watering. Definitely a must have!

 photo GOPR1755_1427006340686_low_zpskpxps6tv.jpg
Smoked Salmon Bagel (RM18) & Hot Chocolate. The bagel was pretty fresh, but I would say this is quite a small portion for me. The Hot Chocolate was smooth and nice.

 photo 20150322_135221_zpswv8bvdux.jpg
Red Velvet Cake and a Latte, I loved the latte, but the red velvet cake was slightly dry. 

If you head to Penang, Do check em out!

Address: No 1, Gat Lebuh Macallum, Georgetown, 10300 Pulau Pinang

Friday, April 10, 2015

My new home, Hotel Neo+ Penang

 photo 20150323_190149_zpskvs7fl5x.jpg

Last month, I was stationed up in Penang to work for about 3 weeks. Its been like the longest I'm away from home for work, but of course it was fun to travel outstation :) The food especially in Penang, can't get enough of that Char Kuay Teow and Asam Laksa!

So during my 3 week stay, I decided to try out a new hotel called Hotel Neo+. Its a pretty new hotel (revamped) and it has been open just for about 2 months. Excited, I booked my room and called it my new (temporary) home. I got my rate at RM160 per night from Agoda, and its pretty reasonable for a standard room in the heart of Penang (its about a 3 minute walk from Komtar)

 photo 20150323_190117_zpsc8wahup3.jpg

Upon arrival, I parked my car at its 4 storey car park and checked in. The process was pretty smooth, and whats better? The manager upgraded my room from a standard room to a superior room! Woohoo! 

I had my room at the 21st floor (There's 25 floors total and a rooftop swimming pool), and as I opened the door to my new home, It was pretty big and great!

 photo GOPR1641_1426432153264_low_zps4avzadvx.jpg
Check out how spacious it is

 photo GOPR1642_1426432153264_low_zpsp3hnhk7o.jpg
The TV, study table and reading chair

 photo GOPR1643_1426432153264_low_zpsr5zshd9b.jpg
The Pantry, check out the glass minibar! and 3 cupboards

 photo GOPR1645_1426432153264_low_zpsmsnbbx2p.jpg
The washroom is pretty spacious too, and the shower was bedazzed!

 photo GOPR1647_1426432153264_low_zpscsat2ion.jpg
and of course, a selfie in my room!

Honestly I loved my room as it was big and spacious, and it didn't feel like any of those old dodgy hotels :) Other than that, the gym was pretty small but still I managed to do some working out there :)

 photo 20150317_191515_zpsnq6ai8go.jpg

 photo 20150317_191530_zpstufk910v.jpg

 photo 20150317_191541_zps5epy2zhp.jpg

 photo 20150317_190746_zpswttiyl8f.jpg
The Gym

My feedback on the hotel:

1) Housekeeping needs to improve
- Upon arrival, I noticed a long hair near my shower drain
- Reloading of amenities are at random, sometimes I get water bottles, sometimes I don't
- When I'm calling housekeeping through my room phone, sometimes its never answered (This is during office hours of 9-6pm). 
- There were a few times I asked for extra amenities, and it didn't come.
- There's once this housekeeper knocked to clean my room even though I put the Do Not Disturb sign outside
- The towels (upon arrival) were so new that the lint of the towels stuck onto my body. They should have pre washed it.

 photo 20150315_234141_zpshgrxoz94.jpg
lint, lint everywhere!

- When they cleaned my cups on the 2nd day, there was lint in my cup, So I'm only wondering if they actually used my towels to wipe the cup 
 photo 20150316_214551_zpsl0efnhze.jpg
lint in my cup

But of course, after complaining, these things started to clear up

2) The Front Desk should have more communication with other departments
- Due to the housekeeping dept not sending up my amenities that i requested, I did head over to the Front Office to ask them to follow up and help send it up, but even so, the things I requested for wasn't sent (This happened 2 times)

Its a great hotel to stay at for an affordable price you're paying. I guess cause its pretty new, these things happened during my stay. I just hope it'll be better the next time. I would definitely stay there again.

Just some random parts of my trip:

I managed to check out Penang National Park for the first time with Clarissa, and it is definitely a great place to unwind :)

 photo GOPR1660_1426490963428_low_zpsy0viwyzv.jpg
The drive to Penang National Park

 photo GOPR1662_1426526842211_low_zpshjmgksof.jpg
Clarissa and I

 photo GOPR1668_1426526842211_low_zpsgtlsftjw.jpg
Some random rocks that looks like an ass

Stay tuned as I'll be updating soon on some cafes in Penang! :)