Chillaxing at hot springs & volcanos

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This is a very long overdue post about my trip to Bandung, but well, here it is! 

You can read my previous post here:

To start up this post, Bandung is a city in Indonesia which is surrounded by mountains. and of course, there's one which is volcanic! We took an hour drive up the mountains to reach the Tangkuban Perahu Volcano. It is an active volcano and its last eruption was in 1983, which wasn't too long ago. 

My colleague actually did tell me a story of her friend getting possessed over there by an old man's spirit when they visited Tangkuban Perahu, but luckily nothing happened to us when we visited. Phew!

Check out the photos of the Volcano:

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Crater like!

 photo DSC_0153_zpsca089ba1.jpg
The slopes of the volcano which the locals use to sell berries, handicraft and more!

 photo DSC_0186_zps8cef2025.jpg
Check out the steam coming out from the magma down there

 photo DSC_0189_zpsd92b0853.jpg
The view from the volcano

 photo DSC_0196_zps9639e505.jpg
Cantya and I

 photo DSC_0163_zps366b783f.jpg
Bromance at the volcano

 photo DSC_0160_zpsaa347fba.jpg
Can't really see the crater from here

 photo DSC_0203_zpse179390e.jpg
A tourist shot!

 photo DSC_0170_zps66401e29.jpg
There Chung goes!

After the volcano, we decided to head to the hot springs around the area, and on the way, we spotted some rare satay that's being grilled at the roadside. Its Sate Biawak! which means lizard satay! We stopped by ordered a few sticks and actually its pretty delicious!

 photo DSC_0218_zps9b1f7a82.jpg
At the Sate Biawak stall

 photo DSC_0211_zps287b4081.jpg
Grilling the Sate

 photo DSC_0213_zpsfea53be7.jpg
Look how beautiful it turned out!

 photo DSC_0231_zps771c77f9.jpg
Chung overreacting

After sate, we headed to one of the hot springs around the area. These hot springs are sulfuric and  Locals believe that it has  healing properties. We spent about 2 hours there soaking in the spring, and I would advise you not to let it hit your face! I could feel all my pores opening up and all the acne scars on my face starting to itch, but my face was really clean after that LOL!

 photo DSC_0242_zps58600d0c.jpg
The hot spring

 photo DSC_0246_zpsf35ecfed.jpg
before jumping in

 photo DSC_0247_zpse5d02362.jpg
Spot the dead Chung's body

 photo DSC_0252_zps004c5bf8.jpg
Group shot of us

To end the night,  Cantya brought us to a secluded spot where we could see the whole of Bandung. The lights were beautiful and it was really chilly up in the hills! definitely a great place to go to, but I have no idea how to give directions as it is in the middle of nowhere! 

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The trip was definitely great and I would really encourage anyone to head to Bandung for a relaxation trip as it is worth it! Once again I want to thank Cantya for hosting us there!