Party of the century at Empire City!

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Hey all! The Party of the Century just happened about 2 weeks back, and 1 word which I can say to describe it: AWESOME!

It really lived up to its name by creating one of the best parties I've ever been to! From the decor, to the performances and the hospitality, it was well planned and deserved to be given great credit to the people who made it happen! 

I arrived about 8pm with Eileen & Shing and yes, we dressed up with outfits like in the 1920's Great Gatsby! All the ladies were in shimmering & sexy dresses and the dudes, in them tuxedos and suits! The moment we stepped in, We were amazed with the size of the whole party, and it felt as if we stepped into a gigantic mansion! It was divided into 3 storeys, and the main area was the base of an Olympic skating rink. That's how big it is!

 photo DSC_0447_zps9813ceb6.jpg
Yeaps thats how big it is!

 photo DSC_0428_zps2222c349.jpg
Eileen & I

 photo DSC_0424_zpse51f9cdd.jpg
Shing and Eileen

 photo DSC_0476_zpsa66ea537.jpg
The random girl behind LOL

 photo DSC_0498_zps6905b88b.jpg
All the pretty ladies

The Milk PR girls, Michelle, Najwa and Jillian were awesome enough to show me around the place and it was time to get the party started! For the opening act, 2AM came to the stage and performed a few songs and the directors came to officiate the party after that!

 photo EmpireCityPOTC-Image8a_zpsd9780a5f.jpg
2AM on stage

 photo EmpireCityPOTC-Image5a_zps1aab94ef.jpg
The BOD starting up the party!

 photo DSC_0501_zpsb72eb2ee.jpg
This is my party!

And to proceed with the event, there were plenty of performances lined up for us and it was definitely exciting!

 photo EmpireCityPOTC-Image6d_zps49e79969.jpg
Speed painters painting on stage

 photo EmpireCityPOTC-Image6b_zps4f4414db.jpg
An aerial violinist

 photo EmpireCityPOTC-Image6c_zps190d630f.jpg
One of the aerial silk dancers

 photo DSC_0448_zps5eda47bd.jpg
Thats how high they were

 photo EmpireCityPOTC-Image6a_zps92c332ce.jpg
Mark Vincent, The winner of The Voice Australia, serenading with his awesome vocals

 photo EmpireCityPOTC-Image6e_zpsa44b5e96.jpg
A drum performance

 photo EmpireCityPOTC-Image8c_zpsf6646beb.jpg
Paris Hilton on the decks, nothing much to expect on her set, but oh well, its Paris!

 photo EmpireCityPOTC-Image8d_zps0787bb4d.jpg
Taboo bringing down the crowd!

and of course to end the night, a few more group shots of the awesome people I know!

 photo DSC_0510_zps841641ee.jpg

 photo DSC_0495_zps2732d399.jpg

Once again I want to thank Empire City & Milk PR for inviting me and giving me so many invites to pass out! It definitely was the party of the century and I can't wait for the next party that'll be organized by you guys!


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