Phnom Penh Vacation

Another vacation, another adventure! I managed to head to Phnom Penh last month for a Business Vacation. Its been about 4 years since I've stepped foot into Cambodia, and I went to Siem Reap the last time. 

So what job was I handling in Cambodia? I was handling the digital elements at Hennessy Artistry Cambodia! Its pretty exciting as this is my first job in another country, and it wont be as comfortable as I am back in KL

I stayed in Phnom Penh for a week, setting up the equipment with the suppliers etc, and of course I had time for myself to do a little sight seeing. So for the first few days, it was pretty much travelling around to my suppliers warehouses and getting ready up to the event

 photo WP_20141208_20_15_35_Pro_zps9ab39ee1.jpg
Backpacker style

 photo WP_20141209_16_31_20_Pro_zps86e85adc.jpg 
My tuktuk driver, Len

 photo WP_20141209_15_28_39_Pro_zpsc23145d0.jpg
Enjoying the ride

 photo WP_20141209_16_21_49_Pro_zpsb9f189fa.jpg
One of their government buildings

 photo WP_20141213_13_52_46_Pro_zps63a0a7ac.jpg
The Cambodian flag!

 photo WP_20141209_16_33_40_Pro_zps98229424.jpg
River Side Motherfucker!

 photo WP_20141211_09_34_46_Pro_zps0352345b.jpg
The view from Koh Pick Diamond Island

 photo WP_20141210_20_07_58_ev0_Pro_zpse6eb4ad6.jpg
1 dollar beers and cheap food!

As the event day came, it was pretty exciting as firstly, Cambodians have a different type of culture unlike ours, so their way of partying is a little different. About 1,500 guest came and with performances from DJ Andina, Kartoon Network, DJ Minx, and Diane group from Korea

 photo WP_20141212_16_48_39_Pro_zps2520f6f7.jpg
Travelling in style

 photo WP_20141212_22_00_19_Pro_zps5d04b7df.jpg
Projection Mapping on Koh Pick Hall

 photo WP_20141212_20_52_11_Pro_zps2a7eb2ca.jpg
The event hall

 photo WP_20141212_21_43_56_Pro_zps327a15c7.jpg
Andrew with his 2 bodyguards

 photo WP_20141212_22_40_20_Pro_zps5c5da253.jpg
The "must-take" shot

 photo WP_20141212_22_41_08_Pro_zps40305f90.jpg
Lai Seng and I

 photo WP_20141212_23_39_06_Pro_zps5e29d4c6.jpg
DJ Andina on the decks

After the event ended, We finally had some free time to travel around and enjoy the sightseeing of Phnom Penh. Andrew and I started off at the Cambodian Royal Palace, there are time slots to go in and luckily we were just in time for one when we reached

 photo WP_20141213_13_46_34_Pro_zps05742601.jpg
Road to the Palace

 photo WP_20141213_13_47_50_Pro_zpse3530963.jpg
The Cambodian Royal Palace

 photo WP_20141213_13_48_25_Pro_zps7e970778.jpg
Andrew and I

 photo WP_20141213_13_53_28_Pro_zpsb0caec33.jpg
Must take tourist shot

 photo WP_20141213_14_05_51_Pro_zpsac88f4bb.jpg
One of the main temples

 photo WP_20141213_14_04_33_Pro_zpsdefccd5f.jpg
Such a beautiful sight

 photo WP_20141213_14_16_46_Pro_zpsb0cf624c.jpg

 photo WP_20141213_14_11_10_Pro_zpsf1b386e2.jpg
The doors to paradise

 photo WP_20141213_14_14_20_Pro_zps838abfdf.jpg
The main Palace

 photo WP_20141213_14_14_38_Pro_zps9b6e25bd.jpg
The Palace Compound

 photo WP_20141213_14_39_00_Pro_zps34e854df.jpg
Gettin a little crazy

 photo WP_20141213_14_45_40_Pro_zpse325c7ec.jpg
A model of Angkor Wat

After the Royal Palace, we headed over to the National Museum as we wanted to know more on the history about Cambodia, but I was a little disappointed as they mainly showcased most of Angkor Wat stuff, which I saw most of it in my previous trip

But other than that, it is still a beautiful place and is worth a visit if you're heading over to Phnom Penh

 photo WP_20141213_16_45_18_Pro_zps812ea814.jpg
The National Museum

 photo WP_20141213_16_36_14_Pro_zps7f19477f.jpg
The garden of the National Museum

 photo WP_20141213_16_42_45_Pro_zps9591caa9.jpg
The water lilies 

 photo WP_20141213_16_54_30_Pro_zpsa8242dd9.jpg

 photo WP_20141213_16_59_36_Pro_zpsc2f3f37e.jpg
With Andrew & Geraldyne

As my vacation came to an end, we went over to Nagaworld for a clubbing experience and also the casino. The club was full of...girls you're able to take home...but I went for where it counts most, the CASINO! Managed to win some cash back so I'm pretty happy on that!

 photo WP_20141214_00_48_55_Pro_zps664f6257.jpg

Overall it was a great experience at Cambodia, and I wouldn't mind going back as there's still so much to explore at the outskirts! Thanks for reading and I'll be updating soon!