First 2015 Trip: Bandung, Indonesia

Starting up the new year was definitely a blast with a great potluck held at my place, and to continue with the awesome new year, I decided to take a short vacation with my bro, Chung to Bandung, Indonesia!

Why Bandung? because it is away from the busy city of Jakarta, and is said to be really relaxing over there, and of course the main reason is, because our friend Cantya lives there and we're able to crash at her place =D *Tips of saving cost during a vacation

We bought Malindo flights which was really cheap of about RM340 for a return flight, and headed over to KLIA 2 to depart. The sad part was that the flight was delayed for an hour, so we had to stone at the airport for quite some time, but after that, we boarded the plane and flew for 2 hours to reach our destination!

The airport at Bandung was pretty small, it feels like the one back in Terengganu 10 years back, but there wasn't any hassle getting through the customs, and getting our baggage from the delivery bay. Cantya arrived a little late, but it was fine with us since we had 4 days to chill over there. 

First stop, Cantya's house!

Honestly we were amazed at her house as it was sooooo bigg, literally its about 3 bungalows combined together, with another bungalow across the street. The whole house felt like a resort as there were plenty of birds chirping around, and loads of trees and ferns surrounding the house. Lastly, the room we had? was so comfy!

 photo DSC_0006_zps1576b566.jpg
With Cantya & Chung

 photo WP_20150109_15_43_16_Pro_zpsfc9e8bc6.jpg
Cantya's house from the outside

 photo WP_20150110_09_54_09_Pro_zps307834a5.jpg
The garden

 photo WP_20150110_09_54_28_Pro_zpsa9b3b159.jpg
Another view of the garden

 photo WP_20150110_001_zps4a811027.jpg
Its so easy to sleep here *literally i fell asleep*

 photo WP_20150110_10_05_07_Pro_zpsb9b7a7d7.jpg
Interior of the main house

 photo WP_20150108_17_12_48_Pro_zpsb937e8a1.jpg
The door to the guest house

 photo WP_20150110_10_17_26_Pro_zps37985abe.jpg
Some relics 

 photo DSC_0002_zpsa3f5badb.jpg
My room

 photo DSC_0004_zps56f4b61f.jpg
A Cute Water tap

 photo WP_20150110_10_18_57_Pro_zps4c5480dc.jpg
The 2nd guest house

 photo WP_20150110_10_19_43_Pro_zps131a16a3.jpg
The 2nd guest house chillax area

So lets move on, on the first night, all we wanted was to get some good food and relax that night off. Cantya brought us to a food court kinda place, where we were able to try different types of indonesian cuisine. After that, she told us that Bandung is actually surrounded by hills, and all the drinking spots were up on the hills. We made a move and headed over to a nice chillax bar called Erginn. Beers were cheap and it had a great view of the city

 photo DSC_0028_zps2195ee68.jpg
Erginn bar

 photo DSC_0017_zpsac5bc2a9.jpg
The interior of the bar, love the art!

 photo DSC_0010_zpsf6f58798.jpg
The view from Erginn

 photo DSC_0021_zpsff60f760.jpg
Trying out Indonesia's brew, Bintang Beer

 photo DSC_0022_zpsc35659e6.jpg

 photo DSC_0027_zps647f571d.jpg
Tya and me

 photo DSC_0033_zpsc7f53af9.jpg
The 3 of us

As the night got dark, we headed back to Cantya's house as she had to work the next day. To end day 1, The bed was fantastic which I slept in until noon! 

On the 2nd day, I headed out with Chung to the city centre, where we walked around and started feasting on food and drinks again! 

 photo DSC_0035_zpsb694706f.jpg
Bebek Garang! (Fried Duck)

 photo DSC_0037_zps3f328aad.jpg
Express Beer Bar!

 photo DSC_0038_zpsd6fe9a6a.jpg
His liver light is on

 photo DSC_0041_zpsc5d0cef7.jpg
Sate Padang!

As Cantya finished work, we headed up to Lembang, where there is the floating market and also a very nice chapel up there. It was about a 45 minute drive up, but definitely it was worth it! Imma just show you pictures of how amazing it was

 photo DSC_0066_zps77fdc894.jpg
The church was closed, but the gardens was not!

 photo DSC_0061_zps1be99512.jpg
Gate to the gardens

And here is the garden, with the journey of Jesus till he was crucified

 photo DSC_0043_zps5e0017c1.jpg

 photo DSC_0046_zps2bc00133.jpg

 photo DSC_0048_zpsa4cb40a5.jpg

 photo DSC_0050_zps9969787e.jpg

 photo DSC_0044_zpsbf91d6da.jpg

 photo DSC_0057_zps290d09a6.jpg

 photo DSC_0059_zps3528480f.jpg

The next spot we went to was the floating markets, which is a great place for tourist to tryout awesome food, and families to spend time with their kids as there's plenty of fun things to do over there

 photo DSC_0072_zpsa100e20a.jpg

 photo DSC_0077_zps8cc4631c.jpg
The lake

 photo DSC_0078_zpsa648d967.jpg
Its a great place for a photoshoot

 photo DSC_0082_zpsbbf9abed.jpg
Rabbit park

 photo DSC_0085_zpsefce7700.jpg
great place for family fun

 photo DSC_0087_zpsfcc11705.jpg
Another view of the lake

 photo DSC_0096_zpse2ce679e.jpg
The floating market

 photo DSC_0090_zpsa54452ef.jpg

 photo DSC_0092_zps5a771d68.jpg
some kinda cassava

 photo DSC_0099_zps643c6aa1.jpg
preparing a coconut crisp

 photo DSC_0109_zps49ba39f6.jpg
Some kinda coconut crisp

 photo DSC_0106_zps84269cce.jpg
Rabbit Satay

 photo DSC_0139_zps53bfa98d.jpg
Fried catfish

 photo DSC_0110_zps3e336b2f.jpg
The floating market by night

And to end the night, we headed up to another bar located at Stevie G Hotel. The hotel is pretty cool as each room has a different theme. *would be great if you wanna do something kinky =P and the bar has another splendid view of the city. We had a fine bottle of Bali Moscato, and chilled the night off

 photo DSC_0134_zps3f85ad46.jpg
The view!

 photo DSC_0116_zps1d8c26ad.jpg
Bali Moscato

 photo DSC_0119_zps3855d3e7.jpg
Enjoying a glass of Moscato

 photo DSC_0137_zps99ce45d1.jpg
A nice group shot to end the night

I'll be stopping my post here, as it's a really long post already, I'll be posting up more in my next post about the Volcano and Hot Spring! 

Stay Tuned