The Big Apple!

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Hey everyone! This update is a little late due to settling all my working stuff since I got back and also I had a lot of pictures to go through! So i picked out the best pictures I have for this post! 

For those who don't know, I headed over to New York beginning of November with my sister, Audrey! Best part? My stepdad was gracious enough to give us the "Family Discount" privilege since he works with Aer Lingus! So we only paid the bare minimum for an awesome flight to New York! A normal return ticket would cost about 600 Euros!

It was a 7 hour flight from Shannon Airport (Ireland) and we arrived at New York in the evening even though the time difference is a few hours more. We got onto the metro, and headed to Brooklyn where we were going to stay. We checked into a small cozy B&B only a few stops from Manhattan, which was pretty affordable too. RM160 per night, so its only RM80 per person

We unpacked our stuff and headed to the main island of Manhattan! It was about a 20 minute train ride to Times Square and New York is known as the city that never sleeps! It was so bright that you wouldn't even need streetlights to light up the area as the LED advertisements and billboards just illuminate the whole area!

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The first photo in New York!

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Audrey & I with the creepy guy behind =D

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So bright!

We then headed into the Toys R Us at Times Square and it was massive! There was even a ferris wheel in it and 4 floors of toys! The salesmen there were so smooth on the toys they were promoting and it was really a great time enjoying their shows and promoting in there!

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Toys R Us!

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Audrey & I

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Save me superman!

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We then headed over to Rockefellar Center, where there's a nice ice skating rink in the middle, and of course, gigantic buildings and sculptures around it. It's a very beautiful place as the neon trees are amazing

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Le sis, Audrey

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Such a pretty background

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Check out the height

As it was late at night, We headed for a treat as we went to Cake Boss Cafe. You would always know Cake Boss from the TV show for his amazing cakes he creates! We had a tiramisu, which costed USD $10! It was heck expensive, but it was good! Must as well have it since I'm already in New York

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With the Cake Boss!

We headed for the last stop of the night which is Grand Central Station. This is a famous place for movie shots as it is big, beautiful and the architecture is great! Really a romantic place to send someone off or meet someone

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Grand Central Station

The next day came and it was going to be an amazing day for us! One of the main highlights of my trip is visiting the Statue of Liberty! The most famous statue in USA on Liberty Island, its definitely a must to visit! We headed over to Battery, and got on a cruise to Liberty Island!

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That's how small it is from afar

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Getting the long awaited hotdog!

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Statue Cruises

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Audrey & I on the boat

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The view from the boat

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As we get closer to Lady Liberty

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The American flag on Liberty Island

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Audrey & I

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Being a tourist

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The view of NYC

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The "must-have" shot

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Check out that ass!

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Another Ass

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Upskirting Lady Liberty

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Being total fools =D

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views of Liberty Island

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Digging that nose

Apart Liberty Island, the statue cruises included a trip to Ellis Island, which has the Immigration Museum there. The museum was really informative on the migration patterns of USA, and the most interesting stories I learned in there was of the Chinese & Africans migrating into USA

Its definitely a must if you would like to know more about its history!

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Museum of Immigration

We then headed off to Central Park, which is a gigantic park in New York. Its the most "green" place in New York and it was massive! We walked for about 30 minutes and we barely covered 1/8 of the park.

We then headed over to the Central Park Zoo to see some cutesy fartsy animals!

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Some bird

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Japanese Snow Monkey

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Red Panda!

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That's April the sealion behind

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So cute!

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High 5!

As night came, we walked around NYC Again and it was sad we missed a Rangers game going on at Madison Square Garden. Oh well, the next time!

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Madison Square Garden

The next morning came and it was going to be another exciting day! We started off the day by walking the Brooklyn Bridge! the oldest bridge in New York, it was a good 20 minute walk and there were plenty of others like us walking the bridge. mostly tourist and some joggers around starting their day out

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Brooklyn Bridge!

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The city from the bridge

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Audrey & the history of the bridge

Another highlight of the day was visiting the 9/11 memorial & museum. After the terrorist attack a long time ago, they transformed the site into 2 amazing waterfalls, which is absolutely beautiful and holds a lot of meaning to it. To me, it feels like its forever flowing and its guiding the souls to a better place

The museum was another amazing place to be, we managed to get in free for the "Wednesday after 6pm special". You would need to book this package at least 2 weeks in advance for this, or you could just pay the full price of about $20 USD to enter.The exhibition was really heartbreaking as you're able to hear the last calls, voices, and watch the videos of the last moments of 9/11. It is really moving in there and I would recommend anyone to go for it

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The memorial site

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Another view

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Yeah I'm smiling (for now)

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The foundation of the trade centre buildings

Ruins from the site

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 photo DSC_0810_zpsac2e4b27.jpg

 photo DSC_0813_zps979ddadc.jpg

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The wall shows many different shades of blue of what the people remembered how the sky was during 9/11. There is not a single shade which is the same

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Photos of the victims

After  the 9/11 Memorial, We headed for another "must-do" things. BROADWAY! 
We got "last minute" tickets at the tkts counters at Times Square, where our tickets only costed $50 USD each. We chose Chicago since we both didn't watch it before

The show was superb and it is the longest running broadway show in New York! 

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All in all, my trip to New York was amazing! And i definitely would want to go there again in the future! Thanks for reading!