My experience at H-Artistry 2014

Hey all! I'm back with another story to tell. I recently headed for H-Artistry at MIECC on the 18th November 2014. My last Artistry was back in 2011, as I've missed out every artistry last 2 years due to my travelling around Woohoo! Not that i regret that though :)

 photo WP_20141115_15_54_44_Pro_zpsa4099646.jpg

I was given a pair of VIP invites (Zone V), so yeah I went for H-Artistry, it was good, but there were areas that could be perfected. I arrived with Eileen at MIECC to find out, there's not enough parking. This is due to the management taking one whole floor for Taxi Parking. 

The best part? It wasn't even full at the time we left (about 12am that night), and also the security was really rude when I asked "Where can I park?" They were like. "PERGIH DARI SINI, PARKING LUAR (Get out of here, Park somewhere outside)" really loudly when he was just next to my car. Honestly I felt like I didn't want to go at all already when that happened.

But well since it was a long time since I met my friends that were attending, I endured and headed over to Mines to park my car. It took us a good 20 minutes just to find a parking. Honestly I do not mind the walk, but you know, Girls wear heels, and walking on uneven road outside ain't a great start of the night

Heading up to the registration counters, it was another downer as everyone had to line up in a single line for security checks. Why couldn't they open up more security lines for VIP'S like the one back in 2011? So we had to queue with a whole lot of other people and we could only proceed to our designated counter. Didn't feel really great about it

 photo WP_20141115_13_40_39_Pro_zps70df425c.jpg
The annoying Queue

 photo WP_20141115_13_46_52_Pro_zpsea4a35d0.jpg
Eileen & I

As went into the hall, It's the usual mixing areas, and a big white curtain box right in the middle. It was named as the H-Artistry Experience. putting our hopes up, we queued up for 15 minutes to get to the entrance. We were given some earphones and headed into the box structure which was empty inside. I first thought it would be a Silent Party with some part of projection mapping/augmented reality experience, but to our disappointment it was just a synchronized light show. Just lights shooting around based on the music we're listening on the headphones

 photo WP_20141115_13_51_08_Pro_zps957429ee.jpg
The H-Artistry Experience

 photo WP_20141115_14_01_34_Pro_zps44917460.jpg
Eileen & I

 photo WP_20141115_14_03_13_Pro_zps599baeb5.jpg
The light show

We then entered the main hall, The hall is impressive as usual, and I really love how they made cube LED screens this year. We headed over to our "V" zone which is right in front of the stage, but it was pretty crowded over there. After maneuvering in and out, we finally made it to the front to meet our friends 

We stayed for MKTO & Tinie Tempah's performance which was great, and enjoyed some cocktails by the side

 photo WP_20141115_14_06_48_Pro_zps2c92870a.jpg
The hall

 photo WP_20141115_14_11_56_Pro_zpscdea2e6e.jpg

 photo WP_20141115_14_43_28_Pro_zpse5dd474a.jpg
Henry, Isaac & date, Eileen & I

 photo WP_20141115_14_46_57_Pro_zps3081fc12.jpg
Tinie Tempah 

 photo WP_20141115_15_13_41_Pro_zpsb444713b.jpg
love the lights!

 photo WP_20141115_15_26_28_Pro_zps67613ec6.jpg
Imma Bleep You

 photo WP_20141115_14_23_15_Pro_zps59ecbc1a.jpg
With the group of bloggers

 photo WP_20141115_15_18_57_Pro_zpse4acd54b.jpg
Joanna & Eileen

All in all, I would say that it was good, but there were a few things they could have improved on. I'll wait for next year's to come and hope it'll be better!

*Photos taken using Nokia Lumia 1020