Europe Trip: Beautiful Prague!

Hey everyone! Some of you guys might know that I'm on a 3 week Eurotrip! Mainly to visit my family in Ireland & also to explore a few different cities here. I'm grateful enough that my boss allowed me to do so, because come on, 3 weeks of leave is really a lot! But I'm thankful that everything went through smoothly.

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My first destination on the list was Prague! Prague is known for its beautiful architecture and also being one of the most affordable tourist destinations in Europe. So i packed my bags, booked a hostel and walahh! There I was

It was a 4d3n vacation at Prague, so I got my flights through Aer Lingus this time as surprisingly, its cheaper compared to Ryan Air. I paid about RM500 for a return flight and I stayed at Hostel Rosemary which was about RM40 per night. affordable huh?

As for cash, I only changed about 4,000 Czk (approx RM650) and I budgeted to use about 1,000 Czk per day.

So first up, I took a 2 hour flight from Dublin, Ireland, and arrived at Prague about 4pm. Public transport is pretty much easy from the Airport, so i took an Airport Express Bus (AE) which only costed about 60czk (RM9) to get to the city. And in the city itself, everything's within walking distance from my hostel, so I didn't need to get a tram/train/bus for anything!

As for the first day, It was pretty much the discovery period, which I was a typical tourist looking through the map, exploring the parts of the city and also trying out some of Prague's delicacies!

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Such a beautiful city, check out the architecture!

 photo WP_20141020_23_16_58_Pro_zps46dcc8ca.jpg

The clock tower near the hostel

 photo WP_20141020_23_17_31_Pro_zpsec9cc062.jpg

The first selfie!

 photo WP_20141020_22_25_16_Pro_zpsd1f01b37.jpg

A street performance by some Red Indians?

 photo WP_20141021_15_44_58_Pro_zpsea6e3f8b.jpg

The street market

 photo WP_20141020_23_39_39_Pro_zps334010f7.jpg

The old square

 photo WP_20141020_23_38_40_Pro_zpsdcd73f11.jpg

some monuments at the old square

 photo WP_20141020_23_37_26_Pro_zps6e599b15.jpg

The very famous Astronomical Clock Tower at the square. I'll explain about it more later!

 photo WP_20141020_23_36_18_Pro_zps77d2131e.jpg

and of course, Prague is known for its excellence in music!

 photo 4_zps29496158.jpg

Trying out Prague's famous old ham! 

costed about 300 Czk (RM45) with a beer! if you do want to try it out, remember to request for a small piece, as they normally serve about 300g and more and they charge about 80czk/100g

As night takes over, The view is definitely fantastic! and also...errhemm Cabarets are open! There are plenty around, and most give you free entrance, and if you would like to stay, you would just need to purchase a beer/drink for about 90 Czk

 photo WP_20141021_01_11_23_Pro_zpsd3279cc0.jpg

Night shot at the New Town 

 photo WP_20141021_00_10_37_Pro_zps30958c5e.jpg

There are even limo's for the higher class Cabarets

Starting up the 2nd day, my wine buddy Yunsin came to Prague too! Its been quite long since we met up since she went to Bristol to continue her studies, and this was a great opportunity to catch up.

We decided to go for the Sandeman's Free Tour around Prague, is FREE! Typical Malaysian minds! What is free, You must take! 

you can check them out here:

We got an awesome guide Declan, who is awesome with his sense of humor and dramatic explanations! get him if you're heading to Prague

 photo WP_20141021_19_46_36_Pro_zps72a2e275.jpg

Watch out for the Red umbrella's as thats where the Sandeman's Tour starts!

 photo WP_20141021_19_47_40_Pro_zpsf910e550.jpg

Yunsin & I

 photo WP_20141021_20_39_54_Pro_zpsb039a768.jpg

"Pieta", created by Anna Chromy in front of the Estates Theater. 

There was an incident where one of the pub crawlers managed to get in it, and couldn't come out! LOL they needed the fire brigade to get him out

 photo 7_zps79155539.jpg
Astronomical Clock tower! Thats our guide, Declan in the middle. 

This clock tower is pretty special, as it is a medieval clock built in 1410, and is the oldest one still working right now! It can tell the time, and also shows the placement of the sun, moon and even the zodiac!

Half way through the tour, we took a break to enjoy some awesome Prague beer, and also to get to know the other tours available  for the following day. We decided to book the castle tour, which costed 250 czk each for student price (about RM40 per person) 

 photo WP_20141021_21_28_27_Pro_zps6f6b7a1d.jpg

Prague Beers!

 photo WP_20141021_21_45_44_Pro_zps7e7ac3a2.jpg

My first Dunkel in Prague, pretty sweet though.

 photo WP_20141021_22_08_09_Pro_zps07a9a6fa.jpg

A synagogue

 photo WP_20141021_22_31_35_Pro_zps83b555d8.jpg

Another famous Jewish clock on the left, as the designers of it thought since Jew's read from right to left, they made the clock backwards, moving from right to left. LOL

 photo WP_20141021_22_52_30_Pro_zpsf26aa017.jpg

Yunsin in action

 photo WP_20141021_22_52_43_Pro_zpsd801c48c.jpg

The Czech Philharmonic

 photo WP_20141021_23_10_44_Pro_zpsbb05a71f.jpg

Selfie with Declan

 photo WP_20141021_23_11_55_Pro_zps0f78d5f3.jpg

Selfie with Yunsin

 photo WP_20141020_23_37_57_Pro_zps6beade58.jpg

A stall selling a famous delicacy, Trdelnik

 photo 1_zps704196b6.jpg

Trying out the Trdelnik & Crepes

As for dinner, we decided to have it with our new friends, Meong from Korea & Taichi from Japan. We walked around for quite a bit (cos we were lost) and finally decided to eat at a restaurant nearby the old town square. 

 photo 2_zps616ba54c.jpg
Pork Knucle, Risotto, Pork Neck & a Meat Platter! All for 1,077 Czk (about RM160) with 6 beers. SOOO AWESOMEE!

 photo WP_20141022_04_49_15_Pro_zps8c1757d2.jpg

Group shot of us

 photo WP_20141022_03_00_49_Pro_zps2a8f8fdb.jpg

Prague by night

 photo WP_20141020_23_59_33_Pro_zps04569c2b.jpg

As you can see, Absinth is the priority LOL

 photo WP_20141022_00_07_50_Pro_zps8b4c4f1f.jpg

Cannabis lollipops to end the night

As the Day 3 came, it was pretty chilly, as it was raining. Temperatures dropped down to 4 degrees, and God I was unprepared for it! Yunsin and I were going for the castle tour that day, and well, the castle is all the way on top at the outer ring of the city. 

We walked half way to the meetup point, and suddenly the showers decided to get crazy! We had no choice but to stop, and settle down at a restaurant at the Old Town Square to wait till the rain slows down

A great thing about this restaurant is they do provide heaters around you, and also give you blankets to cover up from the cold! Awesome!

 photo WP_20141022_18_53_10_Pro_zps90d745e6.jpg

Yunsin all cozy

 photo WP_20141022_18_58_23_Pro_zps004c92ea.jpg

A meat platter and another dunkel!

We met up at the Czech Philharmonic with the tour group, where we needed to take 1 tram ride up the hill, as it was cold, windy and its pretty high up. You would probably need a 24 Czk ticket for that tram.

We reached to the outer part of the castle, which is the royal gardens, and then I realized, actually you don't even need to take a tour, as entrance is free to the castle grounds, Should have done more research on that. If only you would like to get special certain locations at the castle grounds, you would need to pay a small fee for it.

So starting up, check out the gardens!

 photo WP_20141022_20_59_34_Pro_zpsa3128425.jpg

The gardens

 photo WP_20141022_21_02_00_Pro_zps9bb8b484.jpg

Prague castle view from the gardens

 photo WP_20141022_21_14_57_Pro_zpsbac2a582.jpg

The queen's summer house

 photo WP_20141022_21_23_29_Pro_zps487dae5e.jpg

The Ball Game Hall

 photo WP_20141022_21_27_10_Pro_zpsb3849fef.jpg

St Invictus Cathedral from afar

 photo WP_20141022_21_51_17_Pro_zps6a1ddac3.jpg

The entrance to the castle. If you're lucky, you can see the changing of guards

 photo WP_20141022_21_52_04_Pro_zps672feb06.jpg

Yunsin & I

 photo WP_20141022_21_54_06_Pro_zps7e0cb8ef.jpg

The administration buildings

 photo WP_20141022_21_54_32_Pro_zps79ac7920.jpg


 photo 6_zps02fa9158.jpg

The gigantic Cathedral, I need a wider lens!

 photo WP_20141022_22_05_05_Pro_zps2846b2f2.jpg

Inside the cathedral

 photo 5_zpsd3d3a614.jpg

Check out the window paint

 photo WP_20141022_22_29_33_Pro_zps34984aee.jpg

One of the palaces

 photo WP_20141022_22_29_45_Pro_zps7117a9a8.jpg

And of course, the best part of the castle tour, The view from the castle which overlooks the city

 photo WP_20141022_23_28_55_Pro_zps8ff22cd6.jpg

 photo WP_20141022_23_29_05_Pro_zpsba94ec3e.jpg

 photo WP_20141022_23_35_05_Pro_zps3d2d9cd6.jpg
Yunsin's feet

and of course you need to take pictures with the scenery too! 

 photo 8_zps9f615d99.jpg

To end our night, one of our old routines back in Malaysia is to go for wine at Chung's place, Vintry. Our tour guide recoomended us to head to Salova, which provides great food and drinks

 photo WP_20141023_00_56_09_Pro_zps74ff1e56.jpg
Camwhore time

 photo WP_20141023_01_01_09_Pro_zpsbe3ba3db.jpg

Roasted Lamb

 photo WP_20141023_01_03_56_Pro_zpsb45aae11.jpg

Wild boar neck

 photo WP_20141023_01_00_08_Pro_zps2d8c6087.jpg

Yunsin & I. Honestly the 3rd seat is for Chung. We miss you bro!

That's all for this post! It was definitely a great time at Prague, and it was a great time catching up with Yunsin. 

I'll be updating soon of my other adventures around Europe!

*Photos taken using Nokia Lumia 1020