Big Breakfast @ AMPM Cafe

Hi everyone, to start things off, I finally have time to write up a post! Gahh its been about 2 weeks already, and sorry to keep all of you hanging.

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I managed to head over to a semi-new cafe in USJ 21 called AMPM Cafe. Its concept is for people to have awesome breakfasts during the morning and great coffee/chillout sessions during the afternoon/evening. Its a 2-storey outlet, with loads of seating places and has a real cozy environment

Eileen and I started by using a simple coupon they posted on their facebook page, which got us a scone & black coffee each for FREEEEE. Do check em  out on Facebook here for more promotions and stuff:

We then ordered some delicious food and explored the cafe! 

 photo WP_20140914_13_14_40_Pro_zps515be5c2.jpg
The interior of the cafe

 photo WP_20140914_12_01_47_Pro_zps2391b639.jpg
love the decor

 photo WP_20140914_11_59_44_Pro_zps811010e5.jpg
Scones & coffee

 photo WP_20140914_12_41_42_Pro_zpsfc67f618.jpg
Hot Chocolate. This is quite interesting as you have to swirl the chocolate cube into the hot milk

 photo WP_20140914_12_14_59_Pro_zps19a2303c.jpg
A  nice hot cup of coffee

 photo WP_20140914_12_14_40_Pro_zps99baaed8.jpg
Love the coffee art

So after we had our coffee and scones, we explored the 2nd floor which was really interesting, as it looks like an art exhibit, plus a chilling area, dining area and an outdoor area

 photo 1_zps0e1c5b1a.jpg
The 2nd floor

 photo WP_20140914_12_58_35_Pro_zpsdabb2b23.jpg
The outdoor area

 photo WP_20140914_13_07_40_Pro_zps3e26eb27.jpg
the outdoor area is a good place for a photoshoot

We then headed back to the ground floor, to resume our dining experience. 

 photo WP_20140914_12_06_56_Pro_zps21a8fde7.jpg
I ordered a Big Breakfast set. It definitely is worth the money as....

 photo WP_20140914_12_06_22_Pro_zps4a4cc5df.jpg
ITS FREAKING BIG! loads of bacon, sausages, mushrooms and more!

 photo WP_20140914_12_12_17_Pro_zps9f1a82a0.jpg
Eileen ordered a Egg's Benedict with Salmon, one of my favourite meals for breakfast

 photo WP_20140914_12_08_42_Pro_zps48db8b52.jpg
Its definitely quite filling too

So if you're ever around the area, do make a visit to this cafe as the food is definitely worth it! Best part? Their marketing manager, Nikki said our meal was on the house! WOOHOO! 

11A, Jalan USJ 21/5
03-8081 9121

*All photos taken using Nokia Lumia 1020