Friday, September 26, 2014

Oktoberfest Starts Early!

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Oktoberfest is one of the craziest beer related parties of the year as its a whole month of drinking! I never seem to cease the opportunity to drink awesome beers and indulge in the GERMAN FRANKFURTERRRRSSS and cuisine

As for this year, it started early as GAB started its media launch of its Oktoberfest at its Tavern on the 23rd September. GAB has teased us with "Big is always better" and what was in store for us? Something we wouldn't expect.

Guinness has unveiled Malaysia's Biggest Mug at the launch standing at 2.6m height and 1.72m wide. It was no other than a replica of the company's reknowned Oktoberfest 2014 promotional mug, creating a new record in the Malaysian Book Of Records at the event.

 photo MalaysiasBiggestMugasendorsedbytheMalaysiaBookofRecords_zps24c9d54e.jpg
Malaysia's Biggest Mug

 photo L-R_SalesDirectorofGABMrThumCheeYuenHeadofTradeMarketingMrTiesVanRappardManagingDirectorofGABMrHansEssaadiandMarketingDirect_zps13f009a3.jpg
The Directors of GAB

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Do you like our moustaches?

 photo WP_20140923_20_54_10_Pro_zps023ab785.jpg
What would your caption be when you see this photo?

 photo WP_20140923_20_46_32_Pro_zps0b50be05.jpg
Debra & I 

 photo WP_20140923_20_58_32_Pro_zps6a8eed34.jpg
With Choulyin, Yeeing & Kahmon

Other than that, there were also games to be played which allows you to win exclusive GAB merchandise with the traditional Oompah band playing our favourite Oktoberfest songs all night long.

 photo WP_20140923_20_43_49_Pro_zps2940fe89.jpg
Idarts to be played with

 photo WP_20140923_20_42_55_Pro_zps109bc9fa.jpg
Push the mug!

 photo WP_20140923_20_55_10_Pro_zps4230ddcd.jpg
Drink up ladies!

 photo WP_20140923_21_03_52_Pro_zps5f90776d.jpg
Ryan & Ben

 photo WP_20140923_21_05_23_Pro_zps379e1c6a.jpg
The guys

The Biggest Mug which took about a month to complete, is made out of fibre glass. The giant vessel, which can actually hold liquid, will be travelling the peninsular so consumers can have a closer look and partake in Malaysia’s Biggest Mug “Guess the Litre” challenge. The top 5 participants who provide the correct or closest estimated volume of liquid the receptacle can hold, wins a year’s supply of Tiger Beer.  

·       Oct 2: Festival Walk, Ipoh
·       Oct 3 and 4: Setia Walk, Puchong and Auto City, Penang
·       Oct 10 and 11: Scott Garden, PJ and Upper Penang Road
·       Oct 16: Desa Sri Hartamas
·       Oct 17 and 18: Changkat Bukit Bintang and Jonker Street, Malacca
·       Oct 24 and 25: Sunway Giza, PJ and Sutera Mall, Johor Bharu

As for the hand-held version, the GAB Oktoberfest mug is available in two designs. To collect, simply buy four pints or two jugs or two buckets or a tower of either of the participating brands (Tiger, Guinness, Anchor, Heineken, Kilkenny, Kirin, Smirnoff, Strongbow, and Paulaner) for one Oktoberfest mug.

For more info, head over here:


Monday, September 8, 2014

Amplify by Guinness

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First up, why is it called Guinness Amplify? Guinness Amplify is their new campaign that replaces the previous Guinness Arthurs Day. GUINNESS Amplify: Music Made of More celebrates the remarkable journey of talented, dedicated and passionate musicians - musicians who are Made of More.

I was invited over for their media launch at Laundry Bar, The Curve, where we were able to see first hand of what Guinness Amplify is all about. Theres basically going to be  6 incredible live shows in 6 weeks in locations across Peninsular Malaysia and to start it off, we had Paperplane Pursuit & Darren  to perform at the Media Conference.

 photo WP_20140826_19_21_57_Pro_zps626065ef.jpg
Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director of GAB telling us what the campaign is all about

 photo WP_20140826_20_02_04_Pro_zps22b4c9b2.jpg
Sandy  & I

 photo WP_20140826_19_43_07_Pro_zpse8aba823.jpg
Michelle & I

 photo WP_20140826_19_37_31_Pro_zpsf83119f6.jpg
Girls being girls

 photo WP_20140826_19_35_48_Pro_zpsaa226ef3.jpg
Joanna & Sandy

 photo WP_20140826_19_39_01_Pro_zps1814ea88.jpg
Clarisse & Samantha

 photo WP_20140826_19_40_56_Pro_zps0eaac1c9.jpg
Paperplane Pursuit on stage

 photo WP_20140826_20_58_37_Pro_zpsb8c527c3.jpg
Michelle, Jessica, Sandy, Joanna & I

and last but not least, the group shot of us

 photo WP_20140826_19_56_11_Pro_zps000b0971.jpg

So if you're around, head over to any of the Guinness Amplify events as a pint of Guinness will only be RM10 and also you're able to listen to awesome music all night long! Also, first two-hundred (200) customers, will be entitled to a GUINNESS® stamp card where two (2) GUINNESS® purchased will get you one (1) GUINNESS

For more info, head to:

*all pictures taken using Nokia Lumia 1020

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Paradise Inn Food Review

Hi All! To start off my post, its only 2 days to Moon Cake Festival! Who's excited? Of course with delicious moon cakes, you would also need delicious food to start it off!

I've recently been invited to Paradise Inn Sunway Pyramid for a food review. Paradise Inn is part of the Paradise Group, which provides delicious and reasonably priced Chinese cuisine. As their tagline is creating new dimensions of dining pleasure, They've introduced a new menu this September!

I headed over with Eileen & lets start with the delicious food!

 photo 1-tile_zps8c8c61f0.jpg
Interior of the restaurant

 photo SAM_1606_zpsd07d424a.jpg
The Table setting. Check out the designs! one of the best parts I loved is they would change the plates after every dish

The new menu & promotion

 photo 3_zps9129ce8b.jpg

 photo 2_zps7f693179.jpg

Now to head to food we got to indulge in:

 photo SAM_1609_zps2e508909.jpg
For starters, we had the 
Double boiled Water Goby with Fresh Apple Soup (RM42.90) 
It was definitely one of the best soups I ever had. Great part of it is that's no msg and the taste is well balanced. The condiments such as the pork rib and fish were amount-full and there was a taste of sweetness at the end of each sip

 photo SAM_1632_zps280e5be4.jpg
Ingredients to make this delicious soup

 photo SAM_1635_zpsb5397959.jpg
Fried Scallop in Canton Style (RM35.90)
These are scallops fried in crispy batter with chilli. The scallops are quite big, and its very tender.

 photo SAM_1628_zpsbf6d20c7.jpg
Mixed Salad Tea-Smoked Duck (RM29.90)
Salad was well balanced and a little creamy. The smoked duck was tender and very flavourful, as I could still retain the flavours even after a good period of time in my mouth

 photo SAM_1673_zps70ce44a9.jpg
Shrimp Paste Chicken [RM18.90 (S) RM27.90 (M) RM36.90 (L)]
This is fried chicken coated with shrimp paste. It is a very interesting mix as you'll get a strong shrimp flavour but it doesn't overpower the chicken's taste

 photo SAM_1644_zps09577240.jpg
Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Fish & Waterchestnut - (RM18.90)
This ain't the normal minced pork which you buy at a "Dai Chou" place. The mince pork was very smooth in texture (no small bits & pieces), and has little saltiness from the salted fish. This is definitely best served with rice

 photo SAM_1649_zps92e58e1f.jpg

Crisp - Fried Crystal Prawns with Wasabi Mayo sauce [RM29.90 (S) RM44.90 (M) RM59.90 (L)]
The prawn had crispiness eventhough its coated with the wasabi mayo sauce. Its taste is sweet with a  hint of wasabi, but it's not spicy. The Wasabi sauce was creamy & smooth

 photo SAM_1653_zpsfccff158.jpg
 A closer look at it

 photo SAM_1720_zpsa09f3398.jpg
Braised Vermicelli with Pork Trotters [RM19.90 (S) RM29.90 (M) RM39.90 (L)]
Its very filling. The pork trotters juiciness was used to balance out the slightly dry vermicelli

 photo SAM_1707_zps4f4c9e2b.jpg
 Seafood with Spicy Homemade Sauce (RM24.90)
This dish is not too spicy and a good amount of tomato & onions brought out the sweetness of the fish

 photo SAM_1689_zps48f7dc48.jpg
Fiery Tender Chicken in ‘Kung Bao’ Sauce (RM20.50)
This dish is a little spicy, but definitely a very flavourful one! It'll be a good choice if you decide to get individual dishes

 photo SAM_1694_zps390c3d01.jpg
A closer look at it

 photo SAM_1730_zpsb515d3be.jpg
This prawn dish is not on the menu yet! Its called Crispy Tom Yum Prawns for now, It has a hint of sweet & sour sauce with Thai Chilli. Stay tuned as I can say its worth waiting for!

 photo SAM_1733_zps17d2b421.jpg
Mango Sago 
Its really sweet and smooth, definitely my choice of dessert to end the day!

 photo SAM_1740_zps09c65d04.jpg
Ice Jelly Dessert 
This is very refreshing with a hint of sourness. One thing, the ladies love it! 

Now's the time this post has to come to an end! It was definitely a blast being able to indulge in these wonderful dishes prepared for us. 

If you would want to try out some of their cuisine, You can head over to their restaurant located at 
Sunway Pyramid, 
Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 
47500 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia

or you can check out their other outlets here: