Yo Ho Ho, who's up for Rum?

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Starting up, Who headed for MTV World Stage last weekend? It was crazy as, MTV gave me 8 invites, Influr gave me another 4 invites, and the best of all, A new rum called Sailor Jerry gave me 2 VIP invites with VIP passes for the after party!

Honestly this year's lineup wasn't as great as the previous years, hopefully it'll be better next year! But with the free flow of Sailor Jerry given to us, it was great :) Tell me who can get wasted on Yuna's performance? LOL

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Eileen and I

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Co founder of Influr, Clara with Amanda from Indonesia

We headed over to the Sailor Jerry VIP Tent and there to meet up with the rest of the bloggers, and the setup was pretty nice as it brings an old classic feel to the atmosphere over there. What more, there were drinks being served free flow and we got free Sailor Jerry limited edition cups with each drink :)

Sailor Jerry is pretty awesome, as its a pretty smooth rum, with a vintage feel. Also I love how they showcase and market their product at this event

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The Sailor Jerry VIP tent

 photo 10582332_689166201137924_1666427393_o_zps6dfd4043.jpg
Check out the setup

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Free temporary tattoos

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Eileen & I

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Diese, Jess, Eileen & I

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Eileen, Adrienne, her friend (sorry forgot ur name bro) & I

 photo 10627435_689166304471247_1176909795_o_zps79d462f9.jpg
Sailor Jerry drinks being poured

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The bunch of bloggers

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My first Sailor Jerry

 photo 10601053_689166387804572_1991885553_n_zps01d7ec3e.jpg
Sailor Jerry baby!

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The main stage

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The last group shot

So yeah, Try out Sailor Jerry for your next drink!