Which would you choose? Quality or Price?

To start things up, we’re always stuck on technology now, especially our phones every day, whether it’s walking around, being at home, a restaurant, or work, it has been embedded into our daily lives. Tell me how we can live without it

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Gone were the days that we could just get a normal prepaid plan and use the legendary Nokia 3310 as now we need to have mobile data connectivity and there are so many plans to choose from. The question of the day is: what mobile plan suits you best?

I honestly have tried plenty of plans over the years, and there are only 2 which I would say I’m agreeable with

MaxisONE or Celcom First Premier

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Both are the country’s leaders in mobile lines, and they have lived up to its name. In my line of work, I need to call/sms/whatsapp quite a lot and I would say MaxisOne plan has the advantage in this as its Limitless, but also Celcom’s rate of 12 cents for any SMS, Call, Video Call or MMS is also considerably very low.

As for Data, I normally use about 1.5GB per month only, so going with the Maxis OnePlan 2GB or Celcom mAdvance will be ideal

Why would either these 2 be my choice? Well Its pretty pricey (Both of them to be about RM130 per month) compared to other vendors like Digi/Umobile, but their network & coverage is pretty good over the years, and for me I would always choose quality as I wouldn't want anything to fail on me at urgent moments.

If there were a chance to change something about it, I guess lowering the rates wouldn't hurt too much =)

Coming to the next 2 vendors, Digi/Umobile will be the next in mind

 photo Digismartplan_zps498c4904.png

 photo umobile_zps97fb5bc7.png

Their rates are extremely affordable and it appeals more to the younger generation, as it’s cheaper and its well within the budget of a student. 

For example, Digi offers 3GB with 100 minutes & 100 sms at RM78 and Umobile offers Unlimited Data with Free calls to Umobile numbers, 100 minutes to other Telco’s & 100 sms , which is leaning towards the direction of a student as they don’t call as much as we (working adults) do.

Definitely you save about RM50 per month compared to the top 2, but also there’ll be flaws as their network aren’t as good as Maxis/Celcom. So if you’re okay with not as strong coverage here and then, This would be a great package as you’re able to save about RM600 per year.

If they could improve on their network & coverage, definitely these 2 Telco’s will be the Telco to beat

So these are my thoughts about our top 4 mobile networks. What’s your opinion on it?


Anonymous said…
err no coverage means no line means no interet leh...how la like that???
pay a bit more but with stable line better la man...
Samuel C said…
yeah definitely that for me to. I dont mind paying abit more as long its consistent
Anonymous said…
u noe which data plan more preferable for heavy user? coz i m hving 3gb data plan still nt enuf to support my usage..
Unknown said…
previously i use 1gb also nt enuf nw chg to maxis ady.. 3gb ngam ngam enuf for me la~~~
Anonymous said…
which plan u using?? i see celcom mpro plus like nt bad~~ 5gb only rm88 quiet cheap~~
Unknown said…
maxis one plan.. its cheap la bt only for data mah..if want to call and sms how? maxis all gv free leh..
Anonymous said…
dillie dew, if for ppl seldom use call/sms like me think is ok lo..hhehe..
nw still gt fb/whatapps/line so many free chatting apps lee..
Unknown said…
hi samuel, mind to share Maxis OnePlan 2GB or Celcom mAdvance, which r u using nw?
joeytham said…
it depends on the how much call & sms you used for biz.
Anonymous said…
call & sms ady seldom use, coz more rely on data nw..
u gt use data plan also?
Unknown said…
ya lorr when hving skul so crazy to sms & call...bt nw gt data then no this story ady haha..
nw using celcom 1 plan gt 5gb by paying rm88 per mth only, nt even more than rm100 leee
Anonymous said…
waa u use 5gb so much like 1 of my fren lo.. but since more data plan cum out later sure more and more ppl bcum heavy data users LOL