PUMA Forever Faster Red Wall

Last weekend, I managed to be a part of history! PUMA has launched its new global tagline "Forever Faster", and I was part of the team that made it happen!

For many years, PUMA didn't have a distinctive brand identity/tagline (for example, Nike = Just Do It, Adidas = All In/The Brand With 3 Stripes) and the 4 key elements for this new tagline are:


We decided to build up the PUMA Red Wall (Similar to American Ninja Warped Wall, but shorter at 10ft) for the launch of the campaign. The original height of a warp wall is 14 feet, but since we wanted to make it easier for the public, and we made ours at 10 feet.

We took some time getting our Fabricator to put the plywood together, and it turned out beautifully! and of course, all the awesome designs for the layout and setup of the event

Here's some photos from the event:

 photo SAM_1447_zps2daed528.jpg
Building the PUMA red wall

 photo SAM_1466_zps0d236a70.jpg
Dont Sore, but Soar!

 photo SAM_1460_zps454c9100.jpg
The Red Wall in all its glory!

 photo SAM_1472_zpsb200cc9c.jpg
With the brand ambassadors, elaine & Weihao and Emcee, Anthony

Check out the official FB Video:

Post by PUMA.

 photo SAM_1469_zpsd425af20.jpg
Temporary Tattoos :)

 photo SAM_1478_zpsad89d92a.jpg
More Tattoos

 photo SAM_1476_zps6e767007.jpg
Elaine & I

 photo SAM_1479_zpsa4e38022.jpg
The team that made it happen!

 photo SAM_1482_zps671358cb.jpg
Another group shot

It was definitely a great experience being part of this project, and definitely can't wait for the PUMA Night Race to come!