Connected Via Wifi

A title that gets you thinking huh? What I wanna talk about today is not just about ordinary Wifi, but the Wifi feature of a camera! I've been using the Samsung NX Mini Camera for about 3 months now, and its definitely been great as I've not been lugging around my chunky DSLR to events or food reviews

One thing great about this is its Wifi Feature, where you can send/transfer the photos to your phone/email or other Wifi related categories in just a click of a button. I personally like this as I'm able to transfer better quality photos to be uploaded through my phone. It also resizes your photo to 0.5mb so it wouldn't take up much space on your phone, but the results are still spectacular

Here's how its done:

 photo WP_20140826_02_10_47_Pro_zpsc21abb2d.jpg
head into the Wifi Setting

 photo WP_20140826_02_11_03_Pro_zps9833947d.jpg
Choose which medium you would want to send the photos to

 photo WP_20140826_02_11_22_Pro_zpsa0add4fa.jpg
For this instance, my phone which has the "mobile link" app

 photo WP_20140826_02_12_08_Pro_zps6d668b39.jpg
Select the photos you would want to transfer

 photo WP_20140826_02_12_15_Pro_zps9d75d340.jpg
Transfer the files

 photo WP_20140826_02_12_31_Pro_zps4c21c610.jpg
and the transfer is complete! and the photos are in your phone

Its definitely a great way as you wouldn't need to go home and transfer it manually through your PC. Check out the NX Mini at Samsung outlets near you!