Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Connected Via Wifi

A title that gets you thinking huh? What I wanna talk about today is not just about ordinary Wifi, but the Wifi feature of a camera! I've been using the Samsung NX Mini Camera for about 3 months now, and its definitely been great as I've not been lugging around my chunky DSLR to events or food reviews

One thing great about this is its Wifi Feature, where you can send/transfer the photos to your phone/email or other Wifi related categories in just a click of a button. I personally like this as I'm able to transfer better quality photos to be uploaded through my phone. It also resizes your photo to 0.5mb so it wouldn't take up much space on your phone, but the results are still spectacular

Here's how its done:

 photo WP_20140826_02_10_47_Pro_zpsc21abb2d.jpg
head into the Wifi Setting

 photo WP_20140826_02_11_03_Pro_zps9833947d.jpg
Choose which medium you would want to send the photos to

 photo WP_20140826_02_11_22_Pro_zpsa0add4fa.jpg
For this instance, my phone which has the "mobile link" app

 photo WP_20140826_02_12_08_Pro_zps6d668b39.jpg
Select the photos you would want to transfer

 photo WP_20140826_02_12_15_Pro_zps9d75d340.jpg
Transfer the files

 photo WP_20140826_02_12_31_Pro_zps4c21c610.jpg
and the transfer is complete! and the photos are in your phone

Its definitely a great way as you wouldn't need to go home and transfer it manually through your PC. Check out the NX Mini at Samsung outlets near you!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Yo Ho Ho, who's up for Rum?

 photo WP_20140816_20_37_32_Pro_zps2378ad8b.jpg

Starting up, Who headed for MTV World Stage last weekend? It was crazy as, MTV gave me 8 invites, Influr gave me another 4 invites, and the best of all, A new rum called Sailor Jerry gave me 2 VIP invites with VIP passes for the after party!

Honestly this year's lineup wasn't as great as the previous years, hopefully it'll be better next year! But with the free flow of Sailor Jerry given to us, it was great :) Tell me who can get wasted on Yuna's performance? LOL

 photo WP_20140816_20_45_03_Pro_zps896a9e03.jpg
Eileen and I

 photo WP_20140816_18_19_01_Pro_zps4825cf10.jpg
Co founder of Influr, Clara with Amanda from Indonesia

We headed over to the Sailor Jerry VIP Tent and there to meet up with the rest of the bloggers, and the setup was pretty nice as it brings an old classic feel to the atmosphere over there. What more, there were drinks being served free flow and we got free Sailor Jerry limited edition cups with each drink :)

Sailor Jerry is pretty awesome, as its a pretty smooth rum, with a vintage feel. Also I love how they showcase and market their product at this event

 photo 10605466_689166284471249_191957053_o_zps8f24bde2.jpg
The Sailor Jerry VIP tent

 photo 10582332_689166201137924_1666427393_o_zps6dfd4043.jpg
Check out the setup

 photo 10614748_689166181137926_806645186_o_zps7cc036b2.jpg
Free temporary tattoos

 photo 10609399_689166617804549_1338971963_n_zpsdd99eff3.jpg
Eileen & I

 photo WP_20140816_21_23_15_Pro_zps3a800615.jpg
Diese, Jess, Eileen & I

 photo WP_20140816_21_11_43_Pro_zps49b0c4ee.jpg
Eileen, Adrienne, her friend (sorry forgot ur name bro) & I

 photo 10627435_689166304471247_1176909795_o_zps79d462f9.jpg
Sailor Jerry drinks being poured

 photo 10605563_689166511137893_1893717370_o_zps6f7f0917.jpg
The bunch of bloggers

 photo WP_20140816_20_54_04_Pro_zps3aff9bc9.jpg
My first Sailor Jerry

 photo 10601053_689166387804572_1991885553_n_zps01d7ec3e.jpg
Sailor Jerry baby!

 photo WP_20140816_21_53_12_Pro_zpsf869b870.jpg
The main stage

 photo 10578940_689166531137891_106218752_o_zpsbb748fa3.jpg
The last group shot

So yeah, Try out Sailor Jerry for your next drink!


OffPeak at Fat Spoon & La Bodega

 photo offpeak2_zps271a9db0.png

Hi everyone, recently I tried out this new booking site called OffPeak, and it is all about Food!  With OffPeak, you’re able to book a reservation at a restaurant near you and it has a great selection of restaurants mainly in the Klang Valley, with 2 in Penang and 1 in Pahang

What’s cool about OffPeak? You get discounts depending on the time! For example, at 3-4pm(non-peak period) you may get about 30% discounts off your total bill. And it is also very convenient because you’ll be able to book it online straight away without having the hassle of calling up the restaurant to arrange a booking

 photo offpeak3_zpsec3a7b8f.png

So I tried out OffPeak.my to review 2 restaurants, named Fat Spoon, Uptown and La Bodega, Empire Shopping Gallery

So first up: Fat Spoon

Fat Spoon is known for its Nyonya-inspired delights that incorporate family tradition and Gen-Y ingenuity. I brought Eileen along and we ordered a 3 course meal for ourselves J Yippee!

 photo SAM_1493_zps91e445c4.jpg

 photo SAM_1494_zps1b594e0b.jpg

 photo SAM_1519_zpsdfd92b79.jpg
Hot Chocolate – Rich & Chocolaty

 photo SAM_1514_zps7ab9d3b4.jpg
Latte – Well Balanced

 photo SAM_1535_zps3914f498.jpg
Seared Tamarind Prawns  (RM18)

Verdict: the 5 pcs of Prawns were of medium size, there was a strong taste of Tamarind & tangy after taste. A little overpriced, but if you have the spending power, why not?

 photo SAM_1508_zps7832350e.jpg
Kentucky Fried Oysters with Kaffir Lime Mayo (RM18)

Verdict: There were 4 pcs of oysters of medium size. Batter was crispy even after we waited for about 10 minutes. The Mayo didn’t overpower the oyster and is a great pair.

 photo SAM_1525_zps35c25de1.jpg
Moo Moo Rice Bow (RM16) – A hearty bowl of basil beef tenderloin served over rice & topped with fried egg  + ABC soup

Verdict: It was delicious & one of their specialties, beef was tender with a slight basil after taste. The ABC soup washed it all down nicely. Great for the price being paid

 photo SAM_1499_zpsd4decac1.jpg
Ulam Angel hair Pasta (RM15) – Angel Hair Pasta Tossed in Light Curry Sauce, Aromatic Ulam Herbs & Minced Chicken

Verdict: Very fragrant and has a unique taste. The sambal is slightly sour and not too spicy. Recommendation will not to overdose the sambal or it’ll kill the Ulam’s taste

 photo SAM_1549_zps5ef279c5.jpg
Fat Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream (RM15)

Verdict: Cake was rich in flavor, but was a little dry and crumbly (probably it’s just that day as I had it before and it was alright), but the ice cream managed to “moisten” up the cake

 photo SAM_1545_zps73a74f8d.jpg
Last Polka Ice Cream - Salted Gula Melaka (RM7.80)

Verdict:  Definitely Unique, Something you’ll definitely enjoy

It was a great meal over there and the restaurant owner, Michelle was really pleasant with us. Do head over there and give it a try and of course, book it with OffPeak.my!

Fat Spoon Sdn Bhd
73 Jalan SS 21/1A
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya 47400

The next Restaurant I went to was La Bodega at Empire Shopping Gallery

It is one of the most famous Spanish Restaurants in town with plenty of outlets around. It serves great food & alcoholic drinks for anyone who walks in

This time I just ordered a main course with Eileen, so there won’t be much pictures on this one J We sat at the bar & ordered a paella & spaghetti

 photo SAM_1584_zps2f188e08.jpg
The Bar View. Pretty!

 photo SAM_1583_zps1ac87bee.jpg
Paella Fideua (RM27) – Angel hair Pasta Cooked in a Paella Pan with Chicken, Cuttlefish, Squid and peas

Verdict: If you have time to spare, get a plate! As it takes about 30 minutes to cook this but its well worth it is really tasty and it was full with condiments. (not like those normal mee you get with very little meat & condiments)

 photo SAM_1577_zps66a71916.jpg
Spaghetti Meatballs (RM28) – Lamb Meatballs in rich tomato sauce served with spaghetti pasta

Verdict: Love the lamb meatballs, it so much more tender compared to that certain brand everyone loves =P. The Sauce is thick and nice

Check them out at:
La Bodega
LG25, Lower Ground
Empire Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS 16/1
47500 Subang Jaya

Make sure you book with Offpeak.my!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Which would you choose? Quality or Price?

To start things up, we’re always stuck on technology now, especially our phones every day, whether it’s walking around, being at home, a restaurant, or work, it has been embedded into our daily lives. Tell me how we can live without it

 photo nokia-3310_zps160cc358.png

Gone were the days that we could just get a normal prepaid plan and use the legendary Nokia 3310 as now we need to have mobile data connectivity and there are so many plans to choose from. The question of the day is: what mobile plan suits you best?

I honestly have tried plenty of plans over the years, and there are only 2 which I would say I’m agreeable with

MaxisONE or Celcom First Premier

 photo maxisoneplan_zps520c8cd5.png

 photo celcom_zps9c5a76b0.png

Both are the country’s leaders in mobile lines, and they have lived up to its name. In my line of work, I need to call/sms/whatsapp quite a lot and I would say MaxisOne plan has the advantage in this as its Limitless, but also Celcom’s rate of 12 cents for any SMS, Call, Video Call or MMS is also considerably very low.

As for Data, I normally use about 1.5GB per month only, so going with the Maxis OnePlan 2GB or Celcom mAdvance will be ideal

Why would either these 2 be my choice? Well Its pretty pricey (Both of them to be about RM130 per month) compared to other vendors like Digi/Umobile, but their network & coverage is pretty good over the years, and for me I would always choose quality as I wouldn't want anything to fail on me at urgent moments.

If there were a chance to change something about it, I guess lowering the rates wouldn't hurt too much =)

Coming to the next 2 vendors, Digi/Umobile will be the next in mind

 photo Digismartplan_zps498c4904.png

 photo umobile_zps97fb5bc7.png

Their rates are extremely affordable and it appeals more to the younger generation, as it’s cheaper and its well within the budget of a student. 

For example, Digi offers 3GB with 100 minutes & 100 sms at RM78 and Umobile offers Unlimited Data with Free calls to Umobile numbers, 100 minutes to other Telco’s & 100 sms , which is leaning towards the direction of a student as they don’t call as much as we (working adults) do.

Definitely you save about RM50 per month compared to the top 2, but also there’ll be flaws as their network aren’t as good as Maxis/Celcom. So if you’re okay with not as strong coverage here and then, This would be a great package as you’re able to save about RM600 per year.

If they could improve on their network & coverage, definitely these 2 Telco’s will be the Telco to beat

So these are my thoughts about our top 4 mobile networks. What’s your opinion on it?

Friday, August 15, 2014

PUMA Forever Faster Red Wall

Last weekend, I managed to be a part of history! PUMA has launched its new global tagline "Forever Faster", and I was part of the team that made it happen!

For many years, PUMA didn't have a distinctive brand identity/tagline (for example, Nike = Just Do It, Adidas = All In/The Brand With 3 Stripes) and the 4 key elements for this new tagline are:


We decided to build up the PUMA Red Wall (Similar to American Ninja Warped Wall, but shorter at 10ft) for the launch of the campaign. The original height of a warp wall is 14 feet, but since we wanted to make it easier for the public, and we made ours at 10 feet.

We took some time getting our Fabricator to put the plywood together, and it turned out beautifully! and of course, all the awesome designs for the layout and setup of the event

Here's some photos from the event:

 photo SAM_1447_zps2daed528.jpg
Building the PUMA red wall

 photo SAM_1466_zps0d236a70.jpg
Dont Sore, but Soar!

 photo SAM_1460_zps454c9100.jpg
The Red Wall in all its glory!

 photo SAM_1472_zpsb200cc9c.jpg
With the brand ambassadors, elaine & Weihao and Emcee, Anthony

Check out the official FB Video:

Post by PUMA.

 photo SAM_1469_zpsd425af20.jpg
Temporary Tattoos :)

 photo SAM_1478_zpsad89d92a.jpg
More Tattoos

 photo SAM_1476_zps6e767007.jpg
Elaine & I

 photo SAM_1479_zpsa4e38022.jpg
The team that made it happen!

 photo SAM_1482_zps671358cb.jpg
Another group shot

It was definitely a great experience being part of this project, and definitely can't wait for the PUMA Night Race to come!