Why I should be the MTV World Stage Insider! #Worldstagemy, #insidews

First up, who's excited for MTV World Stage this year? I definitely am as I've been going for the previous World Stages in Malaysia and it gets more exciting every year! So what makes me excited for this year's MTV World Stage? Its the MTV World Stage Insider of course!

 photo image_insiderlogo_zps13360811.png

What is the MTV World Stage Insider? Its the Coolest 10-Day Job where you get to hijack MTV's Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages (Yeah Awesome Huh?) and the best part, YOU GET PAID 10,000 USD TO DO IT! Check it out at: http://worldstage.mtvasia.com/insider/influr/

So now it comes down to the key points. What makes me the best Insider this year?

1) I'm a social media enthusiast. I've been blogging since 2007, am active on my social media channels (FB,Twitter,Insta) and of course, I bring the fun with me! There is nothing more satisfying then sharing my experiences or anything in particular with my readers! 

Why would MTV World Stage be my jam? There are countless events that I've covered which involves music, and I've met some of the biggest stars throughout the years and definitely want to meet the ones of MTV World Stage 2014!

 photo celebs1_zpsc8bb4067.jpg
Red Foo, Boys Like Girls
Manufactured Superstars, Yolanda Be Cool

 photo celebs2_zps161dd4ac.jpg
Chris Willis, DJ Hiloco
Kardinal Offishal, Emma Hewitt

and of course not forgetting our Malaysian celebs
 photo celebs3_zpsaacba567.jpg
Joey G & Pat K

Another great part about being great at what I do, I managed to get ambassadorships/sponsorships over the years which shows how great I work with brands and also become a potential influencer for them, hence I'll be an awesome insider for MTV World Stage!

Here's some of my ambassadorships:
- PUMA Friend (2011)
- Samsung Evangelist (2013-2014)
- Cebu Pacific Air Blogger Ambassador (2013-2014)

Adding towards the social media section, I'm also a Digital Manager at a local agency. From cracking my brains on ideas, handling productions & timelines of digital projects, I also have worked/currently work with key brands on their Social Media Management

Some of the brands I work/worked with:

 photo fbclients_zps28ed027d.png

This gives me an edge as I am great in copyrighting and will know what posts would work best for MTV World Stage Social media sites.

2) I love music & dance. I've been playing music instruments since I was 4 and enjoying it ever since! I'm versatile on the genres of music and I love anything that sounds good! Definitely this will be a + factor for me to be the MTV World Stage Insider as I'll be able to relate to the music and who knows? maybe even play on stage? (HAHA yeah...in my dreams)

Also..I dance a lil. So I'll be able to entertain the crowd with my lame ass dance moves if its needed! *God why did i say that*

Check out some of the covers I did:

Chicane & Ferry Corsten - A Thousand Suns x Chassio - Hurricane Mashup:

Frozen Cover:

Lets Dance!

LMFAO Party Rock Anthem

Just another dance move in 360 degrees! 
(BTW this is a 360 camera my colleague, Andrew & I designed for Levi's Revel)

Whats more? I'm an ex CHI-YA-LEADERRR! Who else to hype up the crowd but me?

 photo 2_zps4fb7de74.jpg

 photo 1530515_10153732861770054_1088434023_n_zps53b0341b.jpg

3) I love to travel, I'm fun and crazy! Believe it or not, I'll always take a break every 1-2 months for a short vacation, and try out new things! I'm outgoing, so..

give me something new, I'll definitely do it! 
Make me the MTV World Stage Insider, I'm gonna rock it!

If you are wondering how crazy I'll get, This is what happened when I went at a Heineken outing at Taman Tasik Perdana

 photo heineken_zps1353772e.jpg
Going all out!

or my Graduation:

 photo graduation_zps6b78c5ef.jpg

Some of the fun stuff I did:

Ziplining at Ugong Rock, Palawan, Philippines

Flying on a microlight glider, Sepang Gold Coast

4) Im pretty good at my photography & videography. I'm a person that believes in originality, so all of my pictures have minimal edits to it. One thing for sure, if I'm the MTV World Stage Insider, the photos I post are going to be great and the photos will be able to show the epicness of the MTV World Stage!

Have a look at some photos I took (Chewahhh macam portfolio aje):

The recent Sam Tsui Concert (These were taken with a compact camera, so imagine what I can do with a DSLR)

 photo SAM_0658_zps1d6490f6.jpg

 photo SAM_0719_zps4042baad.jpg

and more pics from other events (using various cameras)

 photo fmfa_zps453f1902.jpg
FMFA 2013

 photo DSC_0450.jpg
Elevate Malacca

 photo DSC_1264_zps0cb26bbc.jpg
DJ Eva T

 photo DSC_0702_zpse5768881.jpg
DJ Yasmin

 photo DSC_0622_zpsb860eab0.jpg
Capturing the Moment!

 photo Moda_zps525fb334.jpg
MODA Fashion Show

Here's an amateur event video I did :) (sadly I do not own any changgih softwares to edit my videos)

Rip Curl Pro Terengganu

That's pretty much what you guys (the judges) need to know about me and I hope you get a glimpse of what I'll be able to accomplish as the MTV World Stage Insider:) If I do get it, it will definitely be the highlight of my year! 

Just need to hope & pray I get it! Can't wait!


Darlyn said…
Sam, you are awesome! I enjoyed so much reading this post and watching the videos! You should include some of you Charm videos! i think you deserve it :) All the best!
Samuel C said…
Haha thanks Darlyn! Yeah now you gave me an idea =P Maybe i should edit it heheh