The Coffee Club @ Subang Parade

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Plenty of new coffee places are sprouting up like mushrooms these days, but one name stands above the rest. The Coffee Club has finally launched its first outlet in Malaysia, and its located at the iconic Subang Parade

The Coffee Club originates from Australia and is Australia's largest home-grown cafĂ© group with over 340 stores across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, New Caledonia and China. 

I headed over with Chung and Eileen to check whats it all about.. The ambience of the outlet is pretty good as there's nice lounge music playing, and it's quite large as its a 2 story outlet. 

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The interior

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Coffee Club Signs

We ordered a few things and I would say they do live up to what they say about their standards

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Long Macchiato - Flavourful & Strong, priced at about RM10

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Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon - Pretty decent, You can't go wrong with Salmon :) (About RM20+)

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Beef Burger - Patty is tender, and I love the bread, as it is toasted right (about RM30)

 photo 20140720_202712_zps72d39c16.jpg
Spaghetti Meatballs - Pretty filling, full of taste & the meatballs have the kind of "fishball" texture as its smoother compared to those famous swedish meatballs. (about RM30)

I guess my first time to Coffee Club will make me come back for more :) Love the coffee definitely! 

You can check em out at: