No ducks at The Little Fat Duck

Hey all! OMG its already been 2 weeks since my last update! Its been pretty hectic again lately, hence the late updates of anything on my blog. For starters, I wanna share my experience at a new food truck named Little Fat Duck

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I was driving around SS15 with Eileen looking for dinner, and I thought, why not try Little Fat Duck? Its located right in front of Public Bank SS15 and seemed pretty classy for a food truck as its nicely decorated and had quite a lot of people eating there. 

Of course my expectations were to have duck that night, but sadly, THERE'S NO DUCK THERE! The owners thought it'll be nice to name it after the famous 3 Michellin Star "The Fat Duck Restaurant" at Heston Blumenthal. So I was a little disappointed as I guess the food truck's name was a bit misleading.

Since we were already there and no duck, we ordered some Spaghetti and their Chicken Confit with ice lemon tea, 

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Little Fat Duck

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The Menu

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Soup, Sides, Drinks & Dessert

 photo 20140622_230450_zps1985db2d.jpg
Cute packaging of the food. 
This is a +1 for me as they're not using plastic/polystyrene for their packaging. Eco friendly =D

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Creamy Fish Pesto (RM5) - It was alright, needed more salt and luckily there's salt shakers there provided :)

 photo 20140622_225142_zpsad444a46.jpg
Spaghetti Carbonara (RM5) - Was too watery. This is because the chefs mixed my order and gave me a bolognaise at first. So they quickly whipped up a Carbonara for me so I guess they didn't strain out the water of the spaghetti thoroughly 

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Chicken Confit (RM12) - A lil exp, but worth it. The chicken meat falls of the bones easily and the sauce and mash potatoes fit perfectly. The chefs said they cooked it for 24 hours before serving.

So if you're around the area, I would recommend you to try out their Chicken Confit as I think that's their best dish over there. Hopefully they'll add duck confit in the future? =D

You can follow their updates here:
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