Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Coffee Club @ Subang Parade

 photo 20140720_202400_zps46959486.jpg

Plenty of new coffee places are sprouting up like mushrooms these days, but one name stands above the rest. The Coffee Club has finally launched its first outlet in Malaysia, and its located at the iconic Subang Parade

The Coffee Club originates from Australia and is Australia's largest home-grown cafĂ© group with over 340 stores across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, New Caledonia and China. 

I headed over with Chung and Eileen to check whats it all about.. The ambience of the outlet is pretty good as there's nice lounge music playing, and it's quite large as its a 2 story outlet. 

 photo 20140720_2050470_zpsf4675bae.jpg
The interior

 photo 20140720_205032_zps3fbcd963.jpg
Coffee Club Signs

We ordered a few things and I would say they do live up to what they say about their standards

 photo 20140720_202430_zpscbac66b2.jpg

Long Macchiato - Flavourful & Strong, priced at about RM10

 photo 20140720_202755_zps8b764688.jpg
Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon - Pretty decent, You can't go wrong with Salmon :) (About RM20+)

 photo 20140720_202702_zps2f25ecb2.jpg
Beef Burger - Patty is tender, and I love the bread, as it is toasted right (about RM30)

 photo 20140720_202712_zps72d39c16.jpg
Spaghetti Meatballs - Pretty filling, full of taste & the meatballs have the kind of "fishball" texture as its smoother compared to those famous swedish meatballs. (about RM30)

I guess my first time to Coffee Club will make me come back for more :) Love the coffee definitely! 

You can check em out at:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why I should be the MTV World Stage Insider! #Worldstagemy, #insidews

First up, who's excited for MTV World Stage this year? I definitely am as I've been going for the previous World Stages in Malaysia and it gets more exciting every year! So what makes me excited for this year's MTV World Stage? Its the MTV World Stage Insider of course!

 photo image_insiderlogo_zps13360811.png

What is the MTV World Stage Insider? Its the Coolest 10-Day Job where you get to hijack MTV's Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages (Yeah Awesome Huh?) and the best part, YOU GET PAID 10,000 USD TO DO IT! Check it out at:

So now it comes down to the key points. What makes me the best Insider this year?

1) I'm a social media enthusiast. I've been blogging since 2007, am active on my social media channels (FB,Twitter,Insta) and of course, I bring the fun with me! There is nothing more satisfying then sharing my experiences or anything in particular with my readers! 

Why would MTV World Stage be my jam? There are countless events that I've covered which involves music, and I've met some of the biggest stars throughout the years and definitely want to meet the ones of MTV World Stage 2014!

 photo celebs1_zpsc8bb4067.jpg
Red Foo, Boys Like Girls
Manufactured Superstars, Yolanda Be Cool

 photo celebs2_zps161dd4ac.jpg
Chris Willis, DJ Hiloco
Kardinal Offishal, Emma Hewitt

and of course not forgetting our Malaysian celebs
 photo celebs3_zpsaacba567.jpg
Joey G & Pat K

Another great part about being great at what I do, I managed to get ambassadorships/sponsorships over the years which shows how great I work with brands and also become a potential influencer for them, hence I'll be an awesome insider for MTV World Stage!

Here's some of my ambassadorships:
- PUMA Friend (2011)
- Samsung Evangelist (2013-2014)
- Cebu Pacific Air Blogger Ambassador (2013-2014)

Adding towards the social media section, I'm also a Digital Manager at a local agency. From cracking my brains on ideas, handling productions & timelines of digital projects, I also have worked/currently work with key brands on their Social Media Management

Some of the brands I work/worked with:

 photo fbclients_zps28ed027d.png

This gives me an edge as I am great in copyrighting and will know what posts would work best for MTV World Stage Social media sites.

2) I love music & dance. I've been playing music instruments since I was 4 and enjoying it ever since! I'm versatile on the genres of music and I love anything that sounds good! Definitely this will be a + factor for me to be the MTV World Stage Insider as I'll be able to relate to the music and who knows? maybe even play on stage? (HAHA my dreams)

Also..I dance a lil. So I'll be able to entertain the crowd with my lame ass dance moves if its needed! *God why did i say that*

Check out some of the covers I did:

Chicane & Ferry Corsten - A Thousand Suns x Chassio - Hurricane Mashup:

Frozen Cover:

Lets Dance!

LMFAO Party Rock Anthem

Just another dance move in 360 degrees! 
(BTW this is a 360 camera my colleague, Andrew & I designed for Levi's Revel)

Whats more? I'm an ex CHI-YA-LEADERRR! Who else to hype up the crowd but me?

 photo 2_zps4fb7de74.jpg

 photo 1530515_10153732861770054_1088434023_n_zps53b0341b.jpg

3) I love to travel, I'm fun and crazy! Believe it or not, I'll always take a break every 1-2 months for a short vacation, and try out new things! I'm outgoing, so..

give me something new, I'll definitely do it! 
Make me the MTV World Stage Insider, I'm gonna rock it!

If you are wondering how crazy I'll get, This is what happened when I went at a Heineken outing at Taman Tasik Perdana

 photo heineken_zps1353772e.jpg
Going all out!

or my Graduation:

 photo graduation_zps6b78c5ef.jpg

Some of the fun stuff I did:

Ziplining at Ugong Rock, Palawan, Philippines

Flying on a microlight glider, Sepang Gold Coast

4) Im pretty good at my photography & videography. I'm a person that believes in originality, so all of my pictures have minimal edits to it. One thing for sure, if I'm the MTV World Stage Insider, the photos I post are going to be great and the photos will be able to show the epicness of the MTV World Stage!

Have a look at some photos I took (Chewahhh macam portfolio aje):

The recent Sam Tsui Concert (These were taken with a compact camera, so imagine what I can do with a DSLR)

 photo SAM_0658_zps1d6490f6.jpg

 photo SAM_0719_zps4042baad.jpg

and more pics from other events (using various cameras)

 photo fmfa_zps453f1902.jpg
FMFA 2013

 photo DSC_0450.jpg
Elevate Malacca

 photo DSC_1264_zps0cb26bbc.jpg
DJ Eva T

 photo DSC_0702_zpse5768881.jpg
DJ Yasmin

 photo DSC_0622_zpsb860eab0.jpg
Capturing the Moment!

 photo Moda_zps525fb334.jpg
MODA Fashion Show

Here's an amateur event video I did :) (sadly I do not own any changgih softwares to edit my videos)

Rip Curl Pro Terengganu

That's pretty much what you guys (the judges) need to know about me and I hope you get a glimpse of what I'll be able to accomplish as the MTV World Stage Insider:) If I do get it, it will definitely be the highlight of my year! 

Just need to hope & pray I get it! Can't wait!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vacay to Tioman

Guess what guys? I am finally blogging again! after 10 days! been slacking due to commitments, but now I'm back! trying to get at least 1-2 posts per week! So...what recently happened? I headed over to Tioman Island for a vacation!

Technically its a company trip, but who cares? its still a vacation! For those who do not know, I work in an experiential marketing agency called Cake Experiential Communications. Its a very niche industry, but we're able to experiment with new technologies, and the main goal is to create experiences that the consumer will cherish.

 photo SAM_0993_zps2e7dd15c.jpg
The Bus Ride

We finally had our first company trip as we joined our sister company Hotshoes Events on theirs. We started our journey early in the morning at 12am, where we took a bus all the way to Mersing. 6 hours drive, *yawn* but pretty much we slept like pigs in the bus.

As we arrived at Mersing, We headed off for an early breakfast at a nearby mamak. Funny thing, some of my colleagues took sleeping pills, and well...they continued to sleep at the mamak.

 photo SAM_1002_zps83f0c155.jpg
Natalie, Daniel & Janice

 photo SAM_1004_zpsc9495e38.jpg
Oh Janice...

 photo SAM_1006_zpsa6074f49.jpg
Aaron, Nat & I

We then headed over to the Jetty and got on our 2 hour ferry ride to Tioman. luckily the waves were calm so we could sleep easily on the ride there.

 photo SAM_1007_zpsbdfcabad.jpg
The Jetty

 photo SAM_1012_zpsa4a5a90f.jpg
Selfie time!

 photo SAM_1018_zps11b6c898.jpg
Met my old uni mate Samantha there :)

 photo SAM_1021_zps7da469a9.jpg
Andy Photobombing

As we reached Tioman, we headed on the shuttle bus and zoomed off to Berjaya Resort. It pretty much looks the same as the last time I went there as a kid, like nothing has changed. We spent the first day pretty much free & easy, chilling on the beach, drinking a cold beer and of course having an awesome bbq at night. The company telematches and games were only planned for the 2nd day, so we pretty much had a lot of time for ourselves

 photo SAM_1023_zps6a7e1251.jpg
Docking at the Jetty

 photo SAM_1025_zps868abbe9.jpg
Such a beautiful view

 photo SAM_1026_zpsa842743a.jpg
The bus ride to Berjaya

 photo SAM_1032_zps57e4beca.jpg
Berjaya beach

 photo SAM_1052_zps5332bc1a.jpg
Nat flaunting her curves

 photo SAM_1057_zps7716cf4d.jpg
I'm flaunting...err....nothing...

 photo SAM_1090_zpse4e552aa.jpg
A kid on a swing

 photo SAM_1163_zps5eb053c0.jpg
Volleyball session

 photo SAM_1165_zps81f80add.jpg

 photo SAM_1169_zps64f2d091.jpg
Who can say no to this?

 photo SAM_1218_zps049dc8ed.jpg
The company after the bbq

As the 2nd day went on, I missed snorkelling because I overslept. Actually there were quite a number of us who chose to sleep in than to go snorkelling. Oh well. But the company games went on, and my team managed to win a few and of course, lose a few. Its all for good fun, so definitely it was a blast!

Honestly to me, this trip was just meant for me to chill and relax. taking all the stress off.

 photo SAM_1230_zpsd4cc1dfa.jpg
The view through my shades

 photo SAM_1235_zps2e6839ca.jpg
Enjoying a Honduras cigar

As night came, the gala dinner commenced. We had great food as it looked pretty "atas" (high class). We had a live band playing music, and also there were plenty of prizes to be won. Unfortunately I didn't win any, but I definitely had a great time looking at my colleagues go crazy that night

 photo SAM_1252_zps31117c7a.jpg
Kim & I

 photo SAM_1260_zpsbc6f0a58.jpg
So personalized :)

 photo SAM_1267_zpsae7f9be7.jpg
The starter. A dumpling with a tempura prawn

 photo SAM_1268_zps3a746b55.jpg
Soup with a breadstick

 photo SAM_1273_zps6206e401.jpg
Bread crusted lamb

 photo SAM_1277_zps61a0fd18.jpg
Geraldyne and I

 photo SAM_1278_zps70f36a44.jpg
Izni, Qis & I

 photo SAM_1280_zps492e5dd2.jpg
Cake Family

 photo SAM_1283_zps6c36eba5.jpg
Janice. Doesn't she look like piglet from winnie the pooh?

 photo SAM_1288_zps0ce7bb40.jpg
The view at night

 photo SAM_1337_zpsd9a9e60f.jpg
The view in the morning (cos we stayed up watching Argentina vs Germany)

Definitely it was a great trip. Managed to get to know my colleagues at another level, and it has refreshed my mojo to work more =D Can't wait for the next company outing!