Free Movies! Find out how!

Movies these days are not as cheap as they were back then. A normal ticket would cost RM10-12 and there are even some theatres (Starts with a T & ends with a V) where the 5th row from the front onwards are known as premier seats which cost up to RM18

But why pay so much when you can get it for free? No I'm not talking about torrenting movies in LOL. Theres an outdoor cinema (YES ITS REALLY OUTDOOR) named Starlight Cinema and it will be still going on for a week until 21/6/14

It goes on at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club, and the doors open at 6pm daily. What's so cool about it? You get to watch a movie on a gigantic screen while laying on the field while looking at the stars! Something that you wont experience everyday!

And how do you get your tickets? First up, you have to head over here:

and download the Samsung Galaxy Life App. With this app over there, you're able to get tickets for free, and get FREE FOOD AND DRINKS such as Burger Bakar KauKau, Coffea Coffee, Gong Cha and more! and guess what? Parking is free too!!!! So literally you wouldn't need to spend a single cent over there!

 photo SAM_0525_zps4303b666.jpg

More than that, This App has other amazing deals and free stuff and not just for the cinema! This is something you should just try out! 

Here is my other adventure with Samsung Galaxy Life here where I soared the skies!

Courtesy of Samsung & Manoah, I received a season pass, so I can head there anytime I want :) I brought Eileen over for The Sound Of Music. A classic which needs to be watched again and again!

 photo SAM_0530_zps24c9da61.jpg
Food stalls which you can redeem free food with your Galaxy App

 photo SAM_0528_zpsa59aa4bc.jpg
The crazy long line for Burger Bakar. A burger each! Yums!

 photo SAM_0527_zps4cee974a.jpg
Eileen & I

 photo SAM_0545_zpsb56b2f00.jpg
The Sound Of Music was playing that night

 photo SAM_0540_zpsf75ec75a.jpg
Free Crazy Potato!

 photo SAM_0538_zpsd3561d99.jpg
Sitting down on mats enjoying the movie

For more info of Showtimes, head over to:

and do remember to redeem your free tickets here!