Selfie's made easy. find out how!

Selfie's have become an everyday part of life especially with the growing market of smartphones. The only part about selfie's are, that the front facing camera's of the smartphones are always about 2mp which makes the pictures a lil bad in quality. And there's always the trouble of using an actual camera, transferring the photos to the laptop, then to the phone and only to instagram which makes it such a hassle for just one selfie

 photo 20140512_010245_zps97e3064c.jpg

I've been lucky enough to get my hands on a Samsung NX Mini which has changed my whole way of taking Selfie's. I got mine in white to match my white S4, and it has a 180 degree flip screen which is great for selfie's and it comes with a 20.5mp camera! that means it gets really great and sharp photos. 

What makes it great is that I'm able to perform "Mobile-link" which hooks up your camera to my Samsung S4, which will transfer the files with just a click of a button. Which means I'm able to share great photos on my Instagram with ease

One think I love about the camera is the "wink-shot". Just set it into wink mode, and you're able to capture a photo of yourself by just winking at the camera. Why is it good? for people with shaky hands like mine, I wont shake the camera unnecessarily by clicking the shutter button,

Here's how it goes:

1) Select Wink Shot Mode
  photo 20140512_010026_zps3a987b55.jpg

2) Wink!
 photo SAM_0296_zps495bd67c.jpg

3) Your photos are taken!
 photo SAM_0299_zps100c0ba3.jpg

It definitely makes selfie's easier, and especially when it comes to group shots, You'll be able to do it with ease!

 photo SAM_0266_zps9da9001c.jpg

 photo SAM_0266_zps9da9001c.jpg

For more info, You can check it out at the Samsung

or you can just head to Samsung authorised dealers to check the camera out!