Razor Giveaway & Win a trip to Brazil!

The title says it all! I'm giving away 3 Limited Edition Brazil Gillette Razors away and also find out on how you would win a trip to Brazil!

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Gillette has launched its Limited Edition Brazil Razor series which are the Limited Edition Gillette Brazil Mach 3 (RM13.90) and the ProGlide Gillette Brazil Razor (RM30.90). When it comes to football, nothing else matters and that's why these razors were created so that football fans can proudly stand behind their team.

Other than that, there is a contest going on and its ending TOMORROW (15/5/15 10pm) which is the "Are You a True Brazil Fan?" Contest. The winner will be flown to Brazil to watch a friendly match between Brazil and Serbia, take in a tour of the Football Museum and experience Sao Paolo first hand!

How do you win this? You would have to purchase a Limited Edition Gillette Brazil Razor (Mach 3 or ProGlide) via Tesco's e-shop (http://eshop.tesco.com.my/) or any Tesco outlet nearest to you, and submit your entry online at www.tesco.com.my/eShop/Gillette This contest is held exclusively with Tesco Malaysia, so you better just get one and try your luck in getting your slot to Brazil!

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So I was given a few razors  to try out and of course, I tried out the ProGlide since it was more expensive haha. I'm a guy that can use cheap hotel razor's over and over again and still be happy with it, but when I tried the ProGlide out, it was just like feeling the MOTHER OF RAZORS! Bliss!

It's equipped with 5 thinner, finer blades with a low resistance coating which glides effortlessly through hair for less tug and pull. It was really smooth and comfortable when I was using it. Check it out:

 photo SAM_0317_zpsf00d0f87.jpg
5 thin blades on the Fusion ProGlide

 photo SAM_0319_zps83932c3a.jpg
Gillette gel which transforms to foam

 photo SAM_0321_zpsaf299e6d.jpg
Starting with the shaving

 photo SAM_0326_zps31ef2a2e.jpg
and more shaving

 photo SAM_0327_zps1346976d.jpg

I haven't tried the Mach 3 yet, but I would bet its as comfortable as the ProGlide. It comes with 3 blades, a Comfort Guard with 5 Microfins, and an indicator lubrication strip which turns to white when the blades need changing.

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So now it comes to the part, I've got 3 Mach 3's to give away, and HOW DO YOU WIN IT?

This is a joint contest from Facebook & also my Blog, so I'll select 3 lucky winners from both channels combined to win the 3 razors. 

As for my Blog, All you would need to do is comment the following in the comments box below.

1) I want to win the Gillette Limited Edition Mach 3 Razors from Seraphsam!
2) Put your personal details (Name & Email) in the comments section

Entry Eg:
I want to win the Gillette Limited Edition Mach 3 Razors from Seraphsam!
Samuel Chew

As for my Facebook fan page, you can head over to www.facebook.com/seraphsamblog and see the contest mechanics there! Double your chances by commenting in both my Blog & my Facebook Fan Page

Contest ends: 22 May 2014, 23.59pm (Its my birthday btw! =D)

I'll be using a lucky draw program to determine the winners. Winners will be announced on my blog and also my Facebook fan page! Good luck!

More info of Gillette Razors, head over to www.facebook.com/GilletteMalaysia