Hungry Monkeys and Fire Dancing at Bali

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This is a long overdue post so here it is! I managed to travel to Bali a few months back, and what made it special? It was with my Family! My fam is scattered all over the world, so its very seldom that we have the chance to meet up. probably once a year at most?

This time it was a trip with my mum, step dad and my sister, Sonya.We boarded an Airasia flight over there, and we planned to stay at 2 places. which is Ubud and Kuta. Once we arrived, we hired a car, and took about an hour drive to Ubud

Ubud is a destination away from the city where you'll be one with nature. There's also plenty of temples over there which are rich in culture and history. It has a strong Hindu-Javanese influence so you'll be seeing a lot of God statues all over the place, and there'll be plenty of offerings that are left out on their doorstep each day

We booked a hotel called Sri Bungalows Ubud and it was really spectacular! The entrance would seem pretty small, but there's a garden leading to individual bungalows filled with nature by the side, and also a nice paddy field.

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Sri Bungalows Ubud entrance

 photo DSC_1165_zpsca290176.jpg
The walkway to the Bungalows

 photo DSC_1263_zps78b4a5c9.jpg
Keep on walking through the gardens

 photo DSC_1153_zps9f2c987f.jpg
The doorstep of our Bungalow

 photo DSC_1159_zps1f7960eb.jpg
A bed fit for a king

We soon headed out for lunch to enjoy some delicious cuisine. Indonesian food is somewhat similar to Malaysian food, so we tried out the famous dishes and of course it was nice and spicy!

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Gado Gado

 photo DSC_1180_zpsab6b82da.jpg
Grilled Chicken rice

 photo DSC_1183_zps279f038b.jpg
Seafood rice

 photo DSC_1186_zps6a15e2eb.jpg
Some other kinda rice, can't remember the name

 photo DSC_1188_zpse250166f.jpg

Soon after that, we headed off sightseeing at Ubud which included the monkey forest, where monkeys run free, and also the palace and temples around the area. Have a look!

 photo DSC_1320_zps4e959068.jpg

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Ubud street

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Locals in their daily life

 photo DSC_1249_zps7723b264.jpg
A God with FREE WIFI!

 photo DSC_1243_zps7be7a255.jpg
The Family

 photo DSC_1193_zps47514a68.jpg
Uncle Mike feeding a monkey

 photo DSC_1226_zps03444e07.jpg
We want milkkkkkk

 photo DSC_1252_zps17f4edf0.jpg
One of the performing arts centre

 photo DSC_1257_zpsd3d90e16.jpg
At the Palace

One of the highlights at Ubud was that we were able to watch the Kecak dance at one of the performing arts centre. There's a whole choir of men, and performers who soon get into a trance to perform the dances. There's a whole storyline to the Kecak dance based on a legend. you can read more of it here: as its a pretty long story

 photo DSC_1264_zpsc3965630.jpg
The Choir of Men

 photo DSC_1265_zps63f493df.jpg
Rama & Sita

 photo DSC_1285_zps6a16e3fa.jpg
They're so cute!

 photo DSC_1276_zps2b34bc52.jpg

and of course it ended with fire! (just like the Kuda Kepang of Johor)

 photo DSC_1289_zps34a41182.jpg

 photo DSC_1298_zps253e4b8c.jpg
Dance of fire!

Continuing with the 2nd day, we started off with some famous food which is the Babi Guling. It is roasted pork with rice, and the most famous of them all is at Ibu Oka. This is something you would definitely want to eat as its damn delish!

 photo DSC_1305_zpsfa2250a2.jpg

 photo DSC_1308_zps7214bd3e.jpg
Bintang Beer to wash it down

 photo DSC_1315_zps062c5bcc.jpg
Babi Guling with rice

Continuing the day, we headed over to the famous Elephant Cave. Its a place of worship, and its pretty peaceful in there! You would have to wear a Sarong (skirt like thing on your waist) to enter the place, and don't worry as they provide it as you purchase your ticket in. Do not buy it from the vendors outside.

Another rule is. Women on period are not allowed to enter LOL

 photo DSC_1325_zpsd566b33f.jpg
Elephant Cave

 photo DSC_1327_zps09a727af.jpg
An altar in the cave

 photo DSC_1328_zpsabf1d485.jpg
Another altar in the cave

 photo DSC_1334_zpsa773d976.jpg
A hidden waterfall

 photo DSC_1339_zps1b25d0bd.jpg
Even the trees wear sarongs!

 photo DSC_1349_zps6cbcc20e.jpg

 photo DSC_1355_zps8489fed7.jpg
Bits and pieces of the cave

After meditating (yeah right), we took a drive up to another beautiful scenery that is not to be missed. Ubud & Telagagang Rice Terraces! it took about a 30 minute drive, but it was all worth it as the view was spectacular! You would be able to see farmers in their daily lives harvesting rice on the mountains

 photo DSC_1359_zpse5052e84.jpg
Ubud rice terraces

 photo DSC_1367_zpsd9e3db29.jpg
Mari kita menuai padi! (Come lets harvest rice)

 photo DSC_1386_zps03c45ceb.jpg
Uncle Mike with one of the locals

 photo DSC_1392_zps2a81e027.jpg
Rumah Makan Loji! (Loji translation is actually Sewage LOL)

 photo DSC_1390_zpsbf52e329.jpg
A coke to chill the day off

and to end the day, we headed off to another famous restaurant in Ubud which is called Bebek Bengil. Its known as Dirty Duck Diner as it goes back to when they were choosing the name for the restaurant, a bunch of dirty ducks walked in and messed up the whole place, so hence the restaurant was named Dirty Duck Diner! 

Their speciality? of course the crispy duck :)

 photo DSC_1393_zpsf641f2d1.jpg
Bebek Bengil

 photo DSC_1395_zpsfa93de39.jpg
One of the starters

 photo DSC_1404_zps6ed028cb.jpg
The Crispy duck! yums!

 photo DSC_1408_zps8689a009.jpg
Bebek Bengil

We headed over to Kuta the following day, but there's nothing much to write about Kuta as it is just a party city. The beach waves are rough so its only ideal for surfing, and the place is just famous for shopping as you can get Polo's for like RM50-RM80 each!

 photo DSC_1425_zps2462dea4.jpg
Mom, Uncle Mike & Sonya at the beach

 photo DSC_1427_zpsbed0aef9.jpg
Mom & I

As for the clubs, you'll be able to see dancers with see through tops =D yeah nipples exposed baby! (god i sound like a super perv now) and you can get mushrooms all over the streets. Somehow you'll know its a party city when you can get drugs all over the place. Simple as that. 

A funny fact though, a pimp actually came up to me and asked me if I would want any girls. Here's how the conversation went:

Pimp: Nak awet? 500,000 Rupiah dgn bilik (do you want girls? its 500,000 Rupiah with the room) 
Me: I tengok dulu (I'll see the girls first)

Pimp brings out a row of girls (about 10 of em including a European girl fuyoh)

Me: Ada laki? (Do you have guys?)
Pimp: tak ada oh.. (don't have)
Me: Ok la tak apa (nvm its alright) 
and I walked away


Overall it was a good trip as I was able to get away from the stress of work, definitely was great to even spend time with my family! Thanks Mom & Sonya for organizing this! Love you loads!