Selfie-ing to the next level!

Starting up, the term "Selfie" has become the trend the past few months since the song "Let me take a selfie" came up. Everyone jumped onto the bandwagon of the song's popularity and "Selfies" have became the in thing to do. But what makes a perfect Selfie?

Normal people will use their phone to do so, which results in poor quality as lets face it. the camera used is probably 1.3 or 2.0 mp for the front facing camera. Samsung took it a notch higher and introduced the new NX Mini, Samsung's slimmest and lightest interchangeable-lens camera to date with NFC & WiFi capabilities.

 photo NX-MINI-9MM-Lens_007_Front-Over_White-620x379_zpsfa93c2d6.jpg

What are the key features? (This will be a little bit technical)

1) Super Light & Slim - 158g weight & 22.5mm thickness
2) 3.9 inch flip up and touch display - awesome for selfies!
3) 20.5mp BSI CMOS Sensor
4) 6 fps Continuous Shot
5) 1/16000 sec Shutter Speed
6) Tag & Go - Allows to connect with NFC-enabled devices
7) Mobile Link - transfers images straight to your phones
8) Remote View Finder Pro - able for you to control the NX Mini with your phone
9) Group Share - send images up to 4 devices at 1 time
10) Comes in 5 colours that'll suit each personality (white, pink, mint green, brown and black)

With this you have 10 reasons already to get the Samsung NX Mini

Other than that, theres also the Smart Filters & Modes which will accommodate any of your shooting needs such as a panaromic shot, action freeze shot, rich tone (HDR) and much more!

Check out the video below:

Samsung was gracious enough for us to have a hands on the cameras itself and a bunch of us were selected to participate in the Samsung NX Mini campaign. We gathered up at Jeneris Cafe, Nu Sentral where we were given a Samsung NX Mini each, and a task which had to be completed. As for myself, I was given the task of "Sight & Sound" which is basically the local sights and sounds in KL. I partnered up with the beautiful Elvina Chua to conquer the streets of KL.

 photo SAM_0010_zps95461007.jpg
Xiang & I

 photo 10155413_635158646538680_2538408655230800726_n_zpsb6f0d36d.jpg
The whole bunch of us
*photo credit to Don

We then departed over to Pasar Seni where we had an hour to walkabout to get the shots you want. For myself, I thought that "Sight & Sound" is a very broad genre, so I decided to shoot the famous landmarks from different angles, and also since its a selfie camera, I decided that Selfie's a is a must for the task

Elvina & I headed over to famous landmarks such as Petaling Street, Central Market and Puduraya where we could get shots of how life in KL is. I was one of the kiasu ones with a monopod, so i took selfies at the next level!

 photo SAM_0013_zpsb38dd5aa.jpg
Heading over to Pasar Seni

But first, let us take a selfie! 

 photo 12_zps46fa11ce.jpg
Selfie's with Elvina!

 photo SAM_0027_zpsd71a0837.jpg
Good morning KL!

 photo 2_zpsaff2312b.jpg
and again, Good morning!

 photo SAM_0035_zps8f04aea6.jpg
Some other people selfie-ing

 photo SAM_0041_zps9e9152a4.jpg
Where she goes I follow

 photo SAM_0052_zpsc17c9ad9.jpg
Macam model cheh wahh!
(oh wait, she is LOL, she actually won the Miss Yacht Internation Model 2013)

Best part? we managed to get some tourist to Selfie with us! Thanks to this Japanese couple & european guy!

 photo SAM_0055_zps48be6e9d.jpg
The european guy

 photo SAM_0054_zps7a8b7541.jpg
The Japanese couple

I then thought my selfies weren't enough, so I decided to take the risk of climbing down the monsoon drain, to take close up selfie's of the graffiti! pretty steep but worth it!

 photo SAM_0066_zps2099c470.jpg

 photo SAM_0069_zpsdf17c836.jpg

 photo SAM_0071_zpse63b40bc.jpg

After the whole 1 hour of photo taking, We headed over to Johnny Rockets, KLCC. my first time there and its a very old classic diner just like the one I would always remember Monica dancing in "Friends", now I feel old LOL. Had a nice burger and the fellowship with the rest while the results were announced on who had the best photo

 photo SAM_0078_zps88e27f7b.jpg

 photo SAM_0073_zpsbc84bb13.jpg
Mocchi and I

 photo SAM_0075_zps38a51097.jpg
Mocchi, Myself, Jackie, Ryan

 photo 1_zps7f12cd58.jpg
Om nom noms!

At the end of the day, Kifli managed to win the best photo which got him a new NX Mini! Once again, thanks to Samsung & Don from Manoah for organizing this out for us. It definitely was a blast!