Getting Free Food at your doorstep!


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Of course not! Happy April Fool everyone!

But food at your doorstep? Yes! I got to know an app that does that! 

I've been working quite a lot lately either at home or at work which pretty much gives me less time to go out to eat and drink, but luckily an acquaintance introduced me to an app called Foodpanda! 

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Foodpanda is established all over the world and its the one stop food centre when it comes to delivery. You can check out what kinda food is around your area, order it and just call for a delivery! 

You can start off by downloading the app at:

and here's a simple illustration by Chee Ching on how it works:

 photo foodpanda_comic1_zps6f6cd072.jpg

Its quite an easy interface which goes straight to the point of what you want. So i'm going to explain the simple steps of how it works:

1) You start off by keying in your location of where you're at

 photo Screenshot_2014-04-01-01-00-42_zpsfbe95c98.png

2) A list of restaurants will come out & you can pick which restaurant you would want to order from

 photo 1_zps2625c825.jpg

3) You can also filter the restaurants if you've special preferences

 photo 2_zpsdf3222d7.jpg

4) Once you select your restaurant, you can choose the type of food you want, and any special sides you want with it

 photo 3_zps019b4648.jpg

5) after you've decided, simply check out and choose the payment option you prefer (either pay online or COD)

 photo 4_zpsdef9bdfa.jpg

And you're done! The food will be sent right to your doorstep! Its simple like that and within 5 steps! 

I personally find it useful as well, if you've been at my office before, there are only 3 restaurants available, so with this app, I'm spoilt with choice :) It also makes a day chilling at home better as you wouldn't have to drive out in the hot sun just to get the food you want

Its available for both Apple & Android at

Try it out now!