Soaring the skies with a Microlight glider!

Hey everyone! Guess what? There’s a new app in town! It is none other than Samsung Galaxy Life App! What’s it all about? It is your passport to exclusive privileges, app recommendations, sweepstakes and expert reviews! You can check it out here:

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The thing that attracts me most is the exclusive privileges that come with it as there are daily deals and seasonal deals which you can get with this app. So imagine this, you want to head over to a nice restaurant, and if that restaurant is a partner merchant of Galaxy Life, there’ll be special discounts/promos when you visit them!

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I was lucky enough to experience my first Joy Ride with one of their partner merchant, KL Hunter! KL Hunter has a program called the micro light paramotor glider, what is it? It’s basically a small aircraft/glider which allows you to soar up to 1,500 feet! They’re having a great deal now where its only RM295 for 2 people!

I headed over with Eileen to Gold Coast, Sepang, where the activities are located at. We got a little lost as we thought it was at another resort, but luckily after a call to Alice from KL Hunter, we then found out its located at Bagan Lalang Beach, Sepang which is near Palm Spring Resort

We arrived earlier than Linora, so we were given a briefing by Michael & Alice of KL Hunter, and also our friendly pilot, Captain Kazi. Have a look at how small it is! 

 photo DSC_1541_zps0dafb098.jpg
Myself with Captain Kazi

 photo DSC_1437_zps5abb3eee.jpg
Simple control Panel

 photo DSC_1431_zps68557fab.jpg
Getting ready for my flight

Worst part? My head was too big, and I couldn’t fit the helmet on me LOL!

 photo DSC_1493_zps203cca2c.jpg
Yeah…the helmet fits her LOL

 photo DSC_1501_zps9e70363e.jpg
Eileen getting ready for her flight

 photo DSC_1559_zps2c6778bd.jpg
Linora with Michael and Captain Kazi

Believe me it was amazing to be up there! The takeoff is pretty scary, as you do not have anything to hold on to, and all you have is your seat belt strapping you down to the chair. Furthermore, I was carrying my big chunky DSLR with me, which made it even more terrifying!

Without further to do, here’s a short video of how it went

And here are the pictures I took while up in the sky J

 photo DSC_1483_zps9c3ff78e.jpg

 photo DSC_1482_zps2c2812d8.jpg

 photo DSC_1446_zpsee8a25da.jpg

 photo DSC_1454_zps4f0271c3.jpg

And here are a gif of us flying
 photo anigif_zps9ecb60c0.gif

 photo DSC_1602_zpsb276b399.jpg
Last but not least, a group shot of us!

I wanna thank Samsung for inviting me over for this experience! It was definitely worth the drive all the way to Sepang Gold Coast, and definitely I believe you should try it out!

Remember to download the Samsung Galaxy Life App to get KL Hunter’s Promo on the Microlight Paramotor Glider and also to get all the updates and deals that they have upcoming!