Exploring Palawan's City with Crocodiles & Naughty Stuff

Hi all! Sorry for the late update of anything since my previous post, I've been handling 2 mega events for Puma & CK One Red which took up lots of my time and energy, trying to meet those datelines were...FOOOHHHHH Tiring!

Anyway here I am writing once again! Recently I managed to head to Philippines once again, and my destination was PALAWAN! Palawan is known as one of the clearest beaches in the Philippines, and also there's really interesting Nature Stuff there! But as for this post, Imma be sharing about my experience around Palawan City! 

For those who do not know, This trip was entirely sponsored by Cebu Pacific Air, Agoda & Visa! I won the Cebu Pacific Juan Blogger Contest last year, and managed to become the FIRST EVER Cebu Pacific Airlines Blogger Ambassador! I get to head to philippines with flights sponsored by Cebu Pacific Air, Accommodation sponsored by Agoda & of course, SHOPPING MONEY sponsored by Visa!

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First up, I wanna thank Michelle Eve De Guzman for organizing my trip & of course Mary Joy Rosete for telling me the awesome things to do at Palawan.

I brought Eileen along for this trip, headed on an early flight at 12am to Manila, and guess what? When we were at the airport waiting to be  transferred to Puerto Princessa (Palawan), I bumped into Joy there! its been a good 9 months since I saw her the first time at Manila. She was on her way to head to another Island for a weekend vacation, we managed to catch up and of course it was great to see her!

After getting on board our next flight to Palawan, it took us about an hour to reach the island. As for this time, Agoda has hooked us up with Hotel Centro, Palawan! Its located about 5 minutes from the city, and provided us with great service! 

 photo 20140301_093735_zps41b5b12e.jpg
Water provided in the van! Yes we were thirsty! 

They arranged airport transfers for us, so a van came over to pick us up. The driver, Faisal, was such a comedian as he gave us a nice on the way 10 minute tour of the city before reaching the hotel. He cracked up pretty good jokes on the way too!

You can check out Hotel Centro here: http://www.agoda.com/hotel-centro-palawan/hotel/puerto-princesa-city-ph.html

As we reached the hotel, it was nice to see that the Guest Services Manager, Martin S. Aguilar was waiting by the door to greet us. Tell me when would you get such great service? Check-in was smooth and of course Martin told us of the things we had to do in Palawan! Believe me, trying to choose places to go based on the things people say online is hard! 

Now check out the Superior room we got:

 photo 20140301_100028_zpscaafd07e.jpg
Our Bed

 photo 20140301_100055_zpsd1408b40.jpg
The Dresser, TV & Fridge area

 photo 20140301_100148_zps5c8696ec.jpg
Flowers for us? =D

 photo 20140301_100110_zps1082d6bd.jpg
My favourite place

 photo 20140301_100122_zpsb07d8271.jpg
Plenty of Amenities Supplied!

 photo 20140301_100131_zpsb2930220.jpg
another part of the Washroom

So after we settled down, we headed over to Robinson's Mall which is located about 500m away from the hotel to get some Brekkie! We went to one of our favourite restaurant which we tried out at Boracay the past trip, which  was Mang Inasal. They have really great chicken, pork and fish there!

 photo DSC_0022_zpsdef53f5c.jpg
A random sign-age otw to Robinsons

 photo DSC_0020_zps9bc49dd4.jpg
Skewered Pork with Rice

 photo DSC_0014_zpscb026425.jpg
Being a dumb nut

 photo DSC_0005_zps6e18a6c5.jpg
Finally she has "Sepet" eyes (small chinese eyes)

 photo DSC_0003_zps3f99e816.jpg
We also bought some Special Otap (something like sugared rice crackers) 

While we were walking back to the hotel, we thought that the first day should be light & easy, so we decided to rent a tricycle to bring us for a city tour. He charged us 500 pesos (about RM37) for the whole trip which we thought was a fair price since he was bringing us all around the city

so first stop, The famous tourist attraction: The Crocodile Farm

A tour around the farm started every 30 minutes, so Eileen & I joined in with other tourists to check out the farm and also the wild life park at the back of it. Entrance fees is 40 Pesos per person (about RM3) so there's no reason you should be stingy on this as its a sanctuary!

 photo DSC_0027_zps6f324002.jpg
Myself at the entrance

 photo DSC_0035_zps1006c9ce.jpg
The Skin & Bones of the largest crocodile which lived at the park

 photo DSC_0038_zpsa96c6ef9.jpg
Baby crocs in the tank

 photo DSC_0049_zpsafe07441.jpg
The adult crocs in a bigger place

 photo DSC_0051_zps4ea40f1a.jpg
Of course you're able to take a pic with a baby croc too! [Fee is 35 Pesos (RM2.50) for a single person & 50 pesos (RM4.50) for 2 people]

 photo DSC_0057_zpsc52f0111.jpg
A hornbill at the sanctuary

 photo DSC_0065_zps696577c9.jpg
Eileen & I

 photo DSC_0067_zps0d2fdad0.jpg
Yeaps and she went nuts!

Next stop on the tour, Bakers Hill! Its quite a big place with small cottages, coffee shops and lots of greenery! The landscaping there is extraordinary and I definitely think its a great place to take photoshoots, or simply just chill with the greens while sipping tea! There's no entry charges for this.

 photo DSC_0080_zps501cad5b.jpg
Bakers hill!

 photo DSC_0087_zpsd4b9a370.jpg
Lots of Greens & Landscaping!

 photo DSC_0090_zpsa10febc2.jpg
Plenty of photo opportunities

 photo DSC_0072_zps63cb7991.jpg

 photo DSC_0105_zpsf2b6ef44.jpg
Eileen with her OOTD

 photo DSC_0102_zps760e8075.jpg
and of course I'm a lil cheeky with this one Grabbing her boobies! her skirts too short too =P
God I sound like some perverted uncle 

After Bakers Hill, we headed over to the Butterfly Farm & Tribal Village, plenty of butterflies are roaming around the place, and of course the Tribal Village close by where we can see how the natives go around their daily life there. Got to see how they made fire with flint stones, shoot with the blowpipe, play with their musical instruments and more!

 photo DSC_0134_zpsc6dd9dbb.jpg
Eileen & I at the Butterfly park 

 photo DSC_0111_zpsae075c41.jpg
Who's a pretty lil butterfly

 photo DSC_0116_zpsa938c2b1.jpg
Entrance to the tribal village

 photo DSC_0124_zpsd71e6adf.jpg
A small music performance by the natives

 photo DSC_0130_zps50060280.jpg
and of course a photo op!

The last part of our tour was to the harbour area, where the boats come and go, and the locals love to hang out at this place. The view is pretty amazing too so don't get me wrong if I can just stay there and feel the breeze

 photo DSC_0137_zps2b4eb0f2.jpg

 photo DSC_0139_zps44284860.jpg

As night came, We headed out to hunt for food! Our first stop? Kinabuch! Kinabuch is one of the most famous restaurants at Palawan, and it serves really great food too! You can order seafood from the grill, or just have good western food & Filipino food there! here's some of the delicious food we ate!

 photo 20140301_212928_zps14eefdb3.jpg
Crocodile meat in gravy

 photo 20140301_212957_zps1d00c41e.jpg
Grilled Marlin

 photo breaded-tamilok_zpsa1be5d8d.jpg
We had breaded Tamilok as we were abit afraid of eating the raw Tamilok. (Tamilok is one of the most famous delicacies of Palawan, which is basically a woodworm, coated in vinegar, it tastes like oysters btw, and definitely is an aphrodisiac! *hint hint)

After Kinabuch's we headed for street food at the main city area (opposite Tiki Bar)! Tell me what is better than tasting the local food over there? I can say its quite clean, as we didn't get food poisoning whatsoever by eating all those delicious local food there, and its definitely CHEAP, you can eat to your hearts delight with just 140 pesos (RM10)!

 photo 20140302_202944_zps36b91384.jpg
One of the hawkers selling his fried stuff

 photo 20140302_202859_zps63f17673.jpg
Fried Squid & Calamari

 photo 20140302_202908_zpsd93c6841.jpg
More fried stuff!

 photo 20140302_202919_zpsf19af128.jpg
A sign that say: please dip only once in the sauces

 photo 20140302_203012_zps7516e86c.jpg
One of the grillers there! Satay Style!...oooh but its Pork!

 photo 20140302_203336_zpse3cdf587.jpg
All those pork to be grilled!

 photo 20140302_203641_zps85141bcb.jpg
Simple soup noodles which is tasty!

And to end our night, we headed over to Tiki Bar, which is the most famous bar in Palawan. Plenty of people head there for drinks while listening to the live band playing on stage! and the food is great there too!

 photo 20140303_225501_zps67f2afdd.jpg
The band playing on stage

 photo 20140303_230231_zps53ac8f02.jpg
Seafood Platter (yes you're wondering how we ate so much lol!)

 photo 20140303_224054_zps35731c6c.jpg
I had a San Miguel while she had a cocktail

Pretty much thats all for this post! Crazy long just for a day in the city yeah? I'll be updating soon on the natural wonders of Palawan! Stay tuned! 

Photos taken using Nikon D90 & Samsung S4

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