Mastro Club Launch

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Finally back to the clubbing scene! its been quite a while since I posted up anything about clubs/parties. Mastro Club was officially launched about 2-3 weeks back at Jalan Kia Peng. It took over the 2nd floor of what used to be Butter Factory, is a pretty small club but still has great music and performances

For the launch, a bunch of bloggers and myself were invited over by Donovan to enjoy drinks and entertainment that night. An array of drinks were served from Moet, Gold Label and Belvedere to quench our thirst and get the night going. It was a well awaited night for me as it has been so long since I actually had a drink! Went there pretty late dragging around my huge ass camera to get some good shots of the place and atmosphere

Just some pics from the club:

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 photo DSC_1441_zps77b3bdb1.jpg
Joanna and I

 photo DSC_1466_zps179fc8e1.jpg
Emerald, Yunsin & Belinda

 photo DSC_1438_zpsdbba2f9f.jpg
Jenn, Joanna & Michelle

 photo DSC_1479_zpsbda05684.jpg
Yunsin & I

 photo DSC_1460_zps6645939f.jpg
The lovely ladies

 photo DSC_1461_zpsc8bad7d2.jpg
Moet! can't get enough of it!

 photo DSC_1500_zps7d1f0773.jpg
Ryan, Yeeing, Myself & Yunsin

 photo DSC_1482_zpse6d4d028.jpg
The lovely couple, Ryan & Yeeing

There were some LED light performances too!

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 photo DSC_1520_zpsf92ea538.jpg

All in all, its a nice club to be at, and of course with the right company, definitely it'll be the best place to be! Now, where should i go next?